6th grade history projects

Selected by the Adobe for Education team

The free history lessons and projects in this curation are specifically designed to inspire students to think critically and creatively about events that shaped our past.

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About this collection of 6th grade history resources

We’ve hand-selected these resources as standouts from hundreds of free history resources available on the Adobe Education Exchange. These materials give you a sense of the range of projects, tools, and media for sixth grade history available in our library of resources.

With our fun and engaging history resources, it’s easy to bring 21st century skills and competencies into your history classroom and inspire students to learn deeply about past societies, systems, ideologies, cultures, and technologies. Challenge students to become immersed in history through the interpretation, reflection, and creation of their own multimedia artifacts to demonstrate the importance of historical events and figures.

All our resources are adaptable and can flex to all shapes, sizes, and learning modalities. Whether you’re looking for an in-class bell-ringer, a short formative assessment, or a scaffolded final project, these sixth grade history lesson plans and activities can be adapted to suit any classroom community or set of learners.

Spark students’ imaginations with fun lessons

Our resources are designed so you can easily and quickly implement them in your unit or course material. To save you time, these resources include everything you need to quickly run a successful sixth grade history project or activity. These resources include learning objectives, student samples, and step-by-step tutorials and guidance to set you and your students up for success. Use a single project as supplemental material or combine multiple to deliver a comprehensive sixth grade history curriculum.

The Adobe Education Exchange provides you with the tools and resources you need to deliver meaningful and creative courses. Based on your needs, you can browse this curation for grade-specific history resources that you can easily integrate into your sixth grade history curriculum.

Frequently asked questions

Use the Adobe Education Exchange’s new course, Design Your Creative Class, to prepare creative, fun, and engaging history lesson plans. Our resources are designed to challenge students to expand on their learnings through the creative use of digital media and tools.

Make your history activities more creative by leveraging the Adobe Education Exchange’s suite of digital tools and platforms. Challenge your students to think creatively by visualizing information in different formats, whether it’s presentations, podcasts, or videos. The clever incorporation of digital media in all our learning resources is guaranteed to introduce excitement, critical thinking, and creativity into the classroom.

Freely browse our history curations on the Adobe Education Exchange to find history lesson plans that align with your curriculum and teaching goals. Whether it’s for elementary or high school students, we have creative, adaptable resources that will help you deliver a meaningful history education.