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Game On v 3.x Discussion

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 by Mike Skocko Latest activity: Dec 12, 2017

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After six years of pushing the gamification envelope, we've reached a new level. Game On 3.x has been (mostly) rewritten from the ground up by Forest Hoffman, a Mac Lab alumni now four years removed from high school. After years of working for free—or for pennies per hour if one counts the few donations he's received—Forest has decided to move on to new and more lucrative projects. I can't thank him enough for all he's given us. I have numerous current students working in code but none compete... Read More

Questions and/or Observations

Posted on Jan 9, 2016 by Mike Skocko Latest activity: Jun 29, 2017

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Now we do the dance of joy!

Posted on Sep 7, 2017 by Kerrick Lucker Latest activity: Sep 29, 2017

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It took two weeks for my students to be able to reliably sign into their accounts (blame the fact that school is on a single IP address and I have 100 3-5th graders trying to type lengthy passwords). But now that they can do that without difficulty, things are going brilliantly! They're purchasing real world materials through the system and choosing their engineering project challenges, and almost every student is off doing something different... but with a fair amount of autonomy, so I'm only being driven... Read More

YouTube, Divi, and Game On

Posted on Aug 31, 2017 by Ryan Hayes Latest activity: Sep 29, 2017

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I know several of you are also using Divi for your Game On class web sites. I used to use the Game On video lightbox option, but it relies on a Flash Player. Flash Player seems to get updated every other day and was breaking my missions way too often.So, I started just "embedding" the YouTube videos inside of the mission. Wordpress, and/or Divi, made this easy. I could just copy and paste the YouTube link and the video would be embedded perfectly within the mission/post/page. However, this year th... Read More

Unable to Add "Period" or "Computer"

Posted on Aug 23, 2017 by Shawn Harrel Latest activity: Sep 2, 2017

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I've got a few quirks that might be related to my Wordpress install. When I click the plus button by Period and/or Computer, the minus button disappears and I don't get an option to add anything. Also, I'm not seeing anything in the clipboard after students are completing Quests and submitting files, completing test questions, etc.... (4 quests so far) Is this related to my lack of Periods/Computer? Or part of a larger problem? My Wordpress install is a site under a Multisite Network. I have admin right... Read More

Quest Pods?

Posted on Jul 1, 2017 by marcia blanco Latest activity: Aug 3, 2017

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Hello! I've downloaded GO3.06 and I though I've gone through all the videos (I can't believe how much work you've put into helping us mere plebes figure this out) I'm still dinkking around with all of it, not feeling confident at all. However, I'll figure it out eventually. The one thing that I can't find any info on are the Quest Pods. What are they? Why would you use them? Thank you for this. I've gone from teacher burnout to excitement. I can't wait to introduce my students to this. It's going to be a... Read More

Super Newbie Questions

Posted on May 23, 2017 by marcia blanco Latest activity: Sep 15, 2017

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Hi! I have been lurking around the gasification for a couple of years, but never had the guts to try it. This summer, I'm committing myself to jumping in and getting it going. A couple of questions: 1. Is there a thread for FAQ's? 2. I'm really new to all of this. Do I need to run a server for this, or can I use the Wordpress one? 3. How much does it cost to do this? Thanks!!!

Exporting Individual Quests | Necessary Tools

Posted on Apr 2, 2017 by Forest Hoffman Latest activity: Jul 6, 2017

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Howdy all! I have this plugin called Necessary Tools that I haven't updated in a while. One of the things that I thought would fit perfectly in the feature list was the selective exporting of posts. I just released version 1.1.1 and it's available on the WordPress plugin directory right now. The exporter has full support for custom post types. This means that one of our most wanted daydreams (being able to export individual quests) has become reality. Note that there is a potential conflict between Game... Read More

New Game On Teacher... Any way to revoke or remove badges, or require them for certain projects?

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 by Kerrick Lucker Latest activity: Jun 29, 2017

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Hi, folks, I'm setting up Game On for my elementary engineering classroom next year. (They'll be building a lot of physical projects, using the system as a web portal to track quests and points and purchase materials.) I want to have a Safety Badge that they earn early on that is required for more advanced quests that I can take away (either with the clipboard or a store item or some other accessible way) if they violate the safety rules. Am I missing a simple way to do that, or is it not built in? Also,... Read More

Behance for Student Portfolios?

Posted on Feb 2, 2017 by Ryan Hayes Latest activity: Sep 3, 2017

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I am getting tired of maintaining a Web server for both my classes and all of the student sites/portfolios. Then I started thinking, why not Behance for student portfolios instead of Wordpress sites? Anybody else doing this? Looks like they can add images and text. So, I can still have them do project reflections. I'd have to adjust my assessment/curriculum a bit since Behance doesn't have "blog" functionality. I know there is Weebly, Wix, or even, but looking at Behance I was digg... Read More

Filter not working for me

Posted on Dec 23, 2016 by Jeb Dickerson Latest activity: Mar 17, 2017

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Hello, I've set a filter for a store item (requires a level 3 to purchase a certain privilege), but all users with ample gold can purchase it, even tho all are still level 1. Is there a setting I'm missing? A box I need to check that I've neglected? Thanks for any help... Cheers, Jeb

Random rewards

Posted on Dec 14, 2016 by Jeb Dickerson Latest activity: Mar 12, 2017

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Hello All, Just curious what kinds of things you offer points for outside of quests? I remember Mike has a bell to bell reward, where kids get extra gold for working the entire class period...I'm thinking about that kind of stuff. Just random ways you reward kids with xp or gold that you find either engages them, excites them, or keeps them focused on doing work. Also, how much xp/gold do you give them for these sorts of things? Thanks so much...


Posted on Dec 11, 2016 by Jeb Dickerson Latest activity: Mar 17, 2017

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Hello, I'm beginning to get a fairly good understanding of the game mechanics (or so I hope), but I have some questions about Damage. How is it issued? Is it simply added as a store item and the cost is listed in the Damage box (1 or 2 or whatever) instead of costing something in Gold? And do you just name it something like "1 Damage"? And then do you just tell a student when they have to purchase it? Can you give me an example of what they do to earn a Damage? Also, do you have a system in plac... Read More


Posted on Dec 7, 2016 by Jeb Dickerson Latest activity: Dec 11, 2016

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Hello everyone, I'm curious how you all are using the classifications. I watched the video and understand that Mike is using it to create a seating chart. That doesn't seem applicable to my situation, but I get the sense there are loads of other uses for it. Anyone doing anything in particular with it that you've found powerful? Thanks for any ideas/input. Cheers...Jeb

Game On: Feature Requests & Bug Reports Part II

Posted on Aug 30, 2016 by Mike Skocko Latest activity: Jun 29, 2017

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Archived conversation (1100+ comments): Feature Requests & Bug Reports (Part I) My students write the code that makes this project possible. If you have an idea—even a blue sky idea—for this iteration of Game On, this is the place to share it. If you find a bug or something that just doesn't feel right, this is the place to report it. We maintain a list of these items on our Dev Team Page page. Please check to see if your idea/issue is already on our radar. Our best ideas come from our... Read More

Setting Up Wordpress

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 by Justin Yantho Latest activity: Jun 27, 2016

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I seem to be coming up short finding out how to set up my Wordpress site.  So Wordpress installed, Game On setup, and I create a Mission.  But where does that mission go (ie. where/how should it appear on Wordpress?

Ideal Lab Set Up for Video and Graphic Arts?

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Ryan Hayes Latest activity: Jun 3, 2016

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I have been blessed with the motherlode of one time funding as part of a CTE Incentive Grant. I have two sequences: Cinematic Arts and Graphic Arts. As part of another grant last year, I upgraded to professional 4K cameras and got a 4K TV for my classroom. From the grant I also just upgraded my 2011 27" iMacs to 20 GB ram from 4GB and PS and AI work great. Anyhow, my CTE Facilitator said, "No, you need a new lab." Who I am to say no? Here is my dilemma .... Both Cinematic Arts and... Read More

Adobe MAX

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 by David Peregrina Latest activity: Nov 2, 2016

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This past October Mark Cole (Viera High School - Florida), Adam Coulson (Highlands Ranch High School - Colorado) and I were able to attend the Adobe MAX conference. It was by far the best learning experience I have ever had for my industry (graphic design/multimedia arts). Mark and I have already preregistered for next year's conference in San Diego and we are hoping to have a few more teachers from our district attend. I was wondering if anyone here is planning on attending. The opportunity to meet Adam a... Read More

Exchange (Store) Features

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 by Brice Jensen Latest activity: Jan 28, 2016

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Hello everyone! I am a 9th grade physics teacher in Kansas City. I gamified my classroom this Fall with a lot of success. After recently stumbling upon GameOn I want to take my classroom to the next level. I am so incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship, ingenuity, and customization of this plugin. Wow! Q1: I do, not surprisingly, need a little help with understanding some of the store features. After a player purchases an item, such as a restroom pass, it is stored in their inventory. Is there a way t... Read More

Store question

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 by christopher cook Latest activity: Dec 8, 2015

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Hi all, Glad to be here.  Just got permission to gamify the makers ed program starting very small in the spring and going full bore next year. I created a few things and a test student but when I am in the test student account, I cannot see the store. I am VERY new to wordpress and just trying to get my feet on the ground a bit.

May I have temporary guest access to your Game On site?

Posted on Aug 7, 2015 by Kevin Jarrett Latest activity: Sep 9, 2016

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Hi, making progress on my build, but it would be great to poke around some existing sites to see functionality in action...would anyone be willing to give me some credentials to use for a bit? I'd really appreciate it! My email is Thanks!!!

Plans for 2015-2016

Posted on Jun 10, 2015 by Ryan Hayes Latest activity: Mar 15, 2016

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What are you planning on doing differently next year? What are your plans for starting the year? What big new ideas do you have?  Mike share with us some of your thoughts. We all know you ALWAYS have something new and exciting on the horizon. :) As you start to develop ideas for next year, share with the group. We are all here to learn from each other, right?

Foreign Language Teachers

Posted on Jun 9, 2015 by Holly Briggs Lederle Latest activity: Aug 3, 2015

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Hi Everyone! I am looking for a foreign language teacher who uses Game On.  I am trying to convert a fellow teacher and she would love to see an example of a site in her subject matter.   Keep up the great work! Thanks!

99 Designs

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Ryan Hayes Latest activity: May 17, 2015

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One of my students just told me about 99 Designs. It is similar to Art Heroes, but a commercial venture. She did a logo for a construction company over the weekend and earned $200. This after just winning $300 two weeks ago at the Orange County Digital Media Arts Showcase. $500 in two weeks isn't too shabby. Could be a good opportunity for advanced design students.

When Does Your 2014/15 School Year End?

Posted on May 9, 2015 by Mike Skocko Latest activity: May 11, 2015

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We have major updates in the wings but are reluctant to roll them out until your school year is over. I know that most of our users aren't active on this discussion board but I want to do my due diligence and touch base with as many as possible. Thanks in advance for the info.