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After six years of pushing the gamification envelope, we've reached a new level. Game On 3.x has been (mostly) rewritten from the ground up by Forest Hoffman, a Mac Lab alumni now four years removed from high school. After years of working for free—or for pennies per hour if one counts the few donations he's received—Forest has decided to move on to new and more lucrative projects. I can't thank him enough for all he's given us.

I have numerous current students working in code but none competent enough to add significant new features in Game On (which has, thanks to Forest, become more complex and powerful than in my wildest dreams).

Forest has volunteered to repair any bugs we find in v3.x so I encourage all of you to test, test, test before the school year begins because this is a freebie. As for new features, Forest has agreed to submit a bid for the work. It is unreasonable for us to expect a 21-year-old to continue to work for free. Perhaps we can all pitch in for features we all want. Or not. Your call.

For now, Forest has written a v2.x to v3.x guide, and for the geeks among us, a slightly more technical explanation. I encourage you to read both.

Links: Game On Latest Release | Game On Manual* (kinda sorta) | Game On Evolving Strategies* | (re)Imagine | Minimum Wage | @themaclab

*Both are works-in-progress and both are in need of updates. Use Command (Mac) or Control (PC) + F in your browser to search for specific terms.


Feel free to add a generic comment to this topic so you will be notified each time others comment. One downside of discussion here is that none of us are notified about any new topic or comments in existing topics unless we first add a comment to a thread and opt in for notifications manually.

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marcia blanco

Posted on 10/14/19 8:57:49 PM Permalink

One thing I've found since the weekend update (not meaning SNL. *snort!*) I now can't pick the color of my comments in the reader like I could before. I can still "", but the format of that is really disruptive if I'm correcting something small in the middle of a sentence because it inserts a line break. I've been using it, but I've also been coloring the simple corrections (like a homophone screw up or a cleaner way to state a phrase) by just inserting a colored word. Now the game won't let me do that. It only gives me black. (The color panel works fine in the quest stages though.

Also, the reader isn't allowing me to load all the blogs for the day. I had 10 blogs load, but the Game wouldn't allow me to load any more. I had to go into the clipboard and go through the kids individually to read their responses. Has anybody else had this issue?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/15/19 2:22:35 AM Permalink


Please remember to use the newer forum so everyone can see these conversations:


The color selector is fixed. I think the other one is fixed, but I was never able to replicate it. Let me know if it is still happening.


marcia blanco

Posted on 10/13/19 10:52:12 PM Permalink

Back with a couple of tweak requests.

  1. Is there any way you can include a 'strikethrough' button in the blog editor like you have in the quest stages? Now that I can get in there and make my students polish their writing, it would be a great way to help them see all the unnecessary words that they throw in.​
  2. In some quests, I'd love to be able to use team names in lieu of their display name. Is it possible to make a short code for that?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/14/19 5:55:54 AM Permalink


The strikethrough should be there already--first item in the second row in the toolbar.

Not sure how the shortcode for team names would work--how would you note which team name to show since a student can be in several different teams. I'm open for suggestions.


marcia blanco

Posted on 10/14/19 8:50:43 PM Permalink

1. How on earth did I miss that strike through button???

2. I was thinking in terms of each kid being on one team. You're right. That wouldn't work​.

Never mind. :P

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/9/19 11:00:52 AM Permalink

​Another suggestion for the game. (Let me time how long it takes Mike to show me that this option is already there. I was always one of those folks who couldn't find the gallon of milk in the refrigerator because it was right in front of me.) Is there any way I can sort quests not by the date that they are created, but by the date that they've been updated? That would make life a lot more convenient. (OK, maybe not A LOT. The filters are really helpful too. )

Also (and this is total fluff) but I have a game character that nerf and buff. It would be great if I could throw the character into the message field that I send them when they get or lose rep or loot. Is that possible? Can anyone think of a work around?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/9/19 1:59:58 PM Permalink

No wonder I couldn't find this on our v5 discussion.

Copy and paste it over there. No way at present on the first. Great idea on the second. We'd probably leverage the commercial icons we've subscribed to rather than uploading an image. I'll give Mick a heads up.

Ram Mahadevan

Posted on 10/3/19 7:39:32 AM Permalink


Quick question regarding the leaderboard. I am not using badges and need to show Health instead on my student's view of the leaderboard. How do I do that?


Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/3/19 11:48:50 AM Permalink

Ram Mahadevan

Posted on 10/3/19 2:14:25 PM Permalink

wait what? v5? Sorry I have been living under a rock!

Is updating as simple as going to tools and clicking on the update button? :)

Also, I messed up big time! I was playing around with Options and clicked something that is hiding my clipboard. I went through all the options multiple times but cannot figure out for the life of me what I changed. I realize it is something silly but any quick tips will be much appreciated.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/3/19 2:36:31 PM Permalink

Click on the discussion link in my first comment and ask again. We'll need to know the version number of the plugin you're using. Game On is now Gameful.

Just a heads-up... We're going to cut the cord to the plugin eventually (no idea when) to focus exclusively on the hosted version. We can control all the variables on Gameful.me and begin to have semi-normal lives as the user base grows.

I gave up my own website for a Gameful account—with the same resources as our subscribers get. Blazing fast and full-featured with just a few remaining bugs to squish.

Carsten Riis Jensen

Posted on 7/29/19 9:45:27 AM Permalink

Hope this is the place to ask: I'm using GameOn v.4.8, and for some reason I can't add Missions to Maps.

I have created a Map, and made sure it isn't hidden.

I have created a Mission, and under 'Location' I have set 'Map' to 'Yes'. The Map I created is available in the 'Select' dropdown, but I can't actually select it. I mean: I try to click on the Map I created but nothing happens. I can hover over the Map's name but I can't click it. I have tested this in several browsers.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/29/19 12:49:58 PM Permalink

Hi Carsten,

Could you have selected "locked by previous" as a setting?

Carsten Riis Jensen

Posted on 7/29/19 1:07:26 PM Permalink

Where do I find that setting?

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/29/19 1:53:57 PM Permalink

When you go into the 'Quest Maps'​ (or whatever you've named them. ) in the dashboard, click on the map in the list that's giving you issues and look there.

Carsten Riis Jensen

Posted on 7/29/19 2:35:21 PM Permalink

So I discovered what was wrong: I had created 1 Map. That did not show up. So I created a second Map and put in under the first Map. NOW I can add Mission to that - the second Map - and NOW the Map shows on its page.

So the answer, it seems, is that the top Menu functions like a headline or #

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/29/19 9:04:34 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/10/19 5:12:35 PM Permalink

​Hi Mike and Marq! I hope your summer is going amazingly. Now that I've got the majority of content up on my site, I'd like to spend some time boosting the incentive fun for my classes next year. I have several kids who are really into Fortnight and love earning (and buying) flair for their avatars. I'm trying to think of a way to do that on my Game. I could create stuff to buy in the store, but I'm not sure where to go from there. Anybody got any creative insights?

Matthew Miller

Posted on 7/10/19 8:50:56 PM Permalink

Hey, Marcia! I don't know how much this will help, but I thought of a couple things that may be relevant. One thing that occurs to me is that you (and most others here, I think) teach graphics arts classes, right? So you could have the kids build their own avatar 'flair,' using Photoshop or any of the ​many, ​many, online avatar tools out there. Might be a good opportunity for kids to learn cool new techniques. You would just need a way to limit their ability to upload the avatar to their GO account, so you can provide that as a reward when they have enough gold to buy it, or as a special loot item. Two ways I can think of (unless Mick builds in into go this summer) are: there is a plug-in I used in the past, before it was built in go, called 'simple local avatar.' It allows students/users to upload their own avatar, and you as admin can limit this permission to certain groups. You could potentially do this with the built-in groups, although that may cause other problems since those have a host of other permissions attached to them, or use one of the plug-ins that allow you to create custom groups in combination with this. Alternatively, there are plug-ins that allow you to very granularly edit the permissions users & groups are allowed; one of these may give you the control over the built-in go avatar that my plug-in suggestion provides, without adding any other complexity to the equation.

Alternatively, you could create a series of badges that students could buy, with cool pictures and names - these might be fun to co-create with the students. So their badge page becomes the bling, rather than their avatar (since we don't have and aren't likely to get soon, any way to custom mod avatars on the fly). Actually, looking at that, I realized I don't know if I can create a badge and attach it as a buy-able item in the store - now going to have to check that out.

Anyway, I hope the musings are at least a little helpful - if I've misinterpreted the question and headed off into the weeds, just redirect. Have a great summer!

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/21/19 7:38:53 PM Permalink

Hi Matt!

Thank you so much for your ideas. (I'm sorry it took so long to respond. It was a seriously long, tough year and I really needed time away from anything digital.) I am already doing your suggestions. I was trying to go beyond that, to have an incentive program like Fortnight so that the kids can earn armor and weaponry for their avatar. (Then of course, when they do earn certain 'flair', it will open up other paths for them.)

I think I figured it out, but I have to play with it. I could have my senior class develop the flair and save it as a png. the kids who earn it can then download it (either directly from the store if that's possible or indirectly, i.e. from me) and add it to their avatar as a layer. They could then save a copy and flatten it to upload it.

I have no idea how this will work with the new upgrade, but it should be fun figuring it out.

marcia blanco

Posted on 6/11/19 12:07:58 AM Permalink

Hi Folks!

I imagine most of you in the US are done with school for the year. As a teacher in the northeast who endured a long winter with snow days, we are still at it for another week.

I was reminded by our district tech person today that Google is changing it's Youtube policy with education accounts and that I will need to migrate all my videos to my personal account. How does this affect the game, does anyone know? does the url link transfer, or am I going to need to relink every. single. video? (I've got 109, mostly from this year.....it was a long year. :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic summer and lots of recovery time. School isn't even out yet and I'm excited about the potential for the new game. This stuff is like a sugar high!

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/8/19 9:52:16 PM Permalink

​Update on the saga of my GO website which was available worldwide, but not in the 3000sqft space that is my school. This morning, I still couldn't access it inside my school. However, we went on a field trip and upon return, I have found that it is now indeed online. I have no idea what transpired to remedy the situation. I'm getting crickets from my IT guys. As soon as I get their take on it, I'll let you guys know,

In the meantime, thank you all (Mike, Marq, Kerrick, Adam) for your help and suggestions. Knowing that there is such a wealth of support out there helps to really mitigate the frustration level.

Now, back to work!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/9/19 3:07:09 PM Permalink

Did the gremlins get bored?

Here's hoping there actually is a definitive explanation so we can help mitigate any similar situations.

Glad you're back in business, Marcia!

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/10/19 5:15:33 PM Permalink

It took almost a month to get answers from the IT guys. (They are in another school, so they don't have to face me on a daily basis. Therefore, they tend to take their time responding.) It turns out that the problem was with Comcast. I still don't know what it was, but they fixed it and the end justifies the means in situations like this. Thanks, as always, for your help and concern. ​

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/19 11:13:42 AM Permalink

Hi Folks! I hope this final end-of-school-year push for North American Educators is a good one.

I have a problem and I'm stuck. I want to know if any of you have had to deal with this. I don't think the "Game" is the issue. It seems to be our server.

My school is tiny: 7 classroom teachers, 50 students. We are a CTE center and our biggest sending high school is about 50 yards away. We have our own server, but it is controlled by the IT guys at the high school. (I have no idea whether this info is relevant or not​. I'm just throwing it out there.)

Yesterday, nobody in my class could get access to the game. They had no problem getting onto anything else, so wifi wasn't the issue. I called Bluehost and they couldn't see the problem. Their guess was that the problem lay in the firewall within the server; maybe the security protocol had been changed and something within the "Game" was flagging it.

So, I called the high school IT guys. They couldn't see the problem either. They had no problem getting on the site from the high school. When they tried to get on the site remotely from my tiny little CTE center though, it was blocked. They had no idea why our server over here was taking exception to the site, but they recommended I sit tight for 24 hours and see if it resets itself.

24 hours later, I still can't get in. I gotta get this fixed because my whole curriculum is on that site and this is day 2! Has anyone ever experienced this before? Any ideas on what's going on or how I can fix it?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/7/19 1:45:04 PM Permalink

Hey Marcia. Can you login as an admin? If so, perhaps Mick could take a look. If you're okay with that, you can email temp admin credentials to mskocko@guhsd.net and I'll pass them along.

One question that needs to be answered—did anything change in the 24 hours preceding the glitch? Did you install/update another plugin? A WordPress update? Did the IT guys change ANYTHING with the network or server?

Meanwhile, the first thing you can do is request a server reboot just in case it's decided to have a conniption fit.

P.S. We have a working v5 beta. Lots of cool new features with more on the way. The biggest news is the Reader.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/19 2:57:03 PM Permalink

Hi Mike,

I can't get access to the site as admin or user, no matter the browser. I can probably get it done if I go to another server site, since the high school has no problem logging on. I did have a kid plug the url into a VPN and it worked, so others tried as well. Only about half got on and VPNs can be dicey, so I kicked them all back off.

I can send you my own admin info. (I totally trust you) That's the best I can do. However, I first plan to call our ISP and see if there's anything they can do from their end.

I'll keep you posted.

BTW, no changes at all to security, firewalls, no new plug-ins, not even slightly randy gifs have been added to anything over the weekend.

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 5/7/19 3:03:22 PM Permalink

Definitely sounds like an issue with your network--not a wordpress issue. I'd ask your IT department to check both the firewall/filtering software that you use and the DNS settings. I can't offer anymore than that with out knowing more about how your network is set up. There wouldn't be anything to check on the wordpress site, but I can go ahead and check that I can access it. What's the site address again?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/7/19 3:03:56 PM Permalink

Did anyone reboot the server? That needs to be tried.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/19 3:19:16 PM Permalink

Thank you guys! We've been noodling around with this and it is definitely a network issue. The ​server has been rebooted a bucket of times (much to the grumbling of my colleagues who keep losing internet while it boots.) We even bypassed the server and went directly through the modem. Our IT guys tried to ping Bluehost, but that wasn't happening either, so my suspicion is that the issue is with Bluehost. They deny it though and recommend that we call the ISP. Bluehost says that nothing is blacklisted. Grrrr. Bad timing on this. The end of the marking period is tomorrow.

Several of my students have had luck using a VPN proxy, but only a few could get through before the school firewall blocked it. (Understandably so.) This problem has gone beyond the scope of this discussion page. I just wanted to make sure that this wasn't a platform bug.


Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/7/19 3:37:31 PM Permalink

Just a thought... This seems an excellent opportunity for a "Tech Happens" teachable moment.

When tech happens, roll with it—not in it.

If there's nothing you can do about the tech that's causing the issue, get creative! (Make something up and make it look like a genius plan.)

​Don't do this!

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/19 7:50:16 PM Permalink

I love that video!

The kids are getting instruction using my You Tube channel and I've scheduled an 'impromptu' field trip to the "big city". (Burlington, VT has a whopping 40k population, but it's the biggest city in Vermont and I get kids who have never been on 1. an interstate, 2. an escalator​ 3. in an airport so it's always a hit.)

I just hope this is up and going by Thursday. There's a big push to see who has the highest score by the end of the marking period.

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 5/7/19 3:07:14 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/19 8:03:35 PM Permalink

Thanks for that, Marq. I gave it a shot, but no luck. I really appreciate the help though.​

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 5/7/19 3:38:13 PM Permalink


Did it work for even a few minutes on Monday? And what hosting plan are you on with Bluehost? Is it a shared server?

I ask because when I first started using GameOn, I was getting blacklisted almost daily by my web host. What would happen is one or two students would fail to type the right credentials repeatedly and the host would see that as a brute force attack and block my IP from the server. My district uses 5 external IPs that are distributed, so about 20% of my class wouldn't be able to access the website. On a shared server, they understandably will not whitelist any IPs. My solution was to bite the bullet and get a cloud based hosting account so I could whitelist the external IPs at the school.

Find out what your external IP is and ask bluehost if that is blocked. You can Google "What's my IP" to get your public IP address that the host would see.


Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/7/19 3:59:29 PM Permalink

That happened to me, and I had to get my hosting provider to whitelist my IP and also reduce the security of my WP installation so it wouldn't auto-blacklist my IP address every time a student forgot a password. (I rest in comfort that I don't use students' real names or any sensitive information at all on my site.)

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/19 8:18:18 PM Permalink

Hi Marq and Kerrick! The site worked like a charm on Sunday night until 9:30 when I logged off. Monday morning, it never came up. I got the "site can't be reached" page.

I'm on the basic web hosting plan with one site and all the kids have their accounts set to log on automatically. Our school only has one IP address, so I don't think that is the problem.

When I spoke with Bluehost, they told me that nothing was blacklisted, that there should be no problem. (Thanks, Mr. Customer Support. Super helpful.) After rebooting the server a number of times, my IT guy bypassed it and tested directly from the modem. He tried to ping Bluehost through the modem, but Bluehost wasn't getting it. That sounds like the problem is on Bluehost's end, doesn't it? (This is DEFINITELY not in my wheelhouse.)

Even though these suggestions aren't working, I really appreciate them. I'm learning a lot here. Thank you all!

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 5/8/19 2:52:05 AM Permalink

I still think it is likely that your IP is blocked by Bluehost. ​It explains everything you are seeing. If you have only one public IP, then if that IP is blocked then your entire school would not be able to access the site. And it would work fine everywhere else. I would contact Bluehost and ask them to check for your specific public IP in their logs/lists. It might just happen again if you don't switch to a plan that allows whitelisting of IPs.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 5/8/19 3:11:19 AM Permalink

I would agree that this is almost definitely your issue. I have spent many hours communicating with my server host, SiteGround, to convince them to whitelist our school IP addresses. They did not want to do it because they said it compromises the security of the shared server but after they spoke to my IT department they agreed. They whitelisted all 5 external IP addresses​ associated with my district and the only issue I have ever encountered since was when the district changed the IP addresses without anyone knowing it.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 4/8/19 4:58:00 PM Permalink

Do we have an ability or shortcode to publish a list of link to the in-game student blog page?. I'd love to make public and parent access available to those links without writing out and linking each students blog page to show their progress.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/8/19 5:21:56 PM Permalink

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 10/3/18 6:13:01 PM Permalink

​I'm not getting any store notifications with the new version. Double and triple checked that I have my email set up correctly in GameOn, checked my spam folder in email, tried changing the "from address." Is it just me? Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/3/18 6:25:52 PM Permalink


I didn't include email notifications in v4. I am switching to an in game notification system. This was for a variety of reasons, but foremost it gives a consistent experience in Game On that isn't dependent on server settings/email configuration.

You should receive a pop up notification if you are logged in (little yellow box). It only shows five at a time right now, so make sure to dismiss them by clicking on them to see the new ones. I am will be adding a notifications tab on the clipboard ASAP to see past notifications. For now you have to check the students stats panel to see past purchases. I also will be removing the email address in the options page as it no longer does anything.​

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 10/3/18 7:02:40 PM Permalink

Ah, got it! Good to know I'm not going (completely) crazy. That said, I don't see the notifications box anywhere...probably because I'm going partially crazy.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/5/18 6:08:17 PM Permalink

Hmm. I don't remember if I coded them before or after the last release. You can download the master branch on github and see if that works for you. I've fixed quick a few things since the last release. I have two known minor bugs that will not ​affect many users left to fix before the next release--hopefully this weekend. Or just wait a couple days for the next release.

The admin notifications pop up on the screen just like the student notifications when they get loot or a badge. Every time a student buys an item that has notifications turned on, the admin gets a notification. There will be a clipboard tab in a future release that shows all notifications.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 10/5/18 6:44:42 PM Permalink

Mick, I'm sorry I didn't notice each item had a separate setting for notifications. I told you I was losing it. I appreciate the flexibility there....now that I know of it! I hadn't dug into my store items since the v4 update. Thanks for walking me through this!

marcia blanco

Posted on 9/5/18 8:03:55 PM Permalink

Hi Folks! Thanks so much for this last update, Marq. You are seriously amazing.

I have a more complex question for anybody who knows anything about game design. Does anyone have a system for assigning loot to stages?

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/31/18 5:04:56 PM Permalink

Hi Guys (and Most Likely Marq),

A quick and trivial question. My students were wondering if there is a setting that allows you to change the audio that happens when they level up?

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/31/18 5:13:52 PM Permalink

No, but I'll be switching it out soon. ​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/9/18 3:06:11 PM Permalink

Since the new version of GameOn doesn't have the lightbox shortcode ability, does anyone have a recommendation of lightbox plugin to use. I will be replacing a few hundred​ shortcodes so I need to get to work on those soon.

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/9/18 6:43:06 PM Permalink


Are you talking about video lightbox? All video links automatically lightbox in the new version. You just paste the URL from Youtube (or many other video services) and the video sizes and lightboxes according to the settings in the GameOn Options.

I haven't made videos for v4, but check out the videos for 3.5 to get an idea:

Check out the oEmbed, FitVids, and Lightbox videos:


Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/9/18 7:58:43 PM Permalink

Correct me if I am wrong but it seems that this only works with externally hosted videos from video services. I have to host all of my videos on my site server because my district does not approve content for the likes of youtube (yes it is RIDICULOUS!). When I paste the URL from videos hosted on my server they do not embed at all like the youtube videos.​

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/10/18 8:39:32 AM Permalink

You are correct. I'll add a shortcode back in that uses the new lightbox (featherlight). I'll have a new release up by Sunday evening. It will be backwards compatible--no need to edit your old shortcodes.


Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/12/18 5:22:40 PM Permalink

Oh My gosh!!! That would be a dream! I was literally just about to begin a day long adventure of finding a way to post each video manually embedded​. Tell me were to donate to! You just saved me a full workday!

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/12/18 4:41:44 AM Permalink

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/12/18 5:58:23 PM Permalink

​It works!! It doesn't autoplay like the old one but that's not an issue for me.

Thanks Mick!!!!!!

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/12/18 6:32:22 PM Permalink

I just made it a bit more reliable (mixed http and https content allowed, force video to html5 player, and more responsive for various devices). I also added autoplay. Check out the master branch for the new code. It will be in the next release.

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/12/18 6:36:07 PM Permalink

There is also a new video shortcode that shows a thumbnail (be carefull with this one--depending on how your video is encoded it might download the entire video even if the user doesn't click on it. Use two pass encoding to avoid this).

Videos added from the Media Manager will get the same max width and lightbox settings as well.

There is also a new lightbox shortcode that will put any url in a lightbox.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/12/18 6:44:29 PM Permalink

Seriously, where can I donate to your time and work?​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/4/18 3:58:26 AM Permalink

Just curious. I didn't see the shortcode for the Video with thumbnail ever show up. I thought I would tryout since I can't embed ​videos from youtube and it would be nice to emulate that look. Did you end up scrapping it or could I give it a try? I have two pass encoding on the videos.

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 9/4/18 4:49:20 PM Permalink

It's the shortcode [video] in the menu. The actual shortcode is [go_video video_url="" ]​. I'll make sure to rename the shortcodes in the dropdown menu to make it clear what each one does.

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/7/18 7:26:23 PM Permalink

Is it OK to post questions here about GO4, or should I stick with Gameful me? I have a few, but it's more about feedback and functionality (How can I use.... questions) rather than troubleshooting.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/8/18 3:07:02 AM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/4/18 10:47:28 PM Permalink

Hi All You Game-On-ers!

I'm looking to change up the theme on my game and give my students (who I get for two years) something fresh to look at with a better menu system. I'm using Mise! right now. Do any of you folks have any suggestions for free or cheap themes I can try?

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/2/18 9:27:25 PM Permalink

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/2/18 9:24:36 PM Permalink


Check out the sample game to get a quick feel for a map.


The map is a way to organize and present your tasks. It also controls access and makes student work in an order you choose. It does not have to be linear. Pods allow for choice, bonus tasks are optional and can be enrichment or support (same for repeatable bonus stages on tasks). It provides a visual reference of where a student is.

Badges can be assigned at the end of a task or map chain. They designate skills learned but also can be used to control access to tasks and store items using the locks.

There are new videos up and the new release is out. Look for a post in just a couple minutes.


marcia blanco

Posted on 8/4/18 9:51:57 PM Permalink


Thank you so much for the help. Also, the videos are super helpful. I really appreciate the hand holding. (The audio on the video's is really really low. The only way I can hear it is to crank up the volume on both my Mac and YouTube and wear headphones in a quiet room. No need to redo the ones that you posted, but if you post more, that may be something to adjust.)

I think most of my problem is that I'm designing (redesigning) my game from the top down and should be designing from the bottom up.. That's what I'm doing now. (I finally found the pod feature. That's going to help a lot!)

I do have another question: even though they are in the game, none of my store items are showing up in the store. Is that just not ready yet?

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/2/18 7:55:37 PM Permalink

Oh! I LOVE how it shows the time and date that each stage was completed for a quest!!! That looks so much better than the old clipboard (which was still pretty awesome, let's face it.)

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/2/18 6:29:59 PM Permalink

OK. Keeping in mind that I keep stumbling on my own upon the answers to questions that I post here, I just read this quote:

"Who questions much, shall learn much and retain much." -Francis Bacon.

I took it as a sign, so here's another question: I have entered all my students in the users and assigned them their sections. When I go to the clipboard, they aren't listed under any or all the sections. Is this because they haven't logged on or played yet on v4?

I'm still struggling with the structure. How do I incorporate the maps? I don't really know what to do with them. Right now, they just show up as a list. Is it's function simply to be like a diagram? (I see that the quests are clickable, but nothing else.)

Thanks for dealing with me. My brain was hard-wired long before this kind of thinking was an option. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/31/18 9:34:32 PM Permalink

Hi Marq and Mike!

I've downloaded 4.06b and have been playing with it. I've watched the video that Marq put out and (of course) I have a bundle of questions:

1. The player side is showing the quests that I made in v3, but not giving me access to them. I gather that I need to wait for the widget that allows me to copy over the quests from v3. Is that correct?

2. In the video, you mention that in version 4.06b, "Sections" will be going away. I still have the sections option and I'd really like to keep it. I find it handy.

3. Looking at your video example, you show badges in your quest maps. How do I add those in? I can see the name of the badge I made under the "Achievement" drop down, but it won't select.

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 8/1/18 4:48:57 AM Permalink

1. There is a tool in the dashboard to move content from v3 to v4. Only the titles move automatically. You need to use the tool to move the rest of the content. Go to the backend and look for the tools under the user groups.

2. Sections used to be created on the options page. They now have their own menu. That was the change, but they aren't going away.

3. Badges are a two level hierarchy. The parent badges are categories and are not selectable. Badges have to be put in to a category (parent badge) to be selectable on the map page or on the completion of a quest. It is easiest to create them in the badges menu. If you do it on the quest/task page, you can't add images.

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/1/18 4:45:27 PM Permalink

Hi Marq! Thanks so much for your help!

I feel a bit of an idiot, but I can't find it under dashboard Home or Updates. (I've attached a screenshot.) Also, I can't get any of the links in the "SEE WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION:" to work. I'm think I could really use the information that's available there. Can you send those to me?

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/2/18 11:10:26 AM Permalink

OK. Found the content mover. I was looking under the Dashboard tab and the tools tab below that. It's in the tools tab above it.

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/24/18 8:16:08 PM Permalink

In regards to my post below.....I didn't inactivate GO 3. Deactivating it seems to have done the trick.

Back to work. :)

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 7/24/18 8:47:39 PM Permalink

I just logged in to suggest you do that. Glad you got it figured out.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/23/18 5:32:21 PM Permalink

Hi Marq!

I just tried to install v4 and got a fatal error the first time, and this message the second time:

"Installing Plugin from uploaded file: game-on-v4-4.06b.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /home1/chccdigi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/game-on-v4-4.06b/

Plugin installation failed."

Any idea what I did wrong?

Marcia Blanco

Posted on 7/19/18 7:15:20 PM Permalink

Quick question about v4 before I install the current plug-in. Is it going to erase all the content from v3 that I currently have?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/19/18 7:51:43 PM Permalink

From the TOOLS tab in the dashboard:

Update v3 to v4

This will update your v3 posts and store items to v4. It's not perfect, but it's better then starting from scratch. The v3 content will be left unchanged and new post metadata will be created.

An upcoming update will have an additional tool to purge the v3 content from the database.


Update v3 to v4--but don't update the quest loot.

This is just like the above tool, but doesn't copy all the task loot. This is if you want all your old quests for reference, but don't want them playable for rewards.

Update-No Loot

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/19/18 8:04:08 PM Permalink

Perfect! I love the option of eliminating the loot and I really love that that is an option. You guys are SO SMART!! Thank you.!

Marquis McMurray

Posted on 7/19/18 7:53:05 PM Permalink

Great question. All v3 information is retained. v4 uses new database tables and metadata fields, so in fact, very little information moves over. Once you have installed v4, there is a tool that will import as much of v3 over as possible. It can be found in the dashboard--look for the wrench icon. There are two options. One moves all task and store information over that can be moved. The other does not copy task loot. This was a request so that old items will not be playable for loot unless the teacher chooses to include them in their new build.

I hope you enjoy it. There will be an update any day now (maybe today) that takes care of many of the missing features and bugs.

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/19/18 8:07:35 PM Permalink

Thank you Marq! I've spent the last month totally off the (digital) grid and it was such a nice surprise to see the GO progress. Once I get it up, I plan to do some videos on how I'm using it. Did we ever come up with a way to share all this? Would AEE be willing to host something that we can post to?

Matthew Miller

Posted on 6/27/18 12:37:20 AM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/19/18 7:53:37 PM Permalink

Forgot about this. Listening now...​

marcia blanco

Posted on 6/6/18 11:26:45 AM Permalink

I have something to add to the wish list if it is possible (and not too late). Is there anyway, at least for professions, that there could be a structure for quests a little like a Chinese restaurant menu: choose 2 quests from menu 'A', 3 quests from menu 'B'.....that sort of thing? My CTE program offers up English, art and technology credits and that would be a great way to meet those proficiencies, demonstrate that they are being met to the powers that be and still leave the kids flexibility.

Does this make sense?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/6/18 11:52:37 AM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 6/6/18 3:44:41 PM Permalink

There is something odd with that link. It takes me to the URL "https://gameful.me%3C/a

", so there is an HTML issue there. However, I did go to gameful.me and signed up. I'm a bit confused (which seems to be a permanent state of mind). This is essentially a test site, right? Eventually, I will be able to migrate it over to my Bluehost site? Therefore, I shouldn't worry too much about what WordPress template I should use?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 6/6/18 6:31:34 PM Permalink


That link does have a few extra characters on the end, you got it figured out though. The test site is just to check out the new features and help debug the plugin. The plugin will be ready for download and installation by the end of the month. There is no plan on having an export tool ready by then, but it is on the long term plan. You should plan on starting from scratch July 1 on your own install with v4. If you have an existing v3 site, some of the content will copy over to v4.

As of now, only the tasks work (including the maps, locks, etc.). The store, loot, clipboard, and stats are still being coded. The store is next on the list. Hopefully by the start of next week.

marcia blanco

Posted on 6/6/18 7:09:02 PM Permalink

Actually, that works out brilliantly for me. My first version of Game-on is nothing to write home about and the idea of starting from scratch is a compelling one. I can't wait! I'll also start to organize some thoughts about putting together some sort of manual. I'm going to be busy this summer, I think.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 6/6/18 7:27:55 PM Permalink

I was thinking the manual could be a map in the game--like what is in the template site now. It would all be in pods, so you could jump to any quest, but that way you could show exactly what you are describing. Videos could be embedded and it could be set so you could login to the back and see how things are actually set up. Thoughts?​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 6/6/18 11:18:12 PM Permalink

That sounds really helpful. I've been in the "words with pictures" camp, but having the interactivity of seeing it work is really quite useful. There could be some quests such as "make a store item" and "create a new quest" or some such, if it wouldn't break the system to have newbies create quests and then delete them left and right...

marcia blanco

Posted on 6/7/18 1:51:30 AM Permalink

I like that a lot. I'm also in the same camp as Kerrick. Video demos of how to set up quests and maybe some strategies for the overall design or examples of how some of us have used it. That was the most helpful for me. ​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 6/7/18 2:53:24 AM Permalink

Each test game/manual could be it's own site that just disappears after a few days. There could be a reference only option​ where you just view the quests, but then you can get your own temporary copy to actually play the game and see how it is all put together. This is basically how the alpha test works, except we have a bit more time.

marcia blanco

Posted on 6/6/18 4:06:25 PM Permalink

Oh HOT DAMN! (Can I say that?) This looks super cool! I've been in for about two minutes and I already love it. I will give those pods a try!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/6/18 6:34:29 PM Permalink

Fuggin' A, you can say that! :)​

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 5/31/18 11:33:03 PM Permalink

​Wanted to mention that this month I've been using GO with my children -- 7th grade and freshman -- where they use the store to earn loot and also pay their bills: https://www.shawnharrel.com/thegame/

One of them had enough loot to pay the bills, the other is going to have to go into debt if he wants to pay for internet. I'm thinking I'll allow debt one month... :-)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/6/18 11:49:51 AM Permalink

What a friggin' awesome idea.

At first I thought you were referring to students, thinking: how can he teach 7th and 9th-graders?​ Following the link cleared that up.


marcia blanco

Posted on 5/29/18 5:23:34 PM Permalink

Hi! Here's a quicky. I've been using GO all semester and it suddenly dawned on me that when I look at a kid's stats on the clipboard, most of the completed quests have the last stage colored blue, but not all of them. One or two quests show completion with date, but are still grey. What is that supposed to indicate?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/29/18 5:39:34 PM Permalink

Blue = URL (click on it)

Blue border on gray = URL required but not supplied

The gray/date is puzzling. Email me a screenshot and I'll try to figure it out.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/29/18 6:56:48 PM Permalink

D'oh! I should have been able to figure this out without your screenshot. (Thanks for sending it.)

The gray with a date is a completed quest that didn't require a URL.

The solid gray rectangles without dates are incomplete stages.

I hope that makes sense.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/31/18 8:49:32 PM Permalink

Thanks, Mike!

I should have figured that out on my own. Isn't it amazing how one's cognitive ​acuity starts to seriously fade after spring break?

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 5/24/18 6:22:18 PM Permalink

​I’m going to be presenting a session on GameOn at our state teaching technology conference in the fall. Anyone else ever done this and have any resources to share!? I may have gotten in over my head, but that’s when the fun stuff happens, right!? Gotta spread that GameOn Gospel...peace be to GameOn

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/24/18 7:20:29 PM Permalink

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 5/24/18 7:32:11 PM Permalink

ha! I'm on the right track then​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 8:48:46 PM Permalink

Something else to wrap your head around: Two Progress Bars.

One works as before (for leveling up). The other is a health meter that's optional. (Another of Mick's great ideas.)

Think of it as a classroom management tool

I'm going to use it along with the super-modifier to buff/nerf loot—only Gold (or whatever currency you use) will be affected. Players will begin with 100 health—right in the middle of a 0–200 range. Less health = less loot and vice versa.

Lots of possibilities.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/23/18 9:05:05 PM Permalink

There are 4 loot types.

XP--tracked by levels and reflects the amount a student has done.

Gold--a spendable currency used for rewards

Health--this can modify the earning of other loot. 0% to 200% of the loot assigned to task can be earned based on the health level. By default it only modifies the Gold. This is your behavior tracker. Students will loose health for undesired behavior, which will limit their ability to earn gold (and other loot if you choose), and then it can be auto repaired by continuing to do work of through desired behavior.

Currency #4--anything you want. Awesome Points, Minutes, Golden Tickets , etc. It is up to you to decide how you want to use these(or not use them at all).

The basics are XP tracks Progress, Heath tracks behavior, and Gold gets you stuff. You get more gold by doing work and demonstrating desired behaviors.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/23/18 9:36:14 PM Permalink

That sounds great. I've found students have a hard time understanding what the health points do, so this will make it a lot clearer.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/23/18 8:48:41 PM Permalink

For planing purposes, here is my goals for the v4 rollout timeline.

End of May:
​v4.0a Have a sandbox available online with the tasks and maps working as close to done as I can get them. Testers can sign up and build test sites and the plugin will update as I code. This will be for testing purposes only, and will be deleted after the release of the plugin. Your feedback will help greatly with debugging.

​I will build out the store, clipboard, stats panel, tools and the rest. The sandbox will update with new features for testing as they are built.

End of June:
​v4.0b . The initial release will certainly still have bugs, but the core will be stable enough for the building of sites during the summer as I continue to debug the site.

End of July:
​Stable release ready for players.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/23/18 9:33:46 PM Permalink

That is awesome.

Mark Suter

Posted on 5/24/18 6:01:04 PM Permalink

TAKE MY MONEY. I'm ready to buy, right now.

If I am new to the platform, is it safe to start building in 3.x with confidence I can transition to v4 without any major issues? Or should I just wait for v4.0b and start building then?

Thanks for all you do. I want to support by purchasing, as well as sharing out my experiences to spread the word to other teachers.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/24/18 6:11:02 PM Permalink

Mark, I love your enthusiasm, but the plugin is FREE. :)

Mick on v3 to v4 (from below): I still don't know. I am also going to go through this upgrade with my site so I'd like it to be an update. I think it will be possible to migrate most fields over. Locks/filters and some features have changed so much that they will not move neatly, but the content and checks for understanding should be possible.

Me? I'm starting now, knowing that a lot of copying and pasting might be required. No real big deal (for me).

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/24/18 6:18:49 PM Permalink

I've been plaguing this guy to take my money for about a year now and it hasn't worked. ;)

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/24/18 6:34:40 PM Permalink

Mike, you are going to a higher heaven, my friend.

Is v4 available now? Can I download a beta version?

I have students who are tech-savvy and need community service. I plan to take shameless advantage and get their help to transfer over necessary settings.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/24/18 6:28:31 PM Permalink

I'd wait for 4.0b if I was new. In about a week Mike will post details for the sandbox. You can then get a feel for the new site. I'd then write my quests in a text doc and be r​eady to paste them in to v4 at the beginning of August. The v3 to v4 transition is not going to be painless, so I wouldn't want you to send time building in v3 if you are new.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/24/18 6:36:08 PM Permalink

Ulp! I replied above before I saw this. Never mind my post....except for the part about Mike going to a higher heaven. ;)

Terrence Banks

Posted on 5/25/18 1:02:49 AM Permalink

Nice, I can't wait. No summer school for me this summer..so I can test...test....test... and get things flowing nicely before school starts back up. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 5:26:11 PM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 5:19:26 PM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 5:15:03 PM Permalink

Oh, and for old-timers who remember Pods...

They work now. :)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/23/18 5:25:06 PM Permalink



marcia blanco

Posted on 5/23/18 7:19:52 PM Permalink

1.Aren't Pods those options that are the Russian Roulette of features, in that they can kill Game-on if given the chance? What were their original designed purose?

2. This amazing update.....will it work as an update or do we have to migrate over from this version, bit by bit. (I know what I'M doing this summer!)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 7:52:24 PM Permalink

1. Pods in v3 can be deadly. We don't know why they work perfectly for some and act deadly for others. Designed as a quest container requiring students to complete x of y quests—in any order.

2. Mick is determined to create a tool to help with migration. Best case scenario: quest content migrates but little to nothing else—no checks for understanding, locks, etc. However it works, the update will be worth whatever extra work we have to do.

This is a major upgrade.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/23/18 8:03:35 PM Permalink

It will be so worth it. I'm ready to start over if necessary (as long as it rolls out by the first week of August... although I guessssssss I could lock the site down for the first half of the first semester and do more traditional style teaching then). It would be handy for me if I could keep some of my warehouse items, though.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/23/18 7:54:57 PM Permalink

1. Yes--but they work now. You can create a cluster of tasks/quests where a certain number need to be completed before moving on/awarding a badge.

2. I still don't know. I am also going to going through this upgrade with my site so I'd like it to be an update. I think it will be possible to migrate most fields over. Locks/filters and some features have changed so much that they will not move neatly, but the content and checks for understanding should be possible.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/23/18 8:44:45 PM Permalink

To elaborate on what the new pods can do, you have to put them in the context of a map. On a map there are a number of quest chains--let's call those map sections for now. If a student completes one section of a map, it unlocks the next section. You can also convert a section to a pod, where instead of having to go through all the items in order, users must complete a certain number of quests before continuing to the next chain. This is great for creating more choice an autonomy when there are a number of quests that can demonstrate the same skill.

As a bonus, a badge can also be assigned at the completion of a pod, no matter which quest was the last one.

Also, pods you can unchain the sections, so the first item in multiple section is unlocked. This would create even more choices on the map.

It sounds complicated (OK, maybe it is a bit complicated) but it all prints out in a nice color coded map showing exactly what you have access to and how you unlock other items.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/24/18 7:30:01 PM Permalink

Can one quest be in two pods or on two maps? For example, if I have a quest for building a water filter, can that be in my Hydroengineering map and in my Eco-Engineering map so it counts towards the completion of both?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/24/18 7:40:39 PM Permalink

Maybe Mick will think of a way but that seems doubtful. You could just give kids a free pass to click through the second after completing the first. (Double Loot!)

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/24/18 8:05:31 PM Permalink

One map only per quest. I thought about that as I was coding, but it added a entire new layer of logic. The issue wasn't about putting it on two maps, but keeping track of the order on the same quest on two maps. Mike makes a good suggestion with letting them submit their work twice. You could also include a password in the complete message of one quest that unlocks something on the other map. The same could be accomplished with a badge.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/25/18 3:31:20 PM Permalink

That seems reasonable and not too difficult to implement. Thanks.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/25/18 7:21:22 AM Permalink

Mick, I'm drooling over the maps + pods feature set. This is the combo that will allow me to build my class the way I really want to. I have no words to accurately express how grateful I am that you're working with Mike on this amazing project of his.

You have probably already picked this general feeling up, but let me make it explicit to you (and you, Mike, again): because this tool has changed my teaching and improved both my life and the life of my students, I would like to express my appreciation tangibly, if that ever becomes something you would/could accept. If there is a tool, resource, or experience that you feel could enhance your life or your work and you would/could accept donations toward supporting that...or if you have a charitable cause you would/could accept donations toward on your behalf...etc., please know that I am ready to help. From comments here, I suspect I am not the only one who would do so. Please keep this in mind if thoughts of "if only I could/had/was-able-to-go-to ..." ever flit through your mind.

Thank you for blessing my life with your work.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/25/18 12:03:49 PM Permalink

"Ditto!" (as inelegant as that sounds.....my sentiments exactly.)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/25/18 2:51:17 PM Permalink

To Matthew, Marcia, and everyone else,

Your kind words and offers of tangible support mean more than you can imagine. But please understand that by being here—active in the Game On discussion group—you're already contributing. I get emails all the time from teachers looking for help with GO. That's mostly one and done stuff. No synergy.

Mick and I are going to roll out a hosted version of Game On. In fact, you'll be the first to give it a test drive. (Expect the wheels to fall off at first.) Teachers won't need a host or domain. No downloading and installing the plugin. All managed for them. That's how we're going to lose a little money at first and maybe make a little later.

What would help at that point are your personal Game On stories. We all know how transformative GO can be. Heck, most of you could just copy and paste the wonderful stuff you've already written. I'd love to see GO flourish for one simple reason: It changes the dynamic in the learning environment.

Plus, for me, just knowing teachers like you are making a difference in kids' lives makes it all worthwhile.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/25/18 3:14:09 PM Permalink

OK. I have an idea on how I can give back. How about this: Can I volunteer (with some collaboration...OK, a LOT of collaboration) to develop a manual for v4 that will help educators (like my former self) to implement this? It could include strategies, themes, anecdotes..... I know that I really struggled when I first implemented this. (I still am, but at least I know enough to articulate questions. When I started, it was more expletive than interrogative.)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/25/18 3:34:41 PM Permalink

Awesome idea, Marcia! Now that's synergy! :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/25/18 4:18:45 PM Permalink

Since it sounds like a huge update change, I'll start after v4 is released as a beta in June. There should be enough there to get a pretty good gist of what's going on. In the meantime, I'll try and come up with some sort of organizational structure. All kinds of suggestions are welcome......

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/25/18 5:31:51 PM Permalink

I'll jump on this bandwagon, too! Early in the switch to 3.0 a few of us were trying to build a manual for it. We had ​a resource page on EdEx that we could resurrect for this project, and at least ​the beginnings of a manual. It's not how I'd write it today - much more focused on the technical side, while I now think we need to follow Marcia's idea and write it more from the teacher's side, but the philosophy and history section, at least, is worth keeping.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/25/18 4:02:58 PM Permalink

I'll help out with that.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/25/18 4:15:25 PM Permalink

You're on!​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/25/18 6:00:22 PM Permalink

TLDR: Yes, and!

Looking forward to the hosted version and trials this summer. So much fun coming. I will definitely write up a story for you. Do you have a length target in mind? (I could also do short & long versions, if that would be useful.)

I get that contributing here has value. I just wrote to a colleague in South Africa that participating on this site has been the most valuable PD in my entire career, by far. I will definitely continue to contribute and play here and will be posting various updates and questions for folks over the summer as I migrate my class to a new format.

I know you and others have expressed that you, too, feel like what you contribute here is also disproportionate to what you receive. I'm not trying to suggest that you need to let us thank you in other ways. I'm definitely wanting to continue supporting the open collaboration that has been our model to date.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there have been times in my life when a small amount of assistance (financial or otherwise) has made or could have made a huge difference. I am personally very averse to asking for financial support, even when I could really use it. So I want to make sure that the offer is explicitly out there, available, for that moment when, if it happens, it could make a difference.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/25/18 6:50:03 PM Permalink

Matthew, since I have no idea what this will look like (very much like Ihad no idea what my game would look like but I jumped in anyway), I appreciate anything you can send my way. I also appreciate the links that you posted above, which I plan to cruise through as soon as the kidss around me discussing plans for D&D this weekend go home.

Also, What's TLDR (besides for a complaint from my students for why they screwed up a quest. :)

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/25/18 7:06:35 PM Permalink

(Aside: Can someone please teach mine about D&D because I am tired of hearing about their Pokethings and YuJiOws or whatever)

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/26/18 1:09:15 AM Permalink

​ LOL!

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/25/18 7:49:39 PM Permalink


​TLDR or tl;dr = too long, didn't read. From what I know it originated back in the days of Usenet and was a sarcastic way to say "you're too verbose, shut up." Later it evolved into a way to indicate a quick summary when you know you're going to post a wordy message.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/25/18 8:13:33 PM Permalink

Mick had a great observation: No one reads the instructions.

Where we could really use expert help is in the Game On Forum—a real, dedicated forum. (I love Adobe, but the EdEx isn't built for the type of conversations we'll need to have.)

Details to follow when the test site goes live.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/25/18 8:54:04 PM Permalink

Counterpoint: I was terribly frustrated that I only had videos to go on and not a reference manual where I could search the text for the item I needed help with, or at least refer to in the classroom when I also had students (and didn't want a video playing).

Happy to help in the forum, too.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/26/18 1:21:38 AM Permalink

I beg to differ. Men may not read instructions (It's right up there with asking for directions. *snort*.) but as a statistical sample of one, I can attest to scanning the instructions, unsuccesfully trying to figure stuff out and then reading the instructions. (I don't ask for directions either. Bwahahaha!)

The videos that you did for GO3 were really helpful for showing how a feature worked, but it was hard to integrate that knowledge into how all the pieces worked as a whole. It wasn't until you gave me access to your site that I really got the idea.

BTW, if (when?) we do put together a forum, I volunteer for that too. I'll deal with the luddites. I can really relate to that lost, panicked, glassy-eyed stare. You and Kerrick can tackle the game experts. *evil grin*

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/26/18 4:11:18 AM Permalink

Okay, I surrender.​ We'll work it all out together. :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 5:12:14 PM Permalink

We're getting close to opening the v4 Alpha in a WordPress MultiSite environment. (Yes, v4 works in WPMS, too!)

I've been playing with it and the Map feature is blowing my mind. Am in the process of rethinking everything.

We'll let you know after Mick fixes a few more issues. At that point, you'll just sign up. Nothing to install. Mick is tweaking the code constantly so releasing the plugin would be counterproductive.

It won't be fully functional, your sites will be wiped at some point, but you'll get to wrap your head around the process.

Rather than weekly pages with daily quests, weekly digital portfolio quests, and a pile of project quests—like I do now—the students will have maps, ​lots of maps. (The quests are gray because they're date-locked.) I've just been playing for a few days. So much left to do.

Stay tuned...

Terrence Banks

Posted on 5/23/18 5:20:14 PM Permalink

Nice!...sounds awesome. ​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/23/18 5:26:29 PM Permalink

Mmmm. Maps baked in. I can hardly wait to try it out. ​ (That link comes up broken (timeout) on my end, but that may be because internet here at school has been fairly slow the last few days and we're just taking too long across the atlantic.)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 5:31:24 PM Permalink

Emailed 'em to you, Matthew.​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/23/18 7:49:58 PM Permalink

Looking forward to it!

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/23/18 4:12:39 PM Permalink

Strategy question folks! Do you let your students pick more than one profession at a time?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/23/18 4:22:23 PM Permalink

For me, it depends on the student. The second profession is an earned privilege, not a right.

Your mileage may vary.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/14/18 12:11:35 AM Permalink

Hi Folks!

I have a couple of cut and dried questions and something to put on the wishlist:

1. How can I take away loot from a kid that has been cheating? Do I just do damage, or can I take away Experience directly?

2. How can a remove a quest from a kid's stats? (Same kid.)

The wishlist thing? Is there anyway we can work on the game offline? I'd like to be able to work in places with no wifi access if that's possible.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/14/18 12:41:12 AM Permalink

Out of order...

Bad news: You have to have wifi as the database resides with the host.​ (I use my phone as a personal hotspot in a pinch. Works like a charm!)

1. Good news: You can remove/add any loot via the clipboard. Use a minus sign (i.e., -30) to remove XP, Gold, Damage, etc.

2. More good news: Open the kid's Stats panel via the Clipboard (link is in first column), click on the first stage, add a message in the "See me" text box, then click SEND. Quest and all loot is removed immediately.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/14/18 1:10:56 AM Permalink

Good news outweighs the bad news big time on this! Thanks Mike!!

Terrence Banks

Posted on 5/13/18 11:48:16 PM Permalink

​I have a few options that I have been thinking about for years that I can suggest later. But one feature that was available in the past and for some reason was disabled, is when I award points in the stats page and write them a message. It no longers shows up in the rewards section. Will this be back in effect in v4? Basically custom awards that not triggered by the game, that are recorded in the stats.

Thanks guys!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/14/18 12:45:09 AM Permalink

That one drives me crazy! No idea when it failed but we'll definitely have that back!​

Ryan Hayes

Posted on 5/10/18 6:02:11 PM Permalink

The new version ​sounds exciting. I wish I didn't have five preps. It is kicking my butt. Not enough time to take full advantage of Game On the last year or two. I have been redoing a lot of curriculum for my Graphic Arts class this year since I got new computers and installed Adobe CC 2018 and trying to cover what they need to know for Adobe Certification without teaching to the test. Quite a few interface changes and improvements so I had to redo a lot of missions and tutorials. Hoping to just have to tweak next year and not reinvent as much as I did this year. I am not a big fan of the ACA Certification.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/10/18 6:21:30 PM Permalink

Hey Ryan. Five preps is insane! (And should be illegal.)

If you have to do the ACA, talk with Rob Schwartz. He's successfully certified more students than anyone on the planet. DM him on https://twitter.com/brainbuffet​

He literally wrote the book on ACA.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/14/18 12:21:28 AM Permalink

I just had my kids certify with the ACA in Photoshop and used Rob Schwartz's book and videos as a source. He really is great!

I hear you about the ACA. The multiple choice questions are oddly phrased and since I coach kids to use keyboard commands, I find that for the simulations, my students have to re-learn a bunch of the procedures spelunking through the menus instead. They do like getting that certificate though, and putting the icon on their resumes. It's the only IRC that my State recognizes for my cluster (I teach CTE) so I'm stuck with it.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/8/18 12:10:33 PM Permalink

I have another thing that I'm wondering about. My students are just getting into professions. To do so, they need to have completed two chains of introductory quests (one for PS and the other for Ai). For some reason, the only way I can get the badge awarded to them is to remove the last quest from the chain. If it's in the chain, it doesn't give the badge. Is there a setting that I'm missing? (At this point, the work around is to take it out of the chain.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 2:18:44 PM Permalink


But that's exactly how I rigged my intro quests this year. Badges were awarded in the final quest in the chain. And the badges were required to move on to the next chain. Worked like a charm.

GO v4 will certainly solve that issue if we broke it somehow. Meanwhile, you could always add a store item in the final quest in the chain to award the badge.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/8/18 4:24:46 PM Permalink

Is there a link for the beta v4 anywhere? I have a student who has made a test site and we'd really like to take it for a spin. (If it wasn't for this kid, I'm not sure I ever would have done this, so I like to humor him. I might need to fail him too. I need to keep him around for a while. lol.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/14/18 12:22:55 AM Permalink

Brilliant. That worked! Thanks!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 2:22:09 PM Permalink

Just looked. The badge is awarded in the second to last stage in the final quest in the chain. Try that.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/8/18 2:30:32 PM Permalink

That's it--the code as currently written doesn't fire the badges after the last stage (because it's the end). And in v4 badges will only be award at the end of a quest or at the end of a chain. They can be assigned to the chain and then as you add quests you don't need to worry about moving the badge.

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/18 7:29:11 PM Permalink

Hi Guys!

Something happened to my Game-on accent. Has anyone ever had their Game-on plug-in deactivate on its own.? I figured out the problem, but it made me curious.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/7/18 7:36:11 PM Permalink

Never happened to me. What caused it on your site, Marcia?

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/7/18 9:02:35 PM Permalink

I don't know. It was odd. For a couple of days, when I'd go in to work on it on a quest or page, it occasionally showed as if there was no styling at all, like those really old websites from the 1980's that were just unordered lists and hotlinks. When I refreshed, all was well. Then, suddenly nothing worked and the kids would see the page with all the shortcodes but no functional links. Someone asked if I had updated the plug-in and suggested that maybe the update was corrupt, so I went to look on the dashboard, and the Game-on link wasn't in the sidebar. When I checked out the plug-ins, it showed as deactive. I activated it and now all is well with the world.

Scared the Hell out of me for a second.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/7/18 9:07:02 PM Permalink


Terrence Banks

Posted on 5/7/18 11:32:06 PM Permalink

I don't think I have ever had it deactivate by itself. I'm glad you got it figured out. ​

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/8/18 12:01:43 PM Permalink

I probably did something dumb.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 1:45:06 PM Permalink

Welcome to our club!

We all occasionally do something dumb. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/8/18 4:11:54 PM Permalink

Occasionally? I'm in the camp that occasionally I don't. Bwahahahahaha!!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 4:17:02 PM Permalink

Congrats, Marcia. You're our new club president! :)​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/25/18 6:58:25 PM Permalink

Offtopica: Does anyone use a plugin to allow players to select an avatar from a set of avatars you define, instead of upload their own or use anything in the media library? I've been searching for awhile now and nothing's coming up. I'd like to make a set with a unified feel and keep students from using inappropriate or copyrighted images.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 2:11:51 PM Permalink

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/8/18 2:23:55 PM Permalink

Finding/making the avatars isn't the difficulty; the difficulty is setting it up so they can't just upload any old thing they stole off Google image search. But thank you.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 2:30:27 PM Permalink

Personal integrity is a big part of Game On. There are countless opportunities to cheat. Just like real life.

Teaching respect for intellectual property > Making stealing impossible

Again, just a thought.​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/8/18 3:02:32 PM Permalink

You sound like I don't already understand that principle and agree with you, Mike. With elementary school kids you scaffold that learning, because they're not getting it anywhere else and they don't come in with any prior exposure about IP, copyright, and cheating. Limiting some access is helpful to slow them down and give them time to absorb the lessons so we can set them up for success. It's demoralizing when they do something they're excited about and transgress a rule they don't fully understand yet, and then suddenly I'm taking off Honor points and deleting their fave pokemans pictures. Some of that goes to my teaching, in that I let them have a lot of freedom to explore before I walk them through the whole process step by step, and I still think that's a valuable thing. But I've also seen kids go down the rabbithole of spending 80% of their classtime playing with changing avatars, so I thought if I had a curated gallery it would help them keep focus.

I know there are avatar handling plug-ins, I just haven't seen one that does what I want yet, and I thought someone here might know of one.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 3:23:57 PM Permalink

Apologies. Didn't mean to come off as condescending.

But seriously, do you think some high school kids aren't equally clueless about this stuff? I fight this battle all year long with some of them. It's week 33 and two kids were on Google images last period. Un-freaking-believable!

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/8/18 3:59:17 PM Permalink

No problem and thank you.

And yeah, there are some that, by genuine cluelessness or willful ignorance, persist in doing the wrong thing.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/8/18 2:34:33 PM Permalink

FYI: in v4 I have it​ set to have students add an avatar without using Gravitar. Does anyone want Gravitar as an option or can I just make GameOn only avatars the default an only option? I'm adding your request for limited avatars to the list for a future update. I want to get a v4.0b out ASAP, so it will not be in there, but definitely worth adding in the future.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 2:45:22 PM Permalink

I do. A toggle on the Options page would be wonderful.

We use Gravatar because the kids (a) create their own original avatars and (b) they register for a boatload of online services. Nice to have their avatars follow them around the web automatically.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/8/18 4:00:05 PM Permalink

That makes sense.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/8/18 2:50:46 PM Permalink

I have no love for Gravitar; it just slows down the page load while adding absolutely no value for me.

Thank you for considering adding limited avatars in a future release! I was thinking it would be cool if students could access more "impressive" avatars as they level up, or purchase an avatar change with their Gold. (It might just mean only providing the URL for the page with the higher level avatars as a link after they purchase an item in the store, or something like that.)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 3:17:39 PM Permalink

Acquiring a better avatar as players level is an idea we had way back when, but could never make it happen. That would be an awesome feature!

Mick, if we had a set of graduated avatars—each more impressive than the last—could you make the transition automatic at level X, Y, and Z (set in the Options page)?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/8/18 3:42:34 PM Permalink

Almost anything is possible--the question is how complicated the code is to create. I'll add that to the feature request and I'll think about it later. More than likely, I'll wake up some morning a month from now and have an idea of how to implement it. I seem to do my best thinking while I'm asleep.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 3:54:54 PM Permalink

LOL. May the answer dawn on you at daybreak. My best ideas seem to have far less respect for the time of day—or night, as the case may be.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/8/18 4:15:18 PM Permalink

My best ideas come in the shower. It's a little rough on the computer equipment though. Very soggy motherboard.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/8/18 4:54:34 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 5/8/18 5:37:51 PM Permalink

I've used "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" to teach drawing for a million years, but I've never given that one a look. It's winging it's way to my door now. Thanks Mike (and Amazon)!

Terrence Banks

Posted on 5/13/18 11:36:27 PM Permalink

​Sounds interesting, will add that to my summer reading list.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/8/18 7:25:09 PM Permalink


It doesn't do exactly what you described, but here's the setup I used for limiting avatar use. It may give you part of what you're looking for. First I added these two plugins:

  • ​Groups wordpress plug-in​ - this allows you to define custom groups and assign them arbitrarily to users
  • ​Simple local avatars plug-in - this adds an avatar upload field to the user profile, allows you to default to a local avatar or Gravatar if no custom avatar is defined, allows you to turn Off Gravatar, and allows you to define the privilege level at which a user is allowed to use the custom upload field (including custom groups from the above plug-in).

Then I

  1. Configured a group called "AvatarAllowed"
  2. Set this group to be the one allowed access to the custom avatar upload field
  3. Turned off gravatar
  4. Set the default avatar to the Mystery Human outline (most boring one, in my students' opinion)
  5. Defined a quest that players can access at a mid-range user level - this is one they learn about fairly early, but have to work through all of the on-boarding and some of the early game before they have leveled up enough to unlock.
  6. Added a store item which gives them the custom avatar (it's just text, doesn't actually do anything). I have GO set to email me receipts for all store purchases.
  7. Set that item as the loot for the quest in #5.
  8. Whenever anyone receives that store item, my email flags the message so I notice it (otherwise receipts automatically go into a giant folder, just for record-keeping). I manually go in and add that user to the "AvatarAllowed" group and send them a form email notifying them they've been added and giving them a link to a video instruction on how to add their own avatar, along with a very short lecture on responsibility and copyright.

It involves a bit of extra work, but it makes having a custom avatar something special, makes them work through the basic game to get it, and gives me a chance to have a one-on-one if I notice anything as they use this privilege.​ I've had to have a few chats like the ones you've all described; I usually give the player a chance to self-correct after our chat, but then I come down harder if they don't take that opportunity. I've been thinking about adding another, harder, quest that is only there for those who need the privilege removed, as an option for them to re-earn it - this one would be focused around copyright, theft, and consequences somehow...haven't worked out all the details, yet.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/25/18 4:28:23 PM Permalink

Just a heads up: I sat down with Mick for a couple of hours after school yesterday. He took me through the most recent not-ready-for-prime-time Game On build.

My reaction? Whoa!

If you don't like change, stick with v3. Mick wants to make this transition as painless as possible but I'm convinced his time would be better spent on perfecting functionality rather than trying to fit square pegs (v3) into round holes (v4).

The code is that different.

We—Game On admins—should prepare to rebuild all of our old content. Lot's of copying and pasting. But more importantly, lots of rethinking to take advantage of improved functionality that will lead to richer experiences for our students.

Map out your ideas! ( If you know what I mean. :)

Mick turned the computer my way and said, "Create a quest." The interface is unrecognizable but intuitive. We came up with a dozen new ideas just going through the steps.

Bottom line: Mick has come up with some epic ideas and it's only going to get better from here.

We'll upload a sandbox version for you to play with as soon as possible. It won't be anywhere near fully functional, but you need to play with this to begin wrapping your head around the possibilities.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/25/18 4:54:03 PM Permalink


I have already been really appreciating the 3.5 version I've been testing. I have many new ideas for implementation and my conceptual questmap is getting EPIC.

For anyone who is curious, ​here's a screenshot of my conceptual questmap in progress from Padlet. I'd love feedback if you're so inclined.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/25/18 4:58:01 PM Permalink

Holy Fragnog! :)​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/25/18 5:57:46 PM Permalink

I was thinking about the upgrade process last night after we met. The database ​for v4 is completely new--as are the names of the fields for the post_metadata. It wouldn't be a monumental task to move some task data over on upgrade--the stage content message, quizzes, and perhaps Gold and XP. You could then install v4 alongside v3, test it out, and then switch back. Maybe some of the taxonomy data too, but I'll have to look at that later.

Things that will not move: task and store filters, badges, and anything user history related. This is built to be deployed as a new game. Player history and totals will not move to the new version. There are too many differences to make it a mid year/mid game upgrade.

I'm picturing a two step process. (Before doing anything I highly recommend backing up your database.)

Step 1: After installing v4, you click a button to move the task and store data that can be moved to the new database, leaving your v3 data in place. Test it out, make sure you are OK with what you have.

Step 2: Once you are ready, a second tool would then purge all of your v3 tables and post_meta once you are happy with the upgrade.

You would then use the reset user tool to remove all old users and their data.

As soon as I have task creation, display and the store working, I'll get a alpha version out. I can do that without a working clipboard, stats, panel and other stuff just so everyone can take a look at what's coming.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 4/25/18 9:50:28 PM Permalink


I have some ideas that I will be sending your way as well!

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/17/18 3:58:20 PM Permalink

​If I update my GO with this one, will it mess anything up?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/17/18 4:14:04 PM Permalink

Maybe. Probably.

Mick (the coder) updated his site early this semester. But he's a tech genius and just fixed the problems.

For me, it's way too late in the year to tempt fate.

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/19/18 12:57:06 AM Permalink

Oh, I hear that! I already tempted fate by jumping into this mid-year. So far, so good but I'm paddling as fast as my little butt will let me to stay ahead of my students. Spring break is next week and it's going to be spent making professions.

Mark Suter

Posted on 4/17/18 2:08:41 AM Permalink

​Eureka! Maps! You guys! Maps!

So I've been in the classroom gamification game awhile (go to rezzly.com, I'm the dork on their homepage with a headset, I hosted all their intro quests since around 2012) and this is THE first time I've seen this implemented correctly. The new Gamipress WP plugin? Nope. Classcraft? Not that I know of. I've been using Popplet and Bubbl.us for years as a quest chain map embedded into various systems. You have outdone yourselves.

As a fellow EdCorp with Real World Scholars (My students and I run Grit9.com) I am proud to say I will be utilizing your work on Game On to implement the development of young entrepreneurs in categories of "Soft Skills" (Phone calls, host a meeting, etc), "Web Design", and "Business Management" (Business model canvas development, budgeting, marketing activities, etc.) It's been awhile since I've dove into GO, but if anyone is interested in these quest chains, I'm happy to share out, or just give access. grit9design at gmail. Thanks Mike, Forest, and all the other contributors to this project. I will happily be a paying subscriber/kickstarter(?!?) when it comes.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/17/18 3:01:56 AM Permalink

Thanks for the kind words, Mark. High praise coming from you. I'll let Mick (a fellow digital arts teacher/coder in our school district) know as he made maps happen. If you have other suggestions, fire away! I look forward to seeing your implementation.

P.S. Love Grit9. You and your kids rock!

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 4/17/18 3:28:00 AM Permalink

As you were describing your "soft skills" quests I was thinking, "man, we need a platform to export and share stuff like this!" I'll take you up on that for sure. I'll be in touch. (I also just completed my EdCorp app, so I'm new to all this)​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/18/18 8:24:52 PM Permalink

I'm the guy working on the major update. The ability to export and import tasks and maps (either individually, by map, or an entire game) is on my punch list. I'm picturing a website where we could share content. A teacher new to game on would then have a starting point. A very robust game could even serve as a textbook replacement. ​It might not be in the initial release, but it's in the plan. I want to get a version with basic functionality out there first.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/18/18 9:52:17 PM Permalink

Thank you, Mick! We appreciate your hard work.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 4/18/18 11:33:47 PM Permalink

Yes, I second Kerrick, thank you​! I've thought being able to export my store to a document would be awesome too, so I can have something to hold in my hand, post on the wall or whatever. I love the maps in the release you shared a week or so ago. That's a game changer

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/19/18 4:16:15 PM Permalink

Mick, you are truly awesome! Thank you for your work on this. I can't wait to give the new version a shot. (I don't dare at the moment though. I still don't have a lot of confidence in my mastery. My game at the moment is extremely basic.

In this time of data collection, I have a wish-list item: Is there a way that the admin can collect and track data on student progress visually? Maybe a graphing feature for the Leaderboard and/or stats pages over time. I've got kids who work slowly but are persistent and are making progress, It would be great to see that side by side with other kids.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/19/18 6:58:24 PM Permalink

Thank you for the kind words. I like the sounds of what you are describing, but I'm not sure what it would look like. Can you help me visualize what this would look like? I'm not sure what metrics would best show progress. It could be XP, but that might not be it exactly.

I think the best measure would be what students have actually completed. Have you looked at the new maps feature? Would the ability of admin to view students progress on the map get you the visual you want? That would be fairly simple to implement on my end. Keep the ideas coming!​

Terrence Banks

Posted on 4/25/18 1:13:45 AM Permalink

Awesome work man, The evolution of this teaching Gem since when I started using it on 2012 has been amazing. ​I will be definitely be testing out the new features and hopefully contributing more.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/18/18 6:13:05 PM Permalink

The maps are great! I'm still testing the new version in a testing environment, so I don't mess up my system during the school year. But I notice that for some reason when I add a new map or quest chain from the "Edit Quest Chains" page, it doesn't seem to take. I can add them fine if I start making a new quest and use the Quest Chains sidebar. Anyone else run into this?

I think this will really help my students. They struggle with reading so much text (because my kids are littler than most of yours, I reckon), so making any navigation visual that I can will really help.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/18/18 10:49:20 PM Permalink

Is your testing environment local or on the web? I'd gladly take a quick look at your site if you provide the login. You can email at mmcmurray@guhsd.net.​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/19/18 3:51:39 PM Permalink

I made you a test admin account and sent an email from my test version. Let me know if you don't get it.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/19/18 4:02:36 PM Permalink

I just gave it a shot and it worked for me. Just to make sure we are talking about the same screen, I went to ​Quests-->Quest Chains. Then filled out the form titled "Add New Quest Chain"​. Perhaps clearing your cache will help? Try it in a different browser or incognito window and let me know if it still isn't working for you.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/18/18 8:26:20 PM Permalink

Glad you are enjoying the maps. I've added the ability to add to menus and widgets the same way in the new version. It's not ready to be shared yet, but I'll keep you all posted.

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/19/18 1:11:34 AM Permalink

"Soft Skills" are what my tech center emphasizes. By soft skills, we specifically mean criteria within communication, teamwork, leadership, grit, self-direction, problem-solving, work readiness, and attitude. We've been told to teach all content as a vehicle to teach and assess these. Self Direction, grit, attitude, work readiness and problem-solving are so easy to document using GO. With that said, I am definitely interested in checking out your quest chains. Mine, at this point, are incredibly rudimentary, but I'll share anything I have.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/11/18 4:29:13 PM Permalink

Yikes! If you downloaded the file (in the prior comment) throw it away and use this one (or the corrected one below).

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/11/18 5:12:43 PM Permalink

Installing it into a testing environment now.


Also, any word on if there will be a pro version, and pricing thereof? I want you to get compensated for this gift to the world, and I want to know if I'm going to be able to keep using GameOn in perpetuity, as I build more and more of my curriculum around it!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/11/18 5:40:09 PM Permalink

Mick McMurray is the man to thank for the new code. I'll pass it along. :)

This _is_ the pro version. As long as I'm teaching, Game On will exist. No plans to charge for it—at least no plans in the near future. If we ever did begin charging, all of you contributing ideas here will be given free licenses.

We're hoping to release a self-contained "light" version in time for 2018/19. Still working on the freemium model, trying to find a balance between simplicity and functionality. Think of it as Game On: Training Wheels Edition for newbies who don't want to find a host and set up their own site.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 4/11/18 7:01:22 PM Permalink

"Gift to the world" for sure! I've completely rethought -- nay, reimagined! -- everything that I thought I knew how to do, I feel like a first year teacher in the best imaginable way and I won't ever teach the same way again thanks to Game On​.

This year I happened to be fortunate enough to be a finalist for our district's teacher of the year and I credit so much of what I'm doing now to Game On and you, Mike. If I win I'll give you a shout out, but......my wife is a finalist too, so I'm rooting for her :-)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/11/18 7:15:14 PM Permalink

No shout out necessary, Shawn; that first paragraph makes it all worthwhile.

Congrats to you and your wife for being TOTY finalists! What an epic duo!

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 4/14/18 11:00:49 PM Permalink

Checking out the newest version on a different wordpress install....The new Maps feature is brilliant.!

update: neither Mrs. or Mr. Harrel won the big prize, but we remain honored nonetheless...and I still try to learn from her as much as I can ;-)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 4/18/18 4:43:49 PM Permalink

Hey Shawn, I'd love to connect via email if you wouldn't mind someone leaning on your expertise in teaching film. I'm adding a video production section to my Design Technology course next year and would love the chance to chat about it. My school email is mmiller at cacegypt period org, if you would be willing.​

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 4/18/18 7:14:09 PM Permalink

Sent you an email!​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/11/18 7:37:03 PM Permalink

​Brilliant. I can't say enough in thanks for your generosity, and Mick's, and Forrest's over the years.

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/11/18 4:26:35 PM Permalink

One thing that I've noticed that might need fixing (though there is an easy work around.) If a quest is only 3 stages, students don't get a field to upload a URL. I have to make a 4th stage with a "Good Job!" message or some silly reward video. Is that intentional, or is it something odd with my version?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/11/18 4:36:48 PM Permalink

Can you put the upload or URL option in stage 2?

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/11/18 4:53:45 PM Permalink

Weirdly enough, Stage 2 shows the url field in Stage 2. It's just Stage 3 that is odd.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/11/18 5:02:59 PM Permalink

The fields are meant to prevent progress before turning in work. Since the final stage has no progress to prevent, no fields appear.

Does that make sense?​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/18/18 11:00:06 PM Permalink

Yes, I've noticed it. It's fixed in the new version. Quests can be anywhere from 1 to 10 stages and any check for understanding added to any stage. There is then an outro message that appears after the last stage. This is your mission accomplished message with directions on what to do next. The 10 stage limit was chosen by me, I could set it to any number or have no limit at all.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/19/18 3:52:49 PM Permalink

Brilliant! I doubt I'll use all ten stages at any point, but more flexibility within that is so helpful.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/11/18 4:06:03 PM Permalink

Not v4.0 but some of the new features. From Mick (teacher/coder):

Here is Game On as I currently have it installed on my site. It has some functionality that is worth checking out. There are videos linked in the welcome message. You can install it side by side with the current release and just make sure you only activate one at a time.
The big change should be ready by the end of June. I'll do my best to provide a tool to migrate data to the new version, but some things will be lost. Just be ready to put some work into the transition.


Use at your own risk. (It should be safe, but one never knows.)

Download ​Here is the correct file (same as the one in the comment above this one).

Note: The hefty size is due to the inclusion of Bower.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/11/18 5:15:26 PM Permalink

Please share my gratitude with Mick.

Mark Suter

Posted on 4/10/18 7:49:39 PM Permalink

Is there a 4.0 release ETA? Looking forward to that mapping feature!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/10/18 9:20:26 PM Permalink

Not yet. Will try to share a stable beta soon. (Stable is a relative term.)

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/8/18 11:59:11 PM Permalink

Is there a way that I can require a student earn a given badge to get access to a page rather than a quest? If not, can we add that to the upgrade request list?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/9/18 2:29:18 AM Permalink

Quests are custom post types that were designed for Game On. I'm not sure how much trouble it would be to activate it for pages (or posts)​. Will look into it.

The only workaround I can think of for now would be to use WordPress password protection (see Visibility in the Publish meta field).

marcia blanco

Posted on 4/9/18 3:08:38 AM Permalink

​yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ve used that, but the badges would mean that I wouldn’t have to approve each kid individually. Thanks Mike. You are the best! I’m really looking forward to the next rendition.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 4/18/18 6:50:12 AM Permalink

Another ​possible work-around, that wouldn't require one-off authorizations, would be to create a dummy 3-stage quest that does require the earned badge, then link the page only through the final stage of the dummy quest. You could give a link to that quest in the final stage of the quest in which the student earns the badge, or even make the dummy quest hidden in some way and give a clue to finding it in the badge-earning-quest.

This wouldn't stop kids from sharing the URL of the page once they have it; to mitigate against this, I would

  • make the URL of the page contain a long random string of letters (put them in the page name)
  • Use the dummy quest to emphasize that the student has earned a special privilege in being granted access to this resource and should respect that honor by preserving it's value for future players by keeping it secret.

Then ​I'd have a chat with any player who shared (or asked for shared access) about responsibility, spoilers, unearned privileges, ​fiero, etc.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/18/18 10:54:37 PM Permalink

The new version will have the ability to create quests of any number of stages. A one stage quest could be used in place of the page and then locks applied. The new locking feature allows for any number of ​and/or statements of types of locks required. It sounds more complicated than it is--but a badge lock on a 1 stage quest would get you what you are looking for.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 3/23/18 11:53:47 PM Permalink

​Feature request: One of my students suggested this, it would be awesome for students to view their progress in quests in a skill tree. As I type this I see it's similar to Kerrick's #7. Even just a grid or something that shows certain quests as either green or grayed-out so the could see how far along they are. Love it, thanks!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/28/18 7:23:58 PM Permalink

I know Shawn gets this but just in case anyone else is wondering, Game On v4.0 ​has a mapping feature that provides a visual representation that's quite helpful.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 3/23/18 7:26:09 PM Permalink

Feature requests for 4.0 or onward:

  1. Returnable items in shop. My students often rent tools or durables using the shop, or purchase something that must later be returned. I want them to be able to return an item, with options for giving them 0-100% of their money back. Returning the item should then remove the item from their inventory (and increase my total inventory of that item by one, if possible; see #4 below). They should not be able to return an item they don't have in their inventory.
  2. Ability to give or remove shop items from the clipboard; I should be able to gank a student's Game Day from their inventory if they annoy me enough. Or award them something shiny (and more specific than just a point value) if they impress me. :)
  3. Comprehensive logging system. My students often come to me with "Mr. Lucker, my points went up or down and I don't understand why" and then I look all through their stats page and I have no idea either. Or, "I got a bonus item but it disappeared for no reason." I need to be able to show them where they went wrong, otherwise they feel like the system is out to get them. Maybe there is a log and I just haven't found it?
  4. Inventory management. Say I have five scissors available in the shop. If one student buys one, the overall inventory should decrease by one. If a student returns one, the inventory should go up by one. We already implement a per student maximum option for each item; a similar system for overall maximum purchases might be doable and would really help teachers who are trying to use the store for actual physical classroom resources as well as special privileges.
  5. Recurring transactions. Could a teacher set up a system where all students automatically get a 2 gold salary every week? Or where a student will automatically pay 1 gold for every week that they have a certain item (as in renting a certain piece of equipment)?
  6. Pie-in-the-sky: More flexible groups. I don't use the seating chart because my students use flexible seating. But I would like them to have a way to join or leave a group themselves, with a group budget and group rewards. So for example they could assign themselves to the Skycopter team, pay 10 gold into the group budget, and after the group has finished their quest and received the rewards, share out the gold.
  7. Pie-in-the-sky: A visual quest tree, so students can see what they have to do first in order to unlock the next quest.

Love love love Game On and I am so grateful for all the work you've put into it. It's fine if any of these are not reachable. I'd love to hear a "yes/no/maybe someday but not now" if you have the time. Also, would be interested in hearing others' wishlists!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/23/18 8:26:44 PM Permalink

Great suggestions. I'll sit down with my peer/coder​ to discuss these. 1–5 are awesome ideas and probably doable. 6 is challenging but... maybe? 7 is part of 4.0 already.

Other suggestions anyone?

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 3/23/18 11:54:41 PM Permalink

I guess I should have kept scrolling down to see this. ;-) Awesome!​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 3/26/18 3:46:08 PM Permalink

Thank you, you rock. Which you knew already. :)

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 3/28/18 1:13:40 AM Permalink

A clipboard that is tablet friendly (and perhaps customizable)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/28/18 3:04:32 AM Permalink

Game On is browser-based (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). What doesn't work in a browser on a tablet?

What do you want to customize?

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 3/28/18 1:22:52 PM Permalink

Selecting which columns to display or not to clear up some more room on the tablet. In purely tablet friendly sense, pecking my big clumsy fingers into the text boxes and check boxes is the problem, then the keyboard pops up to type in values and I can't double check who I have selected because it covers some of the screen. Being able to assign a default preset gold, XP, etc... from the screen that pops up when you select a name, something like that. Just spitballing here!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/28/18 7:19:47 PM Permalink

Will add to list but no promises. Hiding and reordering columns is something I've wished for, too. If you like preset values, I've found that Store Items are effective. The best part is it puts the onus on the students. Good for learning responsible, ethical behavior in claiming rewards and penalties.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/18/18 11:54:45 PM Permalink

Hiding and reordering is in the plan. It should be more responsive than it currently is. I'll note the idea of presets for admin assigned rewards and penalties. How about it defaults to the last used amounts?​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 4/18/18 11:52:32 PM Permalink

#7 and #3 will be in v4.

V4 will have the logging system--I'm calling it a ledger or activity history. It will have every click of a continue ​button, and transaction listed.

As Mike mentioned the quest tree is done.

#5 and #6 are somewhat implemented

I have something like the reoccurring transactions built. There is a new lock type that can be applied to store items and posts. I built it as an on-time reward. It has my class schedule in it and students can only claim the reward in the first minute of class. It doesn't quite get what you want, but it has some of the functionality.

What are currently professions will change to User Groups. It will be a taxonomy where group types and then specific groups will be created. For example you can have professions, table groups, class roles, and design teams as group types. And then in each of those categories you could create the actual groups. Store items can be used to join a group--you could set it as 0 currency to join if you wish. You can also assign to groups in the clipboard. The sharing of group loot is beyond the current update--that would require some serious updates to the database and code.

#1, #2, and #4 are all interesting ideas. The idea of using store items as inventory control hadn't occurred to me. It will not be in the initial release, but I'll definitely put it on the list for future upgrades. In the meantime, you might be interested in the program I developed for managing inventory in my class. It is a file maker pro solution, but it runs on its own. https://sites.google.com/a/guhsd.net/lendinglibrary/

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 4/19/18 3:56:14 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing Lending Library! That might be just what I need; I'll check it out. The GO transaction logging system will really save my bacon.

Thank you for all your hard work. So glad for this update.

marcia blanco

Posted on 3/14/18 7:07:43 PM Permalink

Hi Folks!

It's been a while. I finally garnered up the courage to jump into this thing and I've jumped in the deep end. Now I'm frantically trying to stay ahead of my students as they PLOW through these quests! It's really amazing. I do have a question though.

I have used the 'test' feature several times. Every once in a while, it won't show up on the front end. I thought perhaps it was the browser, but that isn't the case. Has anybody else had to deal with this?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/15/18 11:59:36 AM Permalink

The 'test' feature is buggy. The Test Loot especially so. Rob Schwartz suggested using it as a check for understanding and that seemed to work best for me. I've skipped it entirely this year. No idea about visibility unless the student wasn't logged in. That feature only shows when logged in.

As for trying to keep ahead of students, open ended, iterative, or repeatable quests are a must​.

Good News: I've been working with another teacher (he's a coder) to refine Game On. Version 4.0 will be rolling out over the summer. Perhaps even late in the spring, but I wouldn't recommend anyone use it that late in the school year. Lots of great new features and/or old ones employed in much more useful ways.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 3/15/18 12:48:53 PM Permalink

Version 4, that sounds great! I've always said my only regret with Game On ​is that I didn't learn about it a year ago (so I could map it out better over the summer), instead I got hip to it just a couple weeks before school. Either way I won't be able to use that excuse next year. :-)

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 3/23/18 3:24:45 PM Permalink

I would love to hear more about what's up with 4.0! I'm really excited about how Game On has changed my teaching, AND ALSO there are a few things that have induced me to look at other gamification add-ons to see if they might be better for my use case. I use the store a lot and there are a few things that would make my life hecka easier if you're including them in the update. I suppose it's too late for feature requests but if you could talk a little about what's already baked in, I'd be thrilled...

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/23/18 4:20:44 PM Permalink

Kerrick, use whatever tool works best for you and your kids. But if you—or anyone else—have feature requests, fire away. Our best features come from user requests.​ :)

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 3/23/18 6:20:02 PM Permalink

The only reason I bring it up is because I'm trying to plan ahead for next year and make any changes I need to make to my system as far in advance as I can so as not to cause disruptions midyear. Game On rules, and so far nothing I've found can totally replace it out of the box, so if I need to use three different add-ons to make the improvements I want to make, I need to figure that out sooner rather than later!

Should I start a new thread (or a subthread of this one) for feature requests?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/23/18 6:28:47 PM Permalink

Keep the Feature requests in this thread. No one is notified when new topics are started so those can go unnoticed for weeks (or longer).​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 2/5/18 5:48:48 PM Permalink

​Store items seem to have stopped functioning as well. It locks up upon purchase and students are forced to refresh. It does award them the purchase but I also never receive the receipt to monitor store usage :(

UPDATE: I know that it is connected to an email issue because when I removed the "receipt" option the store items function correctly. No idea what changed about the email stuff. I'm gonna try to use a different Admin Email in GameOn to see if that has an positive effect. (I'm assuming we can use any email address with the admin email?)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/5/18 6:35:50 PM Permalink

We pound the store every day. No issues at all.

As for email, there are two fields on the Options page.

  • Use one of your actual email addresses for the Admin Email at the top of the page.
  • Use something your server doesn't object to for the From Email Address under Additional Settings. (It doesn't have to be a real email address. The default is no-reply@go.net but some hosts didn't like that so we gave users the option to change it.)

If this just broke, it's got to be something unrelated to GO—or so it seems to me. Did your host change anything on their end? I'm running the latest version of Game On and WordPress with no issues beyond our annoying known bugs.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/5/18 6:37:35 PM Permalink

Just saw your UPDATE after posting.

Try a different generic email for that.

As for the Admin email, yeah, any of your email addresses.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 2/6/18 12:29:55 AM Permalink

You guessed it. I had overlooked a really old plugin "WP Mail SMTP" that ​evidently went bad with a recent wordpress update. It originally helped get my hosted email to function with Wordpress but now it broke it. As Always, thanks.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 2/4/18 11:11:08 PM Permalink

​Has anyone had recent issues with using the upload functionality at the end of a stage? Just this semester when student attempt to upload a file at the end of a quest stage, the stage reload kinda blank. The student info at the top of the site goes blank and the buttons for the next stage go blank.

I'm not sure if this is a GameOn thing or if it could have something to do with my site or email address as wordpress also tells students that my website won't email them their forgotten password info when they request it at login.

Anyone have anything similar ever?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/5/18 6:25:10 PM Permalink

The upload is working as expected here. No idea what's up on your end. Anything new? Plugins, themes, etc?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/18 9:31:06 PM Permalink

Hi Guys!

Is there a way I can either filter a category or give a badge for a completed category and filter from there? I think that would be more elegant than what I'm doing now.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/16/18 7:13:21 PM Permalink

Hi Guys!

I really hope that the tenor of my posts show the progress that I'm making on GO. However, I'm really stuck on something. (Maybe we should talk to AEE about archiving posts and making them searchable. If this has been asked before, I really apologize.)

I am trying to get the store up and am having no luck. Even my incredibly motivated student can't figure this out. (This kid actually made his own Wordpress website, loaded the GO plug-in and has been setting up his own game just to trouble shoot....some kid, huh? GO brings it out of them.)

I've made a bunch of store items and placed them into categories. I've made a page for the store and placed it in my header menu and linked store items to the page. When I then select it in user mode, it tells me that the page is an archive and when I click on one of the store items, it comes up as a simple page, not as the interactive popup that it should be. What am I doing wrong? Did I miss a short code somewhere?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/16/18 7:40:54 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/17/18 6:03:01 PM Permalink

Thank you! I've watched that video a bunch of times and it just never resonated with me as the solution for the page store. However, now it makes perfect sense. What is it about my linear thinking?? Thanks again!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/17/18 6:59:08 PM Permalink

It's not like any of this came naturally to me either. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/17/18 7:05:18 PM Permalink

You have no idea how much that helps. ​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/15/18 12:19:28 AM Permalink

Hi Mike!

A structural question: I love how you do the daily and weekly quests, but I'm curious how (and where) do you put your content quests, such as the Creative Cloud quests, quests on typography, color theory, principles and elements etc and how you let the kids choose their path, content-wise?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/15/18 2:04:40 AM Permalink

We've gone way off-road this year because this is the first full year of ​​Mac Lab Media​ (our business). Strategies and techniques have been woven into quests​ all year long (nothing new there) but the biggies won't play a role until this semester.

Though I've pointed at examples from the start, the first deep dive was last week: ​Week 19. I had kids spend five consecutive days looking for products they like for one reason or another one documenting the experience. (Details in that week's daily and weekly quests.) Here's ​my example.

We're all engaged in on-the-job learning—especially me—and our experiment will inform the process for years to come.

EDIT: The Making the Cut and Week 19 DPE (Digital Portfolio Entry) are the relevant weekly quests.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/10/18 2:59:44 PM Permalink

Another Question: (I think it's quick) All my students have access to everyone's information when they go to the leaderboard and click on the alias of any student. (By info, I mean game info, like gold and loot and what the student's real name is.) Can I hide that without hiding the whole leaderboard?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/10/18 3:22:25 PM Permalink

I think this will work...

Navigate to Game On > Options > Advanced Settings and make sure Full Student Name is deselected. That should limit the info to first name only.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/15/18 2:20:18 AM Permalink

Did that work?​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/15/18 11:56:46 AM Permalink

No. I must be missing a setting somewhere else. The prompts I get are a little different though. I have: Game On/options/Additional Settings in my dashboard. My version of the game is 3.3.6. I haven't checked for a more recent update.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/15/18 1:29:30 PM Permalink

3.3.6 is the latest version and I just tried it myself. Looks like we broke that feature at some point. I'll look into this.

P.S. Are you certain ​you don't have this option? It may not work but it sure as heck should be there. If not, we've got another problem.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/5/18 5:34:55 PM Permalink

Hey! I think I found a bug but it may have nothing to do with the plug-in. Has anyone had issues trying to test pages and quests with a test user account while still logged onto the site as the admin? This happened to me for the third time last night. I was working on a quest; I opened a new tab and logged in as a test student and then went back to the quest to continue to work. When I went to save, it kicked me out, even though I was on the admin account tab. To fix this, I'm sure that I just need to log out of the student account, but it is getting to be a chore. Does anyone have a more elegant solution?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/5/18 9:16:57 PM Permalink

I use either a secondary browser​ or open an incognito/private browsing tab/window when testing as a student so there's no conflict.

Either one works. Pick your favorite.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/5/18 10:23:42 PM Permalink

I'll do just that. I can't believe I didn't think of that myself. Doh! (head slap!) Must be the wind chill. :)

Thanks, Mike!​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/10/18 11:42:15 AM Permalink

Worked like a charm.

I just want you to know that I've finally summoned up the courage to introduce GO to my class. So far, so good. I am so indebted to you! It really is an amazing thing! With that said, I have so many more questions about things that I want to do. At least I now know enough to be able to articulate the questions! Evidence of growth! HAH!

1. I have introductory quests that the kids need to do to understand concepts (in particular at present, color theory and typography) before they do fun stuff and I have weekly not-so-fun housekeeping quests (goal setting and progress documenting). I don't want to structure the order in which they do the quests (hence chains are out) but I do want to make sure that they get it done. Is there a way that I can put a lock on a level? If not, how do you do it?

2. Is there any way you could give me a log-in so I can see how you structure various tasks in the Media Lab?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/10/18 3:13:44 PM Permalink

Indebted? Okay. Repayment = Have fun with your students. Every day! :)

1. One idea: If you have X quests you want them to complete first, in any order, post them. Create an additional quest that will act as a bridge between the concepts and the "fun stuff." Use it as a self-assessment, a one-on-one check for understanding, or whatever strategy you want to employ to ensure the little rascals are playing fair. Award a badge/achievement (in the 4th stage) for completing that quest and add that badge/achievement filter to the "fun stuff" quests (under Advanced Settings). They can't get to those quests without it.

2. Send me an email and I'll reply with the login info.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 1/10/18 7:25:15 PM Permalink

I use the badge system Mike describes, and it works pretty well. I also don't structure the order that my students do things other than using badges to lock more advanced quests. To make it so they can find all the quests, I use a widget that lists posts by type and category. It's called Collapsing Categories. You can see my implementation here: ​qlsengineers.online Scroll down and look on the right hand side where you see "Challenges" and "Warehouse".

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/11/18 11:07:39 AM Permalink

Hi Kerrick! Thank you so much for this! I've been trying to figure out just how I can show the kids the depth of the quests they can do but not take up so much real estate, especially when to goes 'below the fold' so to speak. I'm going to try this out.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 4/18/18 2:08:19 PM Permalink

Kerrick, I just took a look at your QLS site and noted several aspects of your class (even just looking at the public facing side). I'd love to get a tour and talk about how your class operates - I'm working on redesigning my MS Design Technology class along what I think are similar ​lines for next fall. My email is mmiller@cacegypt.org (yes, I teach in Egypt).

I've been using GameOn for several years now, but have just moved down to middle school (and am loving it) and am getting ready to re-implement GameOn for this level.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/28/17 4:40:55 PM Permalink

Had to share this...

At the end of the first semester, I offered academic loans on the day of the final. The terms of the loan (a letter grade raise) was loss of all Gold, 6 Damage (2 of which can be repaired with the two Damage Repair passes students will have access to in the second semester), and a promise that they will earn an A in the second semester based on ​this rubric.​ If the loan moves a student from a B to an A, the raise does not include a perk.

The catch? No mercy the second semester. Earn an A from day one or watch your grade drop due to failure to live up to the four simple things I ask: Try your best, don’t give up, learn from your mistakes, and play by the rules.

About 15 students initially turned me down. After explaining to each that the Gold isn't real and the "catch" would still apply whether they take the deal or not, only two students rejected the offer. For them, the Gold was more important than the letter grade.

Go figure.

Note: Obviously, there will be no loan offers during the second semester final.

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/27/17 3:55:46 AM Permalink

Hi Folks! I'm having an odd issue. When I make a Quest Chain and add a quest to it, the only thing I see in the chain order is the name of the quest chain and the particular quest that I'm editing. I don't see the other quests and I can't dictate the order of the quests. It only seems to be happening with one of my chains; the others work just fine. That tells me that it has to do with the quest chain itself, but they are so simple to set up, I can't figure out where I screwed up. (This quest chain has a parent. Could that have anything to do with it?) Any idea what's going on?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/27/17 4:25:04 AM Permalink

I was fooled by that, too, at first. Create a generic student account and you'll see the quests in the chain.​ They only show for users not admins. Admins aren't bound by the chain.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/28/17 4:46:59 PM Permalink

I think I misinterpreted your question, Marcia. You're speaking about the back end of the quest—when you're editing the content—right?

If that's the only chain that's misfiring, and it's also the only child you've worked with so far, it's a safe bet that that's the problem. Try freeing the child from the parent (that sounds so bad) to see if that fixes things.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/2/18 11:50:01 AM Permalink

Hi Mike! I think I know the problem. I'm using chains within chains and that is probably what it's not designed for.

I just realized that I'm using Quest Chains as an organizational, tree or web structure when I should be using the quest categories (I think. Was that what "Quest Pods" are for and if so, am I still playing Russian Roulette if I use them? ). I'm old enough so that all this non-linear learning gives my brain growing pains. Though I'm a lot more comfortable with the interface, I still have that feeling that I'm learning Braille. Thanks a lot for the hand-holding. I would never have the courage to do this without your (and others on this site) quick and non-judgemental help.

Mike Skocko

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Hi Marcia,

First off: ​Quest Pods are, "Danger, Will Robinson." As for the chains maybe this will help (if the copy and paste works—the Permalinks don't seem to stick for me):


Mike Skocko

Posted on Aug 3, 2017 4:46:33 PM Permalink | Edit | Delete | Best Answer

Here's an example from this spreadsheet.

Hope that sparks an idea or two. :)

Dyslexia strikes again. It would help if I spelled Phase correctly.

Alonso Fernandez

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Mike Skocko

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The achievement is automatically awarded when students complete the August 31st daily quest (it's awarded via the Stage 3 Settings). Since all the month's daily quests are in a chain, students must complete each of them in sequence. And all of the daily quests use the Start Filter so they aren't available until 6:30 AM each day.

The September daily quest chain will work the same way except that the September 1 quest employs a Badge Filter. Each month is tied to the prior month in this way.

Does that make sense?


That system worked like a charm. Mick McMurray has a beta version of Game On that actually creates quest trees. If you like living dangerously, I'll try top find the link.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions. :)

marcia blanco

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I had an ex-student figure out what was up. All he did was go into quick edit, un-check the quest from the quest-chain box on the right, update, then recheck it and BAM! All the quests in the chain were visible. YAY for ex-students!!

So, hopefully I've added something useful rather than just taking all your useful stuff. I feel awesome!

Shawn Harrel

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​Just wanted to drop a line here to share my experience with Game On as we enter the final week of school.

Students have been banking Gold all semester and are now using their hard earned cash to "rent" equipment and space to record their final audio/video projects. My gmail filters all my Game On emails into a folder so I can see who wants to rent a camera or a room in one easy place.

Students who worked hard all semester are finding it easy to complete their projects with the tools they need (just like real life!) and students who didn't have a big Gold bank account are finding out they should have given a little bit more attention to the Quests -- and hopefully they're remembering how many times I mentioned that in the last couple of months.

There's a lot that I can improve on for next year (and next semester) but I really appreciate what Game On has done for the workflow in both instruction and student-led projects in my class.

Mike Skocko

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So good to hear, Shawn. And as for room for improvement, it's a never-ending quest. However, it sounds like you have a solid system in place. I bet the kids will remember their experience. (Always a win in edu!)

Shawn Harrel

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One more win -- I added the Ultimate Auction plugin to my wordpress site​ and now I'm auctioning off some gear and equipment that the students may want to check out over the break. They pay with their Quest Gold. Laptops and cameras are a hot commodity and I couldn't be happier to know there's a fair and slightly competitive way to dish them out over the break. :-)

Mike Skocko

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Holy fragnog! I always wanted the kids to code auctions into Game On. Never knew this plugin existed. Never even thought to search for it. D'oh!

Thanks, Shawn.

Terrence Banks

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That's awesome Shawn! I have been using Go for over 6 years now and it has transformed my classes and teaching.

Mike Skocko

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A blast from the past! Hey, Terrence. Happy New Year. ​How've you been?

Terrence Banks

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​Happy New Year Mike!! Good to see things are still good with you!!! I have been great man, busy as usual!

Kerrick Lucker

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Shawn, I know this is an old comment, but I also have equipment that students can "rent", and it's not working that great for me. I'm trying to decide between a "deposit" system that they get back when they return the equipment in good condition (but for now there's no easy way to return a purchase to the store; I have to refund their money and the item still shows on their inventory) or a "rental" system where the students have to purchase the item every week until they return the equipment (but my elementary schoolers have a hard time keeping track of this system, so I still lose equipment to their project bins and don't see it again for weeks and weeks, and I have to hound them to pay their rental fees). How do you manage the rental system in your classroom?

Shawn Harrel

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I have my actual equipment inventory in another system that's used primarily for music department management (Charms Office), and the Store in Game On is where they pay the rental fee so I know to bag it up and mark the inventory checked out to them in the other system. Generally they pay once and keep it longer than I would like so I'm kind of like you. I'm planning to mirror what I'm hearing happens at most colleges which is basically a 1 day check-out of any equipment. Now I just need a grad assistant to run the inventory for me.​

Kerrick Lucker

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Grad assistants... now there's an idea...

Kerrick Lucker

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Last week I created a bunch of "flash challenges": Short quests that could be completed in only one class period, that I close at the end of the day. I make them private when they're closed so students don't end up at the wrong one by mistake. A significant number of students are reporting that their bonus loot from previous flash challenges is disappearing when they click Undo on the NEXT flash challenge.​ Is that... possible? What could be going on?

Mike Skocko

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I'm not sure I understand, Kerrick. The bonus loot in the 4th stage was designed to be undo-proof. If students are undoing the 4th stage AFTER being awarded bonus loot they WILL lose the loot.

The same mechanic voids any chance of snagging the bonus loot on subsequent attempts to prevent cheating.

Are kids undoing a stage in which they've previously earned bonus loot?

Kerrick Lucker

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That's not it... it's undoing bonus loot from OTHER CHALLENGES. Which are now marked private, so they shouldn't be able to go back and undo them.

No, I really appreciate the Undo-proof mechanism.

Mike Skocko

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1. Why undo a bonus stage?

2. If you're saying that undoing Quest B affects Quest A loot, that shouldn't be possible. If it's happening, something's wrong with our code.

Kerrick Lucker

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1) Well, they don't seem to know they shouldn't, and they sometimes get the Undo button confused with the Continue button. I have little kids, remember.

2) I... didn't think so? I don't know. A bunch of kids have also lost Honor points which I know they shouldn't have; I thought this was connected to losing bonus items but I think in at least a few cases it's taken points I've awarded through the Clipboard. I am not totally clear on what's going on but maybe it's something I've done?

I am struggling with how to keep track of what's happening in a more transparent way. I really love Game On generally.

Mike Skocko

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Sorry, I forgot about your students' age range. It's crazy busy here in the last week before finals and I'm no good at multitasking. Monotasking is a challenge right now. :)

I've not had any issues with the clipboard going awry. The only time it fails to work is when I forget to tick the box by the student's name. Somewhere along the way, the Stats panel stopped tracking the manual adjustments (fragnog!) so I double check to make sure each adjustment actually registered in the student account.

Hope that helps.​

Kerrick Lucker

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Oof. Sorry, I should realize how busy you are and not bug you so much. I know I'm a kind of extreme use case.

Thanks for the help. I'll continue to try to problem solve, and if I figure out what's going on I'll post it. If not... well, it's not like their grade hinges on their points or anything.

Mike Skocko

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Hey, we're all busy. Please don't think I was saying, "don't bug me." I'm happy to help but sometimes I cause more confusion than solution.

Kerrick Lucker

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Update: I'm still running into this, and wondering if this is happening because I was making the Quest as a private post instead of locking it. This week I'm trying locking the previous Quests instead. (I wanted them private so students wouldn't even see the previous challenges listed, but I can live with it if they can see them but not complete them.)

The other possibility I've thought of is that it's related to the fact that I have more than five bonus items and I've shuffled their order so that the ones I want to use are on top. I'll hold off testing that until I have adequately tested locking.

Mike Skocko

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No idea about the private post problem but one way to test it and keep things hidden is to set the Start Filter (in Advanced Settings) to a date in the future.

About juggling the >5 bonus goods, perhaps when you activate the 6th one the loot for the other disappears. Just a guess.

Kerrick Lucker

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Is anyone using student portfolios within their GameOn site? I'm looking for a way to do this next year; I'm currently using Padlet for students to keep their portfolios and I'd like something that integrates easily.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/29/17 8:59:47 PM Permalink

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 11/29/17 5:21:58 PM Permalink

Curious why I'm limited to only 5 bonus loot drop possibilities... I added a few new items and now I can't access the older ones to add them to a challenge as bonus loot?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/29/17 5:34:46 PM Permalink

Just checked that and you're right. I had no idea that 5 was a max as I've only used 4 different ones this year. Deleting the new ones revived the old ones. Will look into for future release.​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 11/29/17 6:11:07 PM Permalink

Thanks. The workaround I just developed is to change the post dates on the newer ones I don't want to use yet, making them appear older. That brought the actually older ones forward. But I can still only have 5 options at a time. Seems like it would be easy to fix if I could find the right variable...

Shawn Harrel

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​Happy Thanksgiving week all! I recently did the update dance to version 3.3.6 from .5.

The next day I had a student who thought she lost a lot of loot and XP. Is there any way to pull some kind of history or report to see what everyone has had over time? Anyone else had this happen before? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and troubleshooting tips!

Kerrick Lucker

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Same with me. A few of my students are into negative loot who I know shouldn't be

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/27/17 9:16:44 PM Permalink

Odd. Check the students' stats panel. Quests lists what they've done and when they did it. Check Inventory for purchases and bonus loot (if you do that). And check Rewards for loot awarded per quest. It should be easy to see any problems. ​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 11/27/17 10:11:13 PM Permalink

​I still don't know where it's gone, and I haven't been able to figure out why some students have lost like 50 gold and others only 2 or none. I'm checking and there's definitely a discrepancy but I can't go through and calculate 100 students' discrepancies.

I'll probably just give them all a holiday bonus to stave off complaining.

Mike Skocko

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Don't check all of them, just the few questionable ones. Or better yet, ask the kids to check for themselves.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 11/14/17 9:54:00 PM Permalink

Happy Fall, everyone. Hope it's going well.

I want to award level badges when my students level up, so I can limit certain quests by level or by experience. Is there a way to do this automagically or do I have to do it with the clipboard?

Also, I'm having the disappearing badge problem, so I suppose I'll need to update, but I'm waiting until TG break to do it so I have time to try and fix things if everything goes horribly awry. ​

Mike Skocko

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Add badge ID number to the third column in Levels on the Game On Options page to automatically award badge.

3.3.6 was a painless update for me—and others, I suspect as no one reported issues. Your mileage may vary. ;)

Ryan Hayes

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​Any way to make Stage 5 non-repeatable? I tried to put a zero in under limit, but it won't take on save. I planned to switch up the way my quests unfold. I was going to have students go through 5 stages of the Design Process with the final stage being delivery. However, I only want them to be able to claim the reward fro Stage 5 once. Any ideas?

Matthew Miller

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One way to handle this might be to make the reward an item in the store, limit 1, then set Stage 5 to 1 repetition and link to the store item in the description, with no specific reward in the quest itself for that stage. ​

Ryan Hayes

Posted on 11/14/17 5:10:07 PM Permalink

The 5th Stage is kind of wonky. It doesn't operate like the rest. Even how the button is labeled. Still trying to figure an elegant workaround. I haven't tried the store reward like you mentioned, yet.​

Mike Skocko

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It was designed as a repeatable stage, unlike all the others. It was my idea and it was a terrible idea!

Go with a store item for the 5th stage.

(Or wait for Game On 4.0 which will have intro and outro stages with an optional number of stages in between. Coming before summer—or at least that's the plan.)

Ryan Hayes

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​With all the new rules the state (and/or my district) is piling on Perkins funding for CTE I am about to lose my mind. All funding is cut off next year (Perkins, CTEIG, etc.) if we have mixed classes. AKA I can no longer have Graphics Arts 1 and Graphic Arts 2 in the same period. SMH. I currently only have SIX Graphic Arts 2 students spread across THREE periods of Graphics Arts 1. Admin won't let a class with less 20 (and even that is a stretch) be offered.

Which leads to a pathway needs to have a minimum of TWO years (which has been around forever), but see paragraph one for how that will now be an issue .... Fun times.

​So what does this have to do with Game On? Well the first part, nothing. I just needed to rant. :)

But ... we also have to require industry certification which in the case of DMA classes is Adobe ACA. So, on to the part that pertains to Game On.

ACA certification includes questions on the Design Process, which I cover, but perhaps not using the correct terminology and with enough emphasis. So ... I had an epiphany to rename and rearrange the stages of Quests. I had been doing Encounter, Accept, etc.

​I think I am going to switch to Design Brief, Research, Ideation, Refine, Delivery. Then reinforce in each project. Means a lot of rewriting of current missions. Grrr. We shall see how it goes.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/27/17 9:34:51 PM Permalink

Fragnog! Where did my answer go?

Okay, I wrote a response shortly after you posted this, Ryan. I asked our CTE folks about this and they said it's permissable so long as there's clear evidence of differentiation between 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8.​ Send an email if your CTE folks want to talk with mine to verify.

As for certifications, I always make sure to ask our industry advisors if they're of value and each year they say NO for creative career paths but YES for technical career paths (like Cisco and Microsoft Certs). I make sure this is in the minutes every year.

marcia blanco

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​Hi Folks!

My seniors are ear-deep into refitting Game-on and I am really proud of the work that they are doing. They want to make the game a team competition (Vikings vs. Knights vs Samurai) but the only way we can figure that out how to do it is to use professions. Is there a way to create teams so that individuals gather points for themselves and the team, but can also focus on a more standard profession? For example: Can one kid be a Samurai and another be a Knight but both can be "graphic designers"?

Kerrick Lucker

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I've been making group accounts that students share, separate from their individual accounts. That way they can log in to the group accounts and share a group budget. (See thread below on how I did this.) It's not ideal and it's not precisely what you want, but it's something?

Kerrick Lucker

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​Argh. I just spent the better part of two days writing a challenge, including researching and pasting in a ton of links. It was a good challenge, designed to teach about diversity in engineering as well as various lesser-known branches of engineering. When I hit publish, all the text fields went blank; my challenge had disappeared into the ether. It's the second time this has happened--you think I would have learned the first time to write it in a local text editor first--and I suspect it's a WP problem, not a GO one. But I needed to vent, and thank you.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/12/17 4:57:18 PM Permalink

Has happened to me, too—plus the same thing all the way back to old-school online bulletin boards. Sooooo frustrating!

Now I still compose in a text field (like now) but if I write more than a few sentences, I almost always copy the text before clicking the publish button.

In WordPress, I'll often publish after the first stage in a quest and update again and again as I work through the stages. If I want to hide the quest from others until I'm done, I'll use the Start Filter (in the Advanced Settings tab) to mask the content until it's ready.

When I have an epic quest, as yours sounds like it was, I'm paranoid enough to copy the HTML (the Text tab) from each stage into a TXT file before moving on.

Hah! And I just realized another step... When I just selected and copied this text, a little voice said, "How do you know it actually copied?" So I cut and pasted it back just to make sure.

I'm dyslexic so typing is a s-l-o-w process. I've felt your pain, too many times. But not this one. (Cmd-A, Cmd-X, Cmd-V)

Adam Coulson

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Can't Count the number of times I continue to lose quests in the same fashion. I'm a gluten for punishment. Many students used to lose their posts too but since they were making traditional posts they have the auto-save versions available to access​. I even woke my kids up one night when I screamed after losing about a couple hours of work at 1am! Good luck learning from your mistake better than I have.

Adam Coulson

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​Do any other teachers have difficulty getting natural student interaction or collaboration while using GameOn? One weakness my students have made me aware of is their dislike for being independent/ alone while working through quests. They want to work with others or learn from others which in a class of all beginners that is tough. I have verbally encouraged this but students say they still feel like they need to be fully engaged in the quests to keep advancing and getting more done.

The challenge of self-paced learning seems tough for me to then assign collaborative projects because some are so far from a point of being ready for a project others want to start.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/11/17 2:36:17 AM Permalink

The easiest way to ensure collaboration is to introduce and adhere to 3 then Me.​

3 then Me comes from industry. It means try to solve problems amongst yourselves before turning to supervision.

In the classroom this means ask three other peers before asking the teacher.

Also be sure to separate—completely separate—all loot from grades. If Game On is tied to grades you're going to weep.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/11/17 6:21:57 PM Permalink

Owe yeah! I would never tie the game to grades. It defeats one of my primary purposes in pursuing a gamified classroom. The lack of Intrinsic Motivation is one of the biggest challenges I see in our education system. It hurts students ability to create goals in life that aren't motivated by GRADES! ugh.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/11/17 6:30:42 PM Permalink


Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/11/17 2:38:33 AM Permalink

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 9/11/17 3:43:41 PM Permalink

I have a system for allowing students to work through challenges in groups. It requires heavy use of the clipboard, and I haven't flight tested it yet, but my classes are naturally heavily collaborative and I don't want to stifle that. So students wanting to work in a group fill in a form that says how much currency they want to share to the group per person (has to be equal) and how they will make group decisions (consensus, majority rules, flip a coin, etc.). They also check that they understand that when they finish the group project, the rewards will be shared out equally as well, in addition to any leftover money in the group budget. And, if they walk off the project they don't get their money back.

Again, I'm just launching this system this year, so I can't speak to how well this will work yet. I suspect it'll put a lot of burden on me... but I'm okay with that for now.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/11/17 6:24:17 PM Permalink

Sounds cool. Keep us posted. I think I will try to make opportunities for student to choose group work but I am still hoping that as the semester progresses past the intro to software that collaboration might become more easily pursued for the students that really desire it.​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 9/15/17 3:14:30 PM Permalink

​So I've now launched that part of the system, and I find students want to form permanent project groups and have a group bank account. I've started making those, transferring Eng into the account from theirs, but since there's not an easy way to do that yet I've been doing it with the clipboard, which is onerous. I'm going to try making a Warehouse item to transfer money to a group account instead.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/15/17 4:04:40 PM Permalink

The problem with currency transfers is that it's impossible (as far as I can tell) to restrict who receives the currency. It's easy to limit who can initiate a transfer (I just successfully used a Badge Filter on a "Giftable" store item. Sett​ings

Only students with the Badge could buy it but anyone could be the recipient after the purchaser checks the "Gift this item" box. (It uses display names, not real names.)

The problem is that slackers often convince others to "loan" them currency that's never repaid. Poisons the game.

I'd suggest a class policy that limits transfers within the group, if that's the way you want to go.

The "group" will need a stand-alone account and be given credentials so it appears on the clipboard for this to work.

Hope that makes sense. If someone has a better idea, I'd love to learn it. :)

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 9/15/17 8:50:24 PM Permalink

I am going to extend them some measure of trust, while also believing in their innate selfishness, to hopefully limit that behavior. Bearing in mind that most of what they can purchase in my store are actually the physical materials to do their projects, not class privileges, I don't actually mind if they loan money to friends to buy wax paper and string so their broke friend can make a kite, because then their broke friend will at least be doing something! But I know my system is a little different than what most people are doing with GO. We'll see how it works and I'll report back.

So far the biggest abuse has been younger students not realizing that they really need to finish the step that's in front of them before they click continue. Then they get piles of gold and spend it all on materials for the next project, and then when I get a free minute I delete their unearned progress and they're in the red. In most cases I don't think this is attempted abuse... it's just that they haven't figured it out yet. A couple students I do think are testing limits, and if they haven't learned their lesson ​Management will eventually come in and start "disappearing" people's accounts and said people will have to start over or pay exorbitant bribes.

I think it's easier for me to get natural student collaboration because elementary schoolers are more social, and because physical projects lend themselves more to working in groups. Also, in past years, all my projects were enforced group projects (because I usually had limited kits). This year they can choose, but many students who have had me before feel comfortable working in groups. (Others are relieved to FINALLY get the chance to work on their own.)

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/11/17 12:55:42 AM Permalink

​Can't remember: Is there a place in the Stats panel that records any damage/gold/XP awarded or subtracted by the teacher from the clipboard? I'm not finding it anywhere for the student to see what I did to their account. I had expected to see it in the inventory I guess.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/11/17 1:08:40 AM Permalink

This was broken at some point. For now, it's in the Messages tab in the Clipboard but it NEEDS to be in each student's Stats Panel (as it used to be).​

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 9/10/17 11:33:08 PM Permalink

Not really a bug, but something that you might want to keep in mind.

If you're using the password option in your quests, students can easily go into Inspect Element, delete the password field, and advance to the next stage without a password. ​What you do with this information is up to you; for me, it's not really an issue as passwords are just gates for teacher check-in; so, if they skip it, it's on them. But you may have a different setup.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/11/17 2:06:19 AM Permalink

Yep. That falls under "Gaming the System" in my room.

​Right from the start I stressed: ​

Week 01: Welcome to the Mac Lab

Hello, Boss. I am Bodhi. Think of me as the Mac Lab’s spiritual guide.

I realize some of you will scoff at that notion, so please allow me to explain.

Personal integrity is the key to your success in this room. There is no homework. There are no tests. There are no loopholes. There are no tricks.

Try your best, don’t give up, learn from your mistakes, and play by the rules.

Those who accept these freedoms and responsibilities will succeed. Those who do not, will fail.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/10/17 9:41:46 PM Permalink

​Has anyone else used the URL option on one of their quest stages with the newer GO versions? It shows up for the students to past their URL in but the link on the stats page for that quest stage is not created. I am wondering if its a bug or something I might have done.

Edit: the URL option works on my old quest but the newly created quests that should have the URL link option don't create the link in the stats page.

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 9/10/17 11:57:25 PM Permalink

I had that issue. Thought it was related to my plugins or theme so didn't bother.

Just checked. It does work. However, if it's set up in several Stages in a Quest it always works on the last one...

Maybe it's something to do with the browser? Or your plugins?

Oh, I'm using 3.3.5 if that helps. Haven't updated to 3.3.6 yet.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/11/17 12:42:48 AM Permalink

Did it only work in the last stage for you? I have it set for after the 2nd (into the third) stage. I haven't changed the site as far as plugins or anything since updating to version 3. I just updated to 3.3.6 this weekend so that didn't cause it last week.​

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 9/11/17 3:41:56 AM Permalink

I tried it from 1st stage into 2nd... and from 2nd into 3rd and it worked. So long as there was only one. Didn't try from 3rd into 4th.

Are the URLs short ones or are they long URLs? There is an issue with long URLs not saving correctly.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/11/17 6:25:47 PM Permalink

Hmmmm. The Url's are behance project pages. That might indeed have something to do with it. Thanks for the push in different direction!​

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 9/12/17 12:06:12 AM Permalink

Keep us posted!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/8/17 2:21:05 AM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/8/17 1:53:28 AM Permalink

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/8/17 2:17:15 AM Permalink

Hah! Sweet! Thanks again For​est!!!!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/8/17 2:23:18 AM Permalink

I see the time stamps but Adam's reply was milliseconds after my post.

The time gates smile on us.​

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 9/1/17 11:45:33 AM Permalink

​Anyone have any advice on a WP plugin to export users with GO data to import into a new WP site?

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 8/29/17 10:30:58 PM Permalink

​(BTW, if this ever goes freemium I WILL pay for the full version. Do with this knowledge what you will.)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 12:32:36 AM Permalink

Good timing, Kerrick. The plugin will always remain free and open source. However, a new batch of coders and I will be creating a WPMS version of Game On​ for the less tech savvy crowd. Forest is moving on (his choice).

Lots of work to do!

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 8/29/17 10:28:28 PM Permalink

​Thanks so much to Mike and Forest and all the rest of the team for making this incredible resource. I'm rolling this out this year, after tinkering with it all summer. I am having a problem though that could break everything.

I just upgraded to 3.3.4, and now the clipboard seems to not make changes to students' stats. It will send the message but not add or subtract xp or currency. Any ideas what might be going on?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 12:24:16 AM Permalink

Just successfully added XP and Gold to a student's account​ in v3.3.4 via the Clipboard.

Are you sure you're clicking the checkbox to select the student before awarding loot, Kerrick?

Just to be certain, I subtracted the XP and Gold afterwards. Worked here.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 8/30/17 2:43:55 PM Permalink

Yes, I am sure. It sends a message to that student, but no stat adjustment.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 8/30/17 2:51:55 PM Permalink

site is​ qlsengineers.online . I can upload some screenshots of what's (not) happening if there's a way to attach them here.

If anyone has any insights I'd appreciate it.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 3:50:44 PM Permalink

If you're comfortable creating a temp admin account, I could pop in, create a temp student account, place it in a period, and try myself....

Before that, did you change the student role by any chance? The default role when creating a new account is Subscriber.​

The easiest way to check is to click on Users in the WP Dashboard. Under the big Users heading in the upper left it should say All (xxx) Administrators (x) Subscribers (xxx)

mskocko@guhsd.net is email.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 3:55:52 PM Permalink

I meant to add that I love the problem solving mindset you're promoting. +1​

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 8/30/17 4:14:07 PM Permalink

Added you.

I had changed the student role, in fact. I changed it back both in defaults and for my test student, but still nothing is happening... but maybe I borked everything when I made that change to the defaults. Hmm.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 8/30/17 4:18:32 PM Permalink

And thanks. :) Borrowed a lot from the MacLab page, so thank you for the inspiration.

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 8/30/17 4:27:36 PM Permalink

Sorry to keep chain replying, but I THINK I have fixed the problem. The first test user account is permanently borked, I think, but the test user I just added after changing the defaults back is working, and can be affected with the clipboard.

So, lesson learned, don't mess with the default user roles. :) Good thing I haven't set up student accounts yet this year...

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 4:42:49 PM Permalink

I love happy endings. That should work from this point forward.

As for borrowed ideas, I'm honored. We've built an open source community. :)

Keith Hines

Posted on 8/26/17 2:25:10 PM Permalink

​I've been attempting to use the "Test" option with the "Loot Modifier" set at 50. For some reason it still is granting the full credit no matter how many the student gets wrong. It will tell the student which questions are wrong and then they will have a chance to correct the mistake. Any ideas why this is happening?

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/27/17 11:34:28 PM Permalink

Not sure if this is a separate or similar issue but, when I set a time modifier in the advanced settings at the top of the quest the modifier only affect the stage 3 loot after time runs out (a problem since the majority of my loot comes from stage 4.)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 7:25:34 PM Permalink

Adam, are you referring to the Time Filter in the following (if the formatting holds)?

Date: Time:

That's the only one with a modifier so I suspect so.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 8:19:29 PM Permalink

Different result here (if this is what you're referring to):

Tested in student account in Firefox:



Stage 1 - 10 Experience 10 Gold

Stage 2 - 10 Experience 10 Gold

Stage 3 - 10 Experience 10 Gold

Stage 4 - 10 Experience 10 Gold

by Boss | Aug 28, 2017

Time Sensitive Quest:

After accepting you will have 60 seconds to reach Stage 3 of this quest before the rewards will be irrevocably reduced by 50%.


There used to be a timer countdown. Clicked Stage 2 and nothing happened. Waited a couple of minutes and clicked through. Got 100% rewards.

Tried it again with 1 Minute rather than 60 seconds. Got 100% rewards after waiting 3 minutes between stage 2 and 3.


Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/28/17 9:27:01 PM Permalink

​Yeah that is exactly what I was referring to. I expected the loot in Stage 3 and Stage 4 to be reduced by 50%. Since it only reduced the stage 3 loot by 50% and most of my quests award the most for stage 4 Students don't lose much. They still get the full original award amount for stage 4. If that is the correct purpose then no problem I just thought I remembered it reducing 3 and 4 by 50% loot.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 9:37:15 PM Permalink

I tested this two different ways and both times the student account received full rewards (40XP + 40G) despite the Time Sensitive Quest info.

As for Stage 4, I believe this feature was designed for 3 stage quests. It's an oldie.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 2:19:56 PM Permalink

I've sent this on to Forest. Thanks for the info.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 7:21:53 PM Permalink

Here's what I wrote to Forest after testing:

I think they're misunderstanding how it works. I've made 6 different quests—no cloning or undoing stages—and the rewards are NEVER awarded with the Test Loot button checked, 50 as the Modifier, with 1, 2, or 3 questions (tried em all). Right or wrong answers have no affect on the total loot. It always adds the standard loot and ignores the Test Loot setting. Go figure.

Test Loot is broken.


Test Loot is supposed to award extra loot, over and above the settings. It does not nerf the value of the stage. Does that make sense?

Keith Hines

Posted on 8/28/17 9:59:46 PM Permalink

It would seem this is backwards, right? I would think it would award the full loot at 100% and reduce at the modifier amount. If it only adds "bonus" loot, there's no way to ​define the amount of bonus loot. It would be fine either way, but I don't want to award gold for all wrong answers just so the students who got 100% get extra. Make sense?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 11:17:32 PM Permalink

Makes perfect sense, Keith. That's why I always set the nerf to 100 so any wrong answer yields 0 extra loot.

I set it to 50 in my test to see what the problem was. I had no idea the dang thing was busted!

BTW, the bonus loot inherits the stage value. Just the way it was coded way back when.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/24/17 3:10:25 AM Permalink


That's where we are on day 8 of the school year. Thought some of you might benefit from seeing one use of the achievement (badge) filter to guide students along pre-selected path(s).

I'm already pining for next year so I can do a better job of onboarding the kids but dang, even with the blunders, this is the best start yet.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/23/17 2:54:34 PM Permalink

​Bug with the previous version:

When I manually award a student a badge all of their other badges earned from within quests vanished from their stats panel.

Edit: That only happened to one student so I'm guessing the anomaly is related to something different he did.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/23/17 4:00:39 PM Permalink

​Just tried this and it worked fine.

Did the kid undo any stages? That will remove a badge if it was awarded in one of the stages.

Otherwise, it's gremlins!

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/28/17 4:41:06 PM Permalink

Might have found a badge related bug:

When I used the clipboard to remove a student's completion of a badge quest, it removed the badge he had earned from that quest AND all other badges he had earned as well. I then had to manually award him the badges he was missing to unlock the chains he was working on.

I might try to find some petty cash to support Forest for this extra work he is still offering us. Does he still have the account we can donate to?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 7:48:07 PM Permalink

Pushing this out so we don't get squeezed.


I dro​pped more than petty cash to get the Badge Filter. Worth every penny! :)

I am unable to reproduce that scenario but have a few students (just a few) losing all badges—including my own student demo account (that I originally tested your glitch report). Is there a time delay or is it immediate? I tried it on a second test account just now and am wondering if badges will eventually disappear in that account since I have no idea why the original student account lost all its badges.

I did NOT remove any badges from the other students.

Very weird. This needs to be fixed.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/28/17 9:30:11 PM Permalink

I'm pretty sure it was immediate and I agree it may only be happening sometimes rather than always​. I have only become aware of three occasions it happened.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 6:33:08 PM Permalink

Meanwhile, keep trying to identify the variables. :)​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/30/17 4:19:50 PM Permalink

​The loss of all students badges is definitely related to the abandonment of quests. I have had two more students lose their badges after abandoning a quest.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 4:46:11 PM Permalink

Just to be clear, Adam, is the abandoned quest one that awarded a badge or is it any random quest? That might be important to pin down.​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/30/17 6:12:41 PM Permalink

Hard to say because I previously thought it was happening only when abandoning quests that awarded badges but the most recent one wasn't ...unless that student had received a Level badge on that quest which is a possibility but I don't know of any way to check that now. The only confirmation I have is that every instance of badge losses​ has coincided with that student having to abandon a quest.

Wish I could be more specific. I watch watch more closely if it happens again.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/30/17 6:32:20 PM Permalink

Until we can solve this, a student who inadvertently loses badges—for whatever reason—can simply return to any quest in which she had previously earned a badge, undo a stage or two (depending on where you awarded the badge), click through, and viola, badge is back.

I made ​a map of sorts for the kids. (Perhaps I should have identified the specific quests, but they're chains so, not hard to find.)

Really hard to troubleshoot this until we get a better handle on the mechanism that's absolutely, positively causing​ the issue. This is so random it's near-impossible to know where to begin looking.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/28/17 7:50:07 PM Permalink

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/28/17 9:36:45 PM Permalink

I got him a couple hours worth. I'll find more when possible.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/22/17 6:41:16 PM Permalink

​Untested Pre-Release (I've been out of town helping daughter move into college and haven't had time to test. May not have time tonight either—videos to record.)

Prevent duplicate stage rewards

foresthoffman released this 2 days ago

  • Fix #155: prevent task stage from giving duplicate rewards, based on old task progress
    • Normal (stages 1-4) and Repeat (stage 5) Stage buttons prevent multiple clicks, preventing confusion and unexpected rewards.
    • Stages do not give rewards for old-stages or those that are out of order, which can occur when a user has pressed the back-button on their browser (prevalent in Firefox and Chrome).
    • Both go-buttons and undo-buttons provide the user with a loading indicator (when necessary), giving them immediate feedback for their actions, hopefully preventing confusion.
    • Stages belonging to a task with a chain requirement will not give rewards if the user has failed to meet the chain requirement after having loaded the task. This occurs when the user has un-mastered or un-completed (based on the chain requirement) the required task, without refreshing the desired task. Such instances result in the user's browser being refreshed to display the desired task's current status (e.g. the chain requirement error).

Downloads Source code (zip)

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 8/23/17 12:57:41 AM Permalink

I believe this breaks the password lock...

Edit: Tested. It keeps "spinning" whenever there's a password lock and it prevents the stage from advancing.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/23/17 1:39:22 AM Permalink

Thanks, Alonzo. I'll pass this along.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/24/17 5:16:24 PM Permalink

Alonzo, Forest would like to know which browser you were using.​

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 8/25/17 12:12:53 AM Permalink

​Tested in Chrome... Will test in others and report.

Edit: Firefox, Safari and Opera same results....

Edit Edit: Seems to be the problem was with a line of code I had to update Wordpress' usage of jQuery to the newest version. I removed it and it worked flawlessly.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/25/17 12:19:55 AM Permalink

+1 Thanks, Alonzo.​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/18/17 2:47:31 PM Permalink

​I may have encountered a fairly significant bug. I have several quests that are doubling, tripling, and more for the loot when students either go back to a quest, refresh a quest, or return to a quest. Several student are sitting at numbers like 360XP 114 gold for quest that should have been 35XP and 10 Gold! I am seeing many occurrences with many different quests.

Anyone else see this?

Additional Info: Talking to some students, they said that the problem occurred when they went to a quest in the chain out of order. They got the message saying they needed to complete a different quest first. Instead of going to that quest though, they simply hit the back arrow. When it went back to their previously COMPLETED quest the final stage was clickable again to complete it. This then repeated their XP and Gold that they had already received. It was innocent but other students immediately noticed some people were too high on the leaderboad.

It seems that almost anytime a student leaves the quest using a link I provided mid-stage then returns using the back arrow they are prompted to recomplete the previous stage that was already done.


I have also found that a couple of students that are for some reason double clicking a completed stage button receive double loot every time too :(

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/18/17 4:05:39 PM Permalink

We saw this today, too. One kid said the browser wasn't responding so he spammed the button.

I'll get Forest on it. The fix, for now, is manual adjustments via the clipboard. Sorry about that, everyone.​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/18/17 4:22:57 PM Permalink

Actually students can fix it themselves by simply undoing all stages AND abandoning the quest before going back to re-complete the quest. The abandon phase removes all accidentally awarded loot.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/18/17 5:10:04 PM Permalink

D'oh! Better solution, Adam. Didn't know abandoning would solve the issue. Thanks!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/20/17 3:59:33 PM Permalink

Forest is on the case and should have a fix soon.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/22/17 6:44:08 PM Permalink

Check Posted on Aug 22, 2017 6:41:16 PM​ for possible solution.

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/17/17 7:39:35 PM Permalink

​Hi Guys! I've been screwing around using Quick Time for my screen capture videos, which is fine but I think I'm ready for prime time. I need to be able to show keyboard commands and label stuff. Which program(s) do you guys use to create your video content?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/17/17 7:59:45 PM Permalink

I just want to record and publish with the rare edit now and then. When I wanted to move up from SnapzProX​, I settled on ​ScreenFlow just because it was the one that worked intuitively right from the start. Camtesia (looks like it's morphed into Snagit) has more bells and whistles but I'd never use them. I record, upload directly to YouTube then repeat as necessary.

I use ​PinPoint for my cursor (with a simple custom PNG because I don't like any of its presets) and a System Preference setting (that escapes me at the moment) to show the keyboard shortcuts.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/18/17 3:28:09 PM Permalink

I've used Camtasia for a couple of years but like Mike, It's fancier than anything I need. I also don't really like the way it uploads directly to youtube because I have no control over the quality at which it is uploading​ meaning they are huge files that take upwards of an hour to upload and publish (No WAY that will work for me)!

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/18/17 6:24:28 PM Permalink

Thanks both Adam and Mike! You've saved me a ton of time and since school starts for me in less than two weeks, it's crunch time. (Why does this always happen? I'm as bad as my kids.) Anyway, I've downloaded Screenflow and Pin Point (which is adorable). It is really intuitive, which I appreciate.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/17/17 2:19:21 AM Permalink

​Crud. I was checking something and accidentally clicked the unsubscribe button. Hopefully this comment will remedy the situation.

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/17/17 7:37:43 PM Permalink

Situation remedied. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/16/17 7:31:50 PM Permalink

​OK. I have a bunch of quests in place and my site is navigable. I think I'm going to leave the spit and polish for my seniors. However, one thing I would really like in place is the store and I'm coming up empty for what I can put into it. (I have a few things: Trip to the coffee shop at end of road; permission to use phone for music; replacement time for work in other classes) What do you guys have in your stores, and can I shamefully steal your ideas?

Jeb Dickerson

Posted on 8/16/17 7:36:13 PM Permalink

You can find a few ideas here...though keep in mind I use my store not just as a place to sell things, but as a place students can claim credit for things they've done.


Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/16/17 7:51:43 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/16/17 8:40:04 PM Permalink

Mike, you are SUCH a jem! Thank you! This is going to be a fun year.​

Jeb Dickerson

Posted on 8/17/17 12:10:30 AM Permalink

sadly, mike, i am out of the jeb is cool stickers. they were going for a stiff sum at one point, and still the kids wanted them. heh...​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/17/17 2:06:48 AM Permalink

And that's how we discovered we were in the presence of a high school reality star.

You rock, Jeb!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/16/17 7:53:00 PM Permalink

Should have mentioned that I'll be adding more items as the year rolls on.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/16/17 8:41:13 PM Permalink

I'll keep checking back in. Also, can you advise on goodies that you've offered that might not have worked so well?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/16/17 9:00:36 PM Permalink

Bad ideas? Oh yes...

Control the music playlist for a period. (Kids would save up just to annoy the rest of the class with obnoxious songs.)

Override a song request. (Led to hurt feelings. Sometimes. Sometimes I was thankful.)

Lend Gold. (NEVER let high achievers bail out their friends. Really bad lesson.)​

Will try to think of more.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/14/17 4:47:07 AM Permalink

​Got the Bonus loot working but on a different note the Quest Chains don't show up at the end of the quest as I had anticipated. All the Quests in the chain show in the quest chain advanced settings but there is no link at the end of the published live quest to actually get to the next quest in the chain. The quests all

Anyone else experienced this?

EDIT: The chain list doesn't show up for the admin but it does show up for the student accounts :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/14/17 10:20:26 AM Permalink

I always expect to see the chains, too, Adam. Always good to have a student account active when testing.​ I use two different browsers when building/testing things and just Command-Tab to jump between the admin and student. (Is it Alt-Tab on a PC?)

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/13/17 9:41:45 PM Permalink

​Mike, I saw you are using the bonus loot feature. I seem to be missing a step for that setup up. I created a bonus loot item in the store and checked the box after stage 4 of the quest. What else is needed to make it active and possibly where do I control the frequency of the bonus given?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/14/17 4:31:38 AM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/14/17 4:35:18 AM Permalink

P.S. You could set a limit in order to restrict the bonus loot to X number of awards if you so desired.​ (I don't so hence, the message in the video.) There's no right or wrong way to do this so use the strategy that works best for you.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/14/17 4:45:20 AM Permalink

Perfect! thanks.

Jeb Dickerson

Posted on 8/13/17 8:07:38 PM Permalink

I'm a chump, should have tested plugin compatibility first. My apologies, this was a conflict with the YOAST SEO plugin. I'm sure there is a list of 'known conflicts' somewhere that I just missed.

Does anyone have another approach they use for SEO (beyond the typical best practices) that does not conflict? Thank you...

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 8/13/17 8:52:18 PM Permalink

​Since it's my class page and most of the stuff in there is expected to be read and dealt with for my students only, I personally don't deal with SEO. My intended target are already captive. Hehe.

And if you need them to be able to search or find stuff on the page, I'd recommend either the Search Everything plugin which will allow to search inside the quests. Or to include your site in Google Webmaster Tools, and the equivalent of any other needed search engines.

Jeb Dickerson

Posted on 8/13/17 9:25:40 PM Permalink

Thank you so much Alonso.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/13/17 9:20:00 PM Permalink

Glad you figured out the conflict, Jeb. As for SEO, I'm with Alonzo—the kids are my target audience.

But a plugin for searches on a page? How about Command (or Control)-F? Works every time.

The fewer plugins the better. We do not test for conflicts* and so far the only other known conflict is with some premium plugin that slips my mind at the moment.

*It's just Forest and me. And we both have lives, jobs, and families, too. :)

Jeb Dickerson

Posted on 8/13/17 9:27:25 PM Permalink

I do love me some CMND F. :) And I agree about the plugins, and about the target audience, but I'd also like to expand the conversation and draw in others when possible.

Thanks, as always, Mike. Cheers...​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/14/17 4:42:36 AM Permalink

100% agree on pulling folks in but I've never used SEO and ​this happened due to content I'd uploaded for my students.

If you build it... :)​


P.S. Doesn't mean SEO is a bad idea.

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 8/14/17 10:32:37 PM Permalink

​I agree on the less plug-ins the better. And about the ⌘F (Ctrl- F) it's always a good resource. However I find it that when I have built up a large amount of quests, it's easy to direct Ss to use the Website Search (with the Search Everything plugin) as I have found that it will literally find all instances of whatever they are looking for, doesn't matter if it's a tag, a category, the text inside of a Stage 4 quest...

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/15/17 12:34:50 AM Permalink

Cool beans, Alonzo. If it's that good, I may give it a go once this year's quests begin to stack up. Thanks!​

Jeb Dickerson

Posted on 8/13/17 7:52:07 PM Permalink

​Hi Mike,

I hope I didn't miss this in the thread somewhere. But, I just installed version 3.32 and my Quest pages (which I call Adventures) formatting is a bit wonky.

If you look ​HERE, this is an Adventure from last year, and you can see that the basic layout is quite odd. It's a 4 tier adventure (Easy, Moderate, Strenuous, Extreme) and right out of the gates, you can see the margins are gone, the padding is gone and it just seems to be blowing out all the typical layout boxes.

But beyond that, it has the full group of 4 tiers listed 3 times, with a comment section between them. And then, it actually lists them AGAIN, within what would typical in terms of the layout. Just one time each for this part, but it lists the REWARDS 3 x up front. Hard to explain, but when you see it you'll know what I mean. I think. :)

Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated. Cheers...

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/3/17 4:46:33 PM Permalink

Just in case anyone is interested, I'm trying Badge Filters as an alternative to Pods.

Here's ​an example from this spr​eadsheet.

Hope that sparks an idea or two. :)

Dyslexia strikes again. It would help if I spelled Phase correctly.

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 8/3/17 4:51:41 PM Permalink

Quick question... how are you managing the "Thursday triggers August achievement"? ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/3/17 5:44:00 PM Permalink

The achievement is automatically awarded when students complete the August 31st daily quest (it's awarded via the Stage 3 Settings). Since all the month's daily quests are in a chain, students​ must complete each of them in sequence. And all of the daily quests use the Start Filter so they aren't available until 6:30 AM each day.

The September daily quest chain will work the same way except that the September 1 quest employs a Badge Filter. Each month is tied to the prior month in this way.

Does that make sense?

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/2/17 5:23:00 PM Permalink

Post to get notifications: Thanks!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/1/17 4:01:29 PM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/30/17 12:01:35 PM Permalink

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 8/1/17 10:23:23 PM Permalink

This would be my ​Course Flow... hopefully will be able to put to good use the Badge Filters in GO

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/2/17 4:28:50 AM Permalink


Let us know how it turns out, Alonso.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/29/17 5:33:47 PM Permalink

Latest Release: v3.3.0

foresthoffman released this 2 hours ago

  • Fix #149: add go_store_wrap shortcode to allow for the encapsulation of custom content within a Store Item link

Downloads Source c​ode (zip)

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 7/28/17 4:23:40 AM Permalink

Could I suggest making the go_store shortcode be enclosing? It would allow us to make images or custom text clickable and direct students to the Purchase lightbox. Something like [go_store id="1"] IMAGE HERE [/go_store]

Already submitted an issue on Github (https://github.com/TheMacLab/game-on/issues/149) to that regard with the code changes needed to implement if it seems like a good idea.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/28/17 4:57:35 AM Permalink

Very cool idea, Alonso. I've forwarded it to Forest, the keeper of the code.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/29/17 1:13:05 PM Permalink

v3.3.0 works as you described, Alonzo. Forest will probably release the official version later today.

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 7/29/17 5:04:27 PM Permalink

Well, not precisely as I described as some issues did arise. But Forest was able to work out a solution, as we now have [go_store_wrap].

He's amazing!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/29/17 5:29:30 PM Permalink

Well, the front end works as you envisioned. In the end, that's all the matters. :)

But please do try to hack the code whenever inspiration arises.

And you're right. Forest is amazing. As I implement a new and improved onboarding system, I'm really appreciating the elegance, flexibility, and power of what he's created in v3.

It's going to be a great year!

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 7/28/17 12:56:48 AM Permalink

​Is the [go_award_badge] shortcode not working any more?

Edit: Nevermind, it works however it doesn't work with the repeat="false" operator

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/28/17 2:23:38 AM Permalink

Hey Alonso, welcome to the group!

That shortcode is a legacy remnant and we probably should delete it. Quests, Store Items, and Levels all feature a text field you can simply enter the image ID (without shortcode) to award badges.

If that doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll record a video.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/28/17 2:28:56 AM Permalink

Oh, and if you use the Store Item to award a badge, just set the Limit to 1 and no one can double dip.​

Alonso Fernandez

Posted on 7/28/17 2:35:40 AM Permalink

Interesting... I tried using the Badge checkbox on a Quest and couldn't make it to work, thought it might have been a Badge filter, so that's why I was relying on the shortcode, which I finally managed to get to do what I was intending.

And honestly, I'd rather not have to create store items for each and every badge to be able to award them so the shortcode seemed to be the perfect bit. I'll keep experimenting. Still have some time before the beginning of the year.

EDIT: Got it! Was trying to award the badge on Stage 4 Settings... when I should've added it into Stage 3 Settings so that it awards it when they reach the final Stage...

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/28/17 3:24:56 AM Permalink

Great. Please don't hesitate if you have any other questions.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/24/17 6:17:05 PM Permalink

Mike Skocko

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​Just a heads up on a new feature coming soon...

Mike Skocko [9:14 AM] @foresthoffman FEATURE REQUEST (I need it ASAP and I'm ready, willing, and able to pay.) I'm relying on filter locks all year long so I need an option to make those quests inaccessible to anyone NOT logged in. Maybe with a message like: You must be logged in to view this content.


Just a check box in the Advanced Settings, on by default if a filter is employed, would work. Yes? You have a better idea?


I'll even pay in advance if you need some dough now. :)
Mike Skocko [9:22 AM] Same with quest chains—check box active by default. Am I forgetting anything else? So long as the check box is there, anyone could manually activate it to mask any other quest content. Yes?(edited)


Oh yeah, what's the price?


Anyone have a better idea?


UPDATE: Forest is coding. We'll have these new features soon.

Terrence Banks

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​Man, it's been 6 years since I started using game on and it has always been a hit with my students. I just downloaded v3 and will be trying to test it for bugs asap. This summer has been extremely busy for me and I have not been on here in a while, so I'm gonna do stalker mode and catch up on the conversations..lol

Mike Skocko

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Mike Skocko

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marcia blanco

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​Wow! Thank you so much, Mike! I got this done and created a quest for my professor and my classmates in a class that I'm taking this summer. Not surprisingly, they all went nuts for it, and I've only covered about 20% of the options available. Thank you so much for helping me! Count Vermont on your ever growing lists of states using your plugin and changing their teaching. Count me as one of your biggest fans. (I feel like I should send you a bottle of wine or something. Do you like maple syrup? )

Mike Skocko

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What a great message to greet me at the airport while I wait to board the plane. ​

As for thanks, just knowing one more teacher is pushing the envelope is all the thanks I need. :)

If you ever want to ponder moving even further away from business as usual, ​try (re)Imagine (I'm especially excited to try out the newly revised Grit-Based Rubric you'll find linked there).

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate.

marcia blanco

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I'm already there. I have shamelessly downloaded it and am looking for a unique font to make it my own. over the past three years, I've been assigning two grades to each assignment: one for work "quality" and the other for "employability skills" (attitude, grit, work readiness, self direction, teamwork, leadership, communication. I focus on the category that makes the most sense for the project, but most of the time, self direction is the one most useful and easiest to assess.). Each grade has equal weight for the assignment and since I usually have less than 20 kids (this is northern Vermont after all. Nobody lives here.​) I can afford to spend the extra time.

However, this year I've decided that the game will be the big assessor ("Want those EX points? Well then, give it another shot."). My grades will be based solely on your awesomely poignant rubric. Since our school is tiny (50 students and a staff of 13, including the maintenance guy), my students are the kids who don't want to take Forestry, Auto and Medical Careers. This year, I have a full class who's interests range from fine art to hacking Russians, so I really gotta diversify my curriculum. As I said before, your posts are a God-send

I promise to keep you posted. Have fun on your flight.

marcia blanco

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​OK. I now have my site up and my first quest in place, and I'm feeling a little less hesitant. Now for the most obvious question: how do I get students to log on and play? Do they have a log in and password? How do I set restrictions so that they only have access to the front end? (I bet I'm missing something obvious here.)

Mike Skocko

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Hi Marcia. Congrats on taking the dive!

Yes, students must login. Her's an explanation from this page.

Sometimes taking a little extra time at the beginning can save a lot of time in the long run. Here’s how I add users.

Username: I copy the student’s ID number from the class roster, paste it into the Username field, press Tab, and paste it again. (Tab jumps to the next field on the form.)

Email: In our district, all students have an IDnumber@guhsd.net email address. Since I’ve already pasted the ID number, I copy and paste @guhsd.net immediately after the ID number. If you don’t know your students’ email addresses, you can fill in a generic one that they can replace when they login—but each one has to be unique (WordPress rules).

In a few seconds the required information is accurately entered. Ignore the other fields and click the Show password button (not shown in the example image as I’d already clicked it).

Password: By default, WordPress supplies a convoluted password that students will never remember or be able to enter manually. I replace it with something short and simple (though not 123 as shown in the example)—and I use the same password for every student. Why? Because I want every kid to login successfully and follow the instructions in the first quest (that part’s coming up next). Keep it as simple as possible or you’ll have chaos.

Confirm Password: Click the weak password box.

Send User Notification: Deselect this box. Seriously, do you want students checking their email on the first day?

Role: Leave it set to Subscriber (the default selection).

Add New User: Click the button and repeat the process.

Note: You’re free to use any method you want, but after all these years, I strongly suggest removing as many variables as possible to pave the way for a smooth start to your GO experience.


Let me know if I can help with anything else. :)

Mike Skocko

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​NEW RELEASE: ​v3.0.9 fixes the bug in quest chains.

Mike Skocko

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Mike Skocko

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​Weird bug in Quest Chains: They seem to work perfectly except the content in the last chain appear in any quest in the chain you try to edit. It's not on the front end. Just the back end.

Weird, like I said, but Forest will fix that ASAP.

UPDATE: Fixed in ​v3.0.9.

Matthew Miller

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Thanks, I'll download and start testing.

Forrest, I would be interested in a bid on making pods, and one on integrating imagemaps.

Mike Skocko

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