Ryan Hayes
Chief Educational Officer

Behance for Student Portfolios?

I am getting tired of maintaining a Web server for both my classes and all of the student sites/portfolios. Then I started thinking, why not Behance for student portfolios instead of Wordpress sites? Anybody else doing this? Looks like they can add images and text. So, I can still have them do project reflections.

I'd have to adjust my assessment/curriculum a bit since Behance doesn't have "blog" functionality. I know there is Weebly, Wix, or even Wordpress.com, but looking at Behance I was digging the simplicity of it.

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Ryan Hayes

Posted on 8/31/17 6:32:02 AM Permalink

​I gave it a whirl for Spring semester last year. It worked great. And I am going ahead with it again this year. It has simplified a lot of stuff for both me and the students. Plus, as was mentioned, I wanted something students could take with them after they left school. I encouraged graduating seniors to curate/purge their Behance of all the "school" stuff and just keep their best projects.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/31/17 8:57:35 AM Permalink

Really loving this, Ryan. Thanks for the push. Here are a couple of examples (overachievers).

Zach | Dan

Adam Coulson

Posted on 9/1/17 3:11:47 PM Permalink

Awesome +1. Are these students in their first semester of GO and understanding how to use your freedom with responsibility? My first semester students are always very very timid from leaving the rigid path they have been taught to follow. My advanced student jump at it more but I don't have them fully integrated into GO because I just don't have the time to prep fully self directed lessons for multiple preps.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/1/17 6:48:44 PM Permalink

Those are veterans. Good kids.

It's taken ​some time but I eliminated multiple preps by expanding the scope of Digital Arts to include all the other creative tech classes. With Digital Arts 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 (repeatable), and Honors options, the only extra prep is depth and breadth. Winning the fight to mix students from all of the above in any period creates a much richer learning environment and a far easier way for admin to work out schedules.

It took years to win this battle but it was worth it.

Ryan Hayes

Posted on 9/1/17 8:08:24 PM Permalink

I just got this email from a listserv that I am on for high school video teachers. It has me very concerned about the future of my CTE funding and pathways if it turns out to be true.

Hi all,

I need some help with this one. California has come down with some new rules for CTE classes; no double rostering.

We have only one period designated for Broadcast Journalism and produce a weekly live TV show. The only way we can make this work is to have some veteran students that serve as leaders and trainers. So for twelve years we've had first time students, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students - all in the same class. Under the State's new rules, everyone in the class has to be in the same class (Video 1, 2 or 3). This class has been praised for how it replicates a real work environment in the past.

I have to somehow convince someone making the rules at the State level that the real world could never be structured how they are suggesting; everyone working on a TV show either knowing nothing or everything. Unfortunately, we can't do what some of you do - add beginning and intermediate BJ, and let the advanced do the show. The other classes we have are all tied to Small Learning Communities and their collaborative projects.

Any others in CA having probs with this? Any suggestions?

Thanks bunches,

Evelyn Seubert

Cleveland Charter H.S.

Reseda, CA

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/1/17 8:19:35 PM Permalink

We have a CTE pull-out day next Wednesday. I'll ask about this but Evelyn makes the point I hammered home to win my battle: it replicates a real-world environment.

If this is true, it's idiots making rules.

The only other idiot rule I'm aware of, is that in 2018/19, first year classes no longer count in the pathway. That would be the 1/2 class in our district.

The solution?

Enroll first-year students in 3/4 instead.

Our government is run by idiots on both sides of the aisle.

Ryan Hayes

Posted on 9/3/17 12:04:51 AM Permalink

I just heard back from Sean Glumace. He said it was true. New CTE rules in CA won't allow ​co-mingling or stacked classes. AKA Graphic Arts 1 and Graphic Arts 2 can't be in the same period.

​The ivory tower might have really lost their minds on this one.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/3/17 1:34:39 AM Permalink

Geez, and I though I was done tilting at windmills. What a waste.

Ryan Hayes

Posted on 9/1/17 8:11:01 PM Permalink

Looks good. I didn't start until 2nd semester last year, but it worked out pretty well as seen by these students.

​Anh | ​Steven | ​Skylar (Skykar was a third year student working on designing a game. He is studying Interactive/Game Design at USC this year)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/1/17 8:24:34 PM Permalink

Nice work. You're pushing the self-portrait envelope.​

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/3/17 3:57:15 PM Permalink

​Mike, are you using Behance with your weekly "blog" entries as well as for portfolio work and comments? I stopped provided server space for student sites last year just so that student have their own website to leave school with (my server was getting too full to host all websites for eternity). The problem was assessing their work became very difficult with so many different websites organized and designed differently. I'm looking for something uniform and more streamlined like Behance if it will work for weekly documentation of progress.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/3/17 4:24:16 PM Permalink

Yes, I'm going to give it a go. Should work well with weekly posts as the kids just create a new project for each week. I'm going to insist they be titled Week 01, Week 02... so there's no mucking around with finding things.

I've also made the DPE (Digital Portfolio Entry) quests a chain so there will be no holes in the sequence.

Really excited about the game mechanics this year. I've been raving about the power of the Badge Filter in ​the v3 thread. In combination with the Start Filter and Quest Chains it's child's play to create a path that must be followed to set a strong, common foundation for the year.

The onboarding experience will be set in stone no matter when a student joins the class.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/28/17 10:48:57 PM Permalink

After pondering for a few months, I've decided to follow your lead, Ryan, and move our student documentation to Behance. As you say, it doesn't have blog ​functionality, but it does have a text editor. And what's a blog but words and media?

Thanks for pointing me in this direction, Ryan!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/17/17 8:16:27 PM Permalink

​Adobe would love us to use Behance. Lots of upside as you've both pointed out. The only downside is the Adobe ID. A few of my students have issues with logging in (long story) to CC with their Adobe. It's a self-inflicted wound but potentially an excuse for some of our more challenging students to intentionally manufacture.

Even so, it is an idea worth considering. Thanks, Ryan!

marcia blanco

Posted on 8/10/17 4:53:33 PM Permalink

Hi Mike! Can I assume that your Adobe subscriptions are through Team? Do you have your kids post everything to Behance (or whatever you've been using) or just their best stuff? I'm thinking about having my students use a website like Wix to post tutorial products, blog and process work​ and Behance to post summative stuff. Management-wise, will this be a redundant pain in the butt?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/10/17 5:34:09 PM Permalink

We have a district CC license, Marcia. The kids each register for an Adobe ID and they can use that for Behance as well. I require weekly posts then a showcase project at the end of each semester for their best work.

As for Wix, the biggest pain in the butt is waiting for those sites to load.​ Plus, the Game On Clipboard only has one link to student sites so I'd recommend sticking to one site per kid. But if you're a glutton for punishment... ;)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 3/12/17 12:29:11 PM Permalink

I'm not using Behance, but am doing essentially the same thing using Google+. My students are design rather than art focused, and I wanted a tool that a) allowed for image, file, link & text posting and b) ideally was easy-to-use and familiar. So far, it's worked just fine for my classes. Students can tag their posts in order to easily separate whats-your-grade from daily reflections from professional portfolio presentations. They can even create separate "Collections" that make it easy to see these; particularly useful after the class, so they can send folks to see their portfolio without the clutter of the classwork-oriented items.​

One gotcha we ran into at the beginning was permissions. I don't know if this will apply with Behance, but we had to troubleshoot several students' accounts who hadn't made their blogs available for review, so I could see some but not comment on them and couldn't even see others'.

One big benefit of joining a community like Behance is that it raises the authenticity of the platform. If you're participating in a clearly worldwide community and your teacher regularly shows others' portfolios from the same site, it has more motivating force for keeping your own work of high quality before posting than any class site could.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/28/17 10:50:08 PM Permalink

+1 Matthew. ​