Jeb Dickerson

Filter not working for me


I've set a filter for a store item (requires a level 3 to purchase a certain privilege), but all users with ample gold can purchase it, even tho all are still level 1. Is there a setting I'm missing? A box I need to check that I've neglected?

Thanks for any help...



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Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/17/17 8:20:04 PM Permalink

​Yep, if not for Matthew I'd have not seen this or other recent topics. We're so late in the year I'm going to ask Forest to add this to the v3 release.

Apologies for the delay and issue, Jeb! Hope all's well up Vista way.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 3/12/17 12:41:20 PM Permalink

​Jeb, so sorry you never got an answer to this question! We've been fairly quiet as a group this year, and I'd gotten into the habit of just waiting for alert emails without checking the forum, but I don't get notified about new top-level posts, unfortunately. I see several posts slipped in that way. I'll try to answer where I can, and I'll alert Mike (the main honcho) as well. We usually post "this doesn't seem to be working" type questions over in the ​Game On: Feature Requests & Bug Reports II thread.

Regarding store items, I can confirm this is also happening on my copy (GameOn v 2.6.2). Honor and damage filters still work fine, but level filter appears to be ignored. This will need to be be looked at by Forest, who is currently our one-man-coding-machine. There are a few students on the way up, but currently Forest is the only one actively maintaining the code, so it does take time, sometimes, before he has a chance to fit us into his busy college schedule (he used to be in Mike's classes and now volunteers time to help us out; he's a truly great guy).