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Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/17/14 12:48:46 PM Permalink

This may be the day we've all been waiting for.

Forest and Ezio have generated a collection of individual updates for new features and fixes. Each of the updates has been tested until all known glitches faded to memory. We haven't shared each of those because we felt it might be confusing but you can always head to GitHub and snag the files in the individual branches. (There are a bunch o' branches that haven't been merged into the beta for independent testing.)

Today the guys will carefully merge the branches into the master and Game On 2.0 will be sitting at the end of the rainbow. Well, okay, at the end of this link.

At least that's the plan. :P

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/15/14 8:04:05 PM Permalink

Hey all... Don't know when this happened- but the tinyMCE "create link" button is broken when you're making a mission. It's not popping up the edit link lightbox. (works in pages and such- just not quests anymore). Believe it was working last weekend, but I've bounced around with the different releases under the 2.0 heading- can't find one that works.

UPDATE: as a workaround, have another tab open where you edit a page.. type it up in there, and copy and paste back into the quests editor and it will work.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/15/14 8:36:33 PM Permalink

Ultimate TinyMCE? If it's that one, the developer warns:

Note: The end of Ultimate Tinymce
This plugin will not work properly on WordPress versions 3.9 and above
Instead, please switch to using WP Edit
WordPress has released version 3.9.
Ultimate Tinymce will NO LONGER function properly after the update.
Please switch to using "WP Edit" instead; AFTER your site is updated to WordPress 3.9.
In WP Edit, there is an option under the "Database" tab, whi… By Josh Lobe.

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/16/14 11:46:43 AM Permalink

No, don't mean any plugin. The default editor thingy. I can't do anything that brings up a lightbox for settings like creating a link. Only happens in quests. Everything fine if I create a page and try to make a link. Turned off every plugin yesterday except game on and it still was acting the same way. Only happens in missions, so must be GO specific...

You guys can make links?? I don't get the box for entering URL to pop up. Figured it was a z depth thing. I'll record a movie and share soon.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/16/14 12:15:33 PM Permalink


Have you tried restarting your computer?

The steps for creating links are working on old and new quests here. I know you know but lest anyone think I compose exclusively in the Text tab...

In the Visual tab:

  • Select word or phrase you'd like to become a link
  • With that text still selected, Click the Insert/edit link button
    Note: If no text is selected, the icon will be inactive
  • Enter a URL in the URL field (already active for your convenience)
  • Click the the button labeled: Add Link
  • Viola!

Man, if that ever stopped working we'd all be sunk!

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/16/14 2:05:18 PM Permalink

Ok... I have NO idea what happened- but it's working now. Everywhere on the site and on the same 2 laptops I tried on yesterday. (I'm not at school though). The video I recorded to demonstrate the problem is pretty funny- I've never heard what I sound like when I'm completely befuddled before. I get the giggles again every time I play it.

Mike, I'm like you... yes, I can write the html for every link... and NO I don't want to ! I couldn't think of managing this without it, either! (or fighting for time on a copier, running scan-trons through the machine, etc...)

BTW- speaking of coding, another AEL shared the book HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites with me and I have to admit, as far as books go- it's pretty dang awesome! I wouldn't trade Lynda.com for a library of tech books... but somehow this book is letting CSS sink in.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/16/14 6:16:02 PM Permalink

Pretty funny video. I bet most of us have experienced something similar. Tech happens.

But the book... How can a first edition HTML/CSS book have no eBook purchasing option? (I'm not a treeBook fan any more.)

Oh, digging deeper I see that it's over 2,000 years old. (January 1, 0001) That explains it!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/14/14 11:54:10 AM Permalink

The latest beta build is from August 13 and it resolves a number of issues (that you may or may not have been aware of).

We're getting very close to the official release of v2.0. Still have to fold in Ezio's fixes and Forest's final polishing then it's back to standard point releases (2.0.1) and the inevitable march toward v3.0 (next summer).

David Peregrina

Posted on 8/13/14 9:45:25 PM Permalink

In the current version (Beta) of GameOn, is it possible for a student to have more than one career/profession?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/14/14 11:42:17 AM Permalink

Definitely in the plan. Do you need this immediately?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/16/14 12:21:56 PM Permalink

I spoke to Ezio yesterday and he reminded me that he's already enabled that option but the student must purchase the multiple career/professions through the store.

Currently there's no way for an admin to assign multiple career/professions to students via the Clipboard.

Hope that makes sense.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/12/14 5:51:03 PM Permalink

Forest just coded a fix for the Preset bug. Now presets stick in both old and new quests. Coming to a beta near you very soon. I'll let Forest post a link to the branch if he wants you to try it on for size.

Note: Old quests still need to be updated for original values to appear. No fix for that one on the horizon.

Nathan Scherer

Posted on 8/12/14 3:05:17 PM Permalink

I am starting school with the kids next week and I want to upgrade to the latest release (not beta). Is the last current build ready to go without any major bugs? Or is the beta working well enough that I could just go to that?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/12/14 3:24:25 PM Permalink

The latest release is 1.9.8 and it's so primitive in relation to the beta, I can't even imagine choosing to use it (even though I thought it was fantastic way back when—25 days ago).

Watch the videos on this page and decide for yourself.

Nathan Scherer

Posted on 8/12/14 4:31:44 PM Permalink

Okay awesome! Now, there are so many different links in here. I can't decide with beta to download. Can you give me the link that is the definitive one? or the preferred one?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/12/14 4:46:46 PM Permalink

Nathan Scherer

Posted on 8/12/14 5:31:03 PM Permalink


Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/12/14 5:05:03 AM Permalink

Not sure if I missed something but the Quest Chain order is not showing up in the Quest advanced options even after the quest is added to a quest chain category. I created one category and added to different quests to that Quest Chain Category. The Chair Order options shows in the advanced options but there is nothing there to adjust order or even see as far as quest in that chain. Not sure if its an upgrade issue or if I am missing something.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/12/14 5:43:58 AM Permalink

Have you watched this video and tried to replicate the steps?

Please try again, Adam, and let me know what happens.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/12/14 1:29:03 PM Permalink

Yeah I had watched the video and did that exactly. The quest chain option shows up in the advanced settings but the actual quest name to reorder does not. Does it matter that this is an old quest? I haven't tried to do the same thing with a new quest from scratch. I'll give that a try tonight.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/12/14 3:26:52 PM Permalink

Given what you said, Adam, I'd say it probably matters that you're trying to do it with old quests.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/14/14 2:48:05 AM Permalink

Still can't get the Quest Chains showing in advanced settings even with new quests. Very strange since the process seems so simple. Not sure where the disconnect is. I'm running Divi as well.

UPDATE: I guess it does matter what you title a quest chain category. I believe I titled the category the same as one of my pages or posts. I made a new category with a different name and it functions perfectly.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/14/14 11:39:17 AM Permalink

Thank goodness! I couldn't replicate the issue and was going crazy trying to figure it out.

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/11/14 1:41:05 AM Permalink


Just uploaded a 2.0 beta (admin Lock Key Revamp). The Options page is SEXY.


By the way, that version does not allow missions to be viewed by outsiders. It says "you must be logged in to view this page" instead. The plan is that others can see the missions without login, right? so outside teachers can use our sites still for their classes?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/11/14 1:47:22 AM Permalink

Definitely in the plan. We'll fix that tomorrow.

And yeah, the options page was an eyesore as I agreed in this video.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/12/14 1:39:08 PM Permalink

Looks like Forest hasn't published the update yet (and I don't want to point to the branch without his permission) but he not only made the quests visible to visitors, he added an option for admins to hide stage 4 and/or 5 if content contains info he/she would rather the students not find... such as links to hidden quests—also coming back soon.

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/12/14 2:43:48 PM Permalink

Here you go: Task Stage Privacy

This does not contain, the admin bar fix or the admin lock.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/10/14 10:49:29 PM Permalink

I am running 2.0 and am having some strange trouble with my ranks/levels. I decided to reset/save and go with the defaults first. The level/rank of a test player I'm running isn't going up at the increments showing in the options page. I'm not sure if they are moving at me own old settings or not. As of now if I give a new "player" 500XP it only puts them on level 02.??

Is there something I am missing that needs to be reset to eliminate setting from old versions?

Also my personal admin account (that is obviously old) won't change the name of ranks at all. I deleted all old student accounts so that shouldn't be an issue but I did find it strange.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/10/14 10:54:49 PM Permalink

Odd. I'm meeting with the guys tomorrow afternoon in the Mac Lab and we'll look into this, Adam.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 8/10/14 10:54:53 PM Permalink

Try it out This is the link of the version I used to fix that problem.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/10/14 11:01:32 PM Permalink

And hot off the presses...

Forest just uploaded an update (same link) that adds optional password functionality to the Lock mechanism.

Very sweet and all his idea.

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/10/14 11:05:59 PM Permalink

Sorry, actually I haven't yet merged it into the "official" beta branch. Its here.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/10/14 11:19:35 PM Permalink

Oops. Installed that one and didn't take note of the URL.

Still, great functionality, Forest!

Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/11/14 1:54:57 AM Permalink

Man, I love it when a quick update fixes a problem instantly! I had wondered if that was the problem similar to Terrence's earlier. My Freshman start tomorrow. Here we go!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/11/14 3:15:20 AM Permalink

Tomorrow?! Who makes these crazy schedules?

Let us know what else you need ASAP, Adam. Coding day tomorrow.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/12/14 5:39:07 AM Permalink

There's definitely a bug in the Add Bar when pushing players more than one level ahead but after Forest worked on it for hours, I told him to stop as the Add Bar really serves no purpose any more.

If you disagree, please give me a good reason for keeping it around. If it's just for giving your own test account points to test things, we can work that into the Clipboard. If you want to adjust players' scores, use the Clipboard.

The Add Bar was introduced to account for wholesale scoring issues in early versions of the plugin. We no longer have those issues.

Let me know your thoughts. I'm open to suggestions but not willing to waste any more of Forest's time on something that may not even matter.


And for the record, after a few refreshes, the problems seem to sort themselves out. I joked that Forest has coded a healing function into the Add Bar. He can't explain it but we watched it fix itself several times.

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/10/14 11:28:15 PM Permalink

I may have found the issue, please try this version out and let me know if that solves the problem. If you add any amount greater or less than the points in a level, the admin bar should automatically update the level of the user. It will also happen on page reload.

Note: This version doesn't contain the admin lock for tasks.

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/11/14 1:45:43 AM Permalink

Are the versions in these threads hiding the quests from logged out users for other people? I tried both, both require login to even see the missions.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/11/14 1:49:23 AM Permalink

Never fear, bold educator, we'll fix that tomorrow. :)

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/9/14 3:02:14 PM Permalink

Having a problem in that every quest defaults to a small loot preset. Cant update old ones, and the new ones also drop to the first in the list (which happens to be the smallest for me) and I can't change it.


UPDATE: I reset my presets, and it still doesn't work. Was thinking it might have been because I only had 4 levels instead of 5, but that wasn't it.

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/9/14 3:34:42 PM Permalink

Hi Rob,

For new tasks (quests), you will see the preset default to your first teir as selecting the preset every time you create a new task can become very tedious. It is a known issue that old (before v1.9.5) tasks have lost their preset values and it is one of the things that we would love to fix. Unfortunately as of right now I do not know of a way to update a large number of tasks' presets, so you are left with manually updating any old quests that you wish to continue using.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reminding us of the issue.

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/9/14 4:14:27 PM Permalink

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/9/14 4:20:27 PM Permalink

When you view the mission, does it show the correct amount of points? Since you selected medium in the video, do the stages in the edit page reflect that teir?

Terrence Banks

Posted on 8/9/14 4:35:06 PM Permalink

Mine shows the correct amount,but does the same thing as above. Right now I can live with this as it is not affecting the creation of new jobs (tasks).

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/9/14 4:40:09 PM Permalink

That narrows down the issue a bit, thank you.

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 8/9/14 5:06:51 PM Permalink


I get it now!!! it takes the change, but the editing interface always shows the first tier in the drop down.

It IS working now... however, I believe that yesterday, I was updating and then not even looking at the drop down menu and going to it live. Pretty sure it was keeping my loot at lowest tier. That may have been because I didn't have updated tiers (5 levels), I only had 4. (like 5,5,20,30 instead of 5,5,20,30,30)

Thanks so much, Forest! Maybe instead of trying to get the drop down to be on the right level, just call the current values and display them like they do on the quest? Then if you want to change them, you have to open up the advanced settings? Just a thought for an easy workaround. ;)

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 8/9/14 4:45:32 PM Permalink

Looking at the stage settings, do you see it actually revert back to tier 1?

See this pdf with screenshots of what I'm experiencing. Sorry for no video, kids are being loud in here.

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 8/9/14 3:40:06 PM Permalink

The preset reverts to show Tier 1 but if you look in the stage settings you'll see that it keeps your previous loot selection. It might be a good idea to have the preset button reflect what was selected previously or just leave it as an empty box instead of defaulting to show Tier 1.

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/9/14 3:53:01 PM Permalink

It's on the list. :)

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/8/14 1:07:52 AM Permalink

Game-On 2.0.0 (Beta)

Ezio added a description for the analysis tab in the clipboard page and we solved a bug with the purchase limit on the store front-end.

I moved the file uploaders and task tests inside of their respective stages, they were previously before each stage.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 8/8/14 2:15:25 AM Permalink

Thanks guys so much, I know you guys are working really hard and I appreciate it because you guys are helping to make my class more dynamic.

I do have two bugs that seems to pop up except in 1.9.8. It involves the fix levels, lets say I add 1000XP using the add bar. When I look at my stats it does not reflect the 1000XP level, no matter how many times I press fix levels it stays the same. The other problem i'm having is the one listed below this post. I am using minutes in my classes, so the students will clockin each day. If they are purchasing the -60 minutes its giving them 120 instead.

Oh one more, if I add upload option to stage 2 the upload option appears on stage 1 (accept)

Thanks man

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/8/14 3:40:31 AM Permalink

Hi Terrence, the duplicated bonus currency bug should have been fixed a while ago. Something went wrong unfortunately, but we fixed it again. The "fix levels" button should now work properly.

Try it out and let us know if it works for you.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 8/8/14 3:54:13 AM Permalink


Thanks Guys!!

Forest Hoffman

Posted on 8/8/14 4:03:16 AM Permalink

Glad we could help!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/5/14 2:44:21 AM Permalink

Terrence Banks

Posted on 8/5/14 7:09:06 AM Permalink


***For some reason when I purchase the bonus category (I renamed it minutes), the item is counted twice. and my growl is inside the lightbox.***

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/5/14 4:55:43 PM Permalink

The double was an issue elsewhere. Will pass that along. Experimenting with Growl. Looking to improve those. A work in progress.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/5/14 5:21:57 PM Permalink

Just got a message from Ezio that his fixes haven't been merged with Forest's yet. Some issues will persist until that happens.

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 8/3/14 12:46:55 PM Permalink

Is the update that allows you to Lock a mission coming soon? #onefeatureican'twaitfor

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/3/14 12:53:14 PM Permalink

I'll pass the request along (it's already on the list) but until then, just add: Requires [your name here] approval to the stage instructions.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/5/14 2:42:58 AM Permalink

Annette Whitby

Posted on 7/30/14 4:07:02 PM Permalink

I received Mike's exciting email this morning but could not find a thread to reply to his note:

Game On Central


The page we should have had from the start.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/31/14 12:36:21 PM Permalink

Annette Whitby

Posted on 7/31/14 12:52:39 PM Permalink

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The new Mac Lab site looks great. I will be spending the remainder of this week reviewing the tutorials. ( 0 :

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/26/14 7:40:33 PM Permalink

Game On 2.0 Beta (with issues)

All 56 videos on Options page recorded and uploaded. (Higher quality than before.) One awaits a PHP update as duplicate names (penalty.mp4) were used for two ?s.

Forest has yet to merge Ezio's updates into Beta. Coming soon. Several known issues but progressing toward actual release.

Thanks for all your help in making Game On much more useful.

Download Beta (Updates will use same link.)

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 7/27/14 12:41:11 AM Permalink

Did we know that quest chains aren't automatically generating the NEXT link in this release?

edit: My quest chain order looks like it's setup right but it's linking to the wrong quest in the chain now.

edit: Fixed by manually changing the chain order value in the custom boxes at the bottom of each quest...

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/27/14 4:07:27 AM Permalink

Just made a quick chain and it worked for me. Not sure what the issue is but I don't doubt there is one for some variable I've yet to check.

Won't have time to look into this for a few days.

Specific details would help.

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 7/27/14 1:06:21 AM Permalink

Is the lock feature not live yet?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/27/14 4:15:01 AM Permalink

It was supposed to be but doesn't appear to be working right now.

It's on the list.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/18/14 11:25:03 PM Permalink

Game On v1.9.8

  • HTML5 Video shortcode is now contained in a list that is opened by clicking the "Shortcodes" Checkbox in any task stage. Other shortcodes are included and will be added to the list as time goes on.
  • Fixed CSS that overrode the default Wordpress css for anchors with the .current class.
  • Fixed admin message syntax and padding.
  • Added "Mark Seen" and "Mark Unseen" links to admin messages, which update the admin message count in the top left of the admin bar.
  • Added an admin locking feature to every task stage except stage 1.
  • Removed circular badge borders in the stats page.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/18/14 10:25:06 PM Permalink

Game On v1.9.7

Tasks on the stats page now display divs equal to the corresponding amount of stages in a task.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/18/14 7:29:32 PM Permalink

Game On v1.9.6

  • Redesigned stats page. Cleaner, more compact layout. Changed from a vertical design to horizontal with tabs.
  • Administrators now able to move users forward/backward in tasks, overriding tests/locks.
  • Administrators now able to message users regarding a task.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/17/14 8:24:08 PM Permalink

Game On v1.9.5

Thanks to Forest and Ezio's incredible dedication, we now have a completely redesigned Task > New Task page.

  • Gave task edit page a whole new look to improve usability
  • Fixed minor grammar issues
  • Added tests to the first 4 stages of tasks
  • Test reward modifiers now only decrease potential rewards based on the number of failures
  • Test reward modifiers now only accept numbers from 1 to 100, a default of 20 is used if no modifier is provided (only if the test modifier is turned on)
  • Added upload forms to all task stages
  • Upload forms are now required only once, every other upload is optional (will not lock stage)
  • Test and upload forms cooperate to lock stages correctly
  • Added default settings for points and currency based on the first preset designated in the Game-On options page
  • Bonus Currency (in place of minutes) courtesy of Austin V (newest coder on the team)

Please see if you can break it, critique it, or just enjoy it (as I am).

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/6/14 7:40:02 PM Permalink

Game On v1.9.2

  • Fixed clipboard text, modified CSS to overflow horizontally and retain its shape when window is reshaped
  • Added the option to add badges to users via clipboard. To use, enter a badge ID, put a message in the message box, check a user(s) and click add
  • Added badge count sort to leaderboard as well as to the clipboard. Along with all other info, clipboard now contains the number of badges a user possesses
  • Fixed CSS on the leaderboard so the boxes will fit within the confines of the accordion and overflow accordingly
  • Fixed the options page glitch; saving presets now returns the saved data rather than the letters of the name of the presets
  • Fixed clipboard not updating dynamically. Now when any values are added to checked users, the values are dynamically updated in the clipboard

Release History

Terrence Banks

Posted on 7/7/14 4:42:58 AM Permalink

Yes! Great stuff guys!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/6/14 2:05:04 PM Permalink

Game On v1.9.1

Task chains no longer require a user to master a task before they may move on to the next task in the chain.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/5/14 2:09:52 PM Permalink

Game On v1.9.0

  • Edited content and subject line of task upload emails to include username, full name, and user email.
  • Added store receipts which send username, full name, and email of buyer and the username and full name of the recipient if there is one.
  • Fixed the task uploader "Attach More" button again.
  • Removed the store item shortcode at the top of the store item edit page, leaving one at the bottom.
  • Changed the names of the "radio" and "checkbox" answer types to: "Multiple Choice" and "Multiple Select".
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor was changing to the "grab" cursor when hovering over children of all .ui-sortable elements. Sortable lists now require an extra .go_sortable class so that there are no more issues.
  • Chained tasks no longer keep their "chain" and "chain_position" meta values after their task has been deleted.
  • The tasks' meta values are now updated to the next available chain when their primary chain has been deleted.
  • Test return modifiers now accept "%" signs so as to avoid confusion.

Release History

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 7/5/14 9:18:35 PM Permalink

The user email added to file uploads is great!!! I'm so excited that was implemented :) Great usability improvements here across the board.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/6/14 2:07:29 PM Permalink

And more coming. Monday the coders are in the Mac Lab all day. Stay tuned. :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/3/14 1:12:55 PM Permalink

Game On v1.8.9

The march toward v2.0 continues with a collection of small but necessary tweaks and corrections.

See release history for details.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/2/14 5:51:57 PM Permalink

Game On v1.8.8

In the last two updates, Forest refined and debugged Quest Chains + resolved a nagging login issue.

See the release history for details.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/25/14 9:50:05 PM Permalink

Game On v1.8.6

Cosmetic and usability modifications to Tasks. Thanks to Forest for adding these aesthetic touches.

See the release history for details. (Or better yet, start using it to see for yourself!)

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/24/14 11:20:54 PM Permalink

Game On v1.8.5

  • Tasks can now be cloned, immediately redirecting admins to the newly cloned draft
  • The css for the .go_task_in_chain list was moved to go_every_page.css

There remains a Task Chain issue ( reordering and 5 Task limit ) with cloning. Otherwise, it works like a charm! RESOLVED

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/24/14 9:28:42 PM Permalink

Game On v1.8.3

  • Added option to display admin bar at all times. If turned on, non-logged-in users are able to see the admin bar with a login button in the top left hand corner. This option is on by default.
  • Modified add button so that on hover, the mouse pointer turns into a hand.
  • Cleaned up go_options.php, go_admin_bar.php, and game_on.php a bit.

Release History

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 6/25/14 4:15:28 AM Permalink

The permanent admin bar is delightful! Finally get to remove that login code :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/25/14 9:29:02 AM Permalink

It only happened because you asked. Great idea, Johnathan!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/22/14 4:58:24 AM Permalink

Game On v1.8.2

Questions with the "checkbox" answer type can be given one or more designated correct answers, compared to the original 2 or more requirement. This allows for questions to have possible "all of the above"/"none of the above" answers, etc.

Feedback mechanism for wrong answers is also improved.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/21/14 9:54:41 PM Permalink

Game On v1.8.1

Forest and Ezio deliver again! The two most recent updates include:

  • Game On / Jetpack conflict resolved — No more repeating quest stages with Jetpack active
  • Reset Data Switch on Options Page enables deletion of points, currency, time, or all of the above for every user
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks
Check the Release History link for details.

Release History

Terrence Banks

Posted on 6/21/14 9:59:51 PM Permalink

You guys are rolling'em out like hot cakes!

I'm trying to think of a feature that would make sense for everyone and not just meet my needs. This might be the time to let you guys ponder on it.

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 6/22/14 1:52:46 AM Permalink

What? Other people have needs? ;P

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/22/14 2:34:01 AM Permalink

Johnathan's right, Terrence. Just make your wish. Chances are, someone else will benefit, too.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/21/14 12:29:11 PM Permalink

Game On v1.7.9

School's out but Forest and Ezio have been busy. Recent updates include:

  • Refined Task Chains
  • Refined Check for Understanding
  • Minor (but necessary) CSS tweaks

Check the release history link for details.

Release History

Terrence Banks

Posted on 6/21/14 11:37:25 PM Permalink

Can you give me an overview on how the Task Chain works again?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/21/14 11:58:24 PM Permalink

No problem...

  1. Create a new Task
  2. Look for the Quest Chains metabox in the right sidebar
  3. Add a New Chain (or select existing)
  4. Publish
  5. Repeat with another new Task
  6. Look for Order of Tasks in Chain (near top of page)
  7. Drag to reorder Tasks in Chain (very cool)
  8. Repeat, repeat, till done
  9. Optional message for last Task in Chain near bottom of page (Gratz, Badge, etc.)
  10. We're working on a one-time rewards option for this, too

Really sweet functionality. :)

Forgot to mention...

  1. Link to next Task in Chain is automatically generated
  2. Tasks must be completed in sequence - user directed back if prior Task(s) not completed
  3. Works for 3 and 4 stage Tasks

Try it, you'll like it. :)

Terrence Banks

Posted on 6/22/14 12:05:42 AM Permalink

Basically, this prevents one quest from being completed unless the previous one was done?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/22/14 12:08:35 AM Permalink


The next quest cannot even be viewed so the content is protected, or the surprise preserved -- however you want to use it.

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 6/22/14 1:58:36 AM Permalink

I remember that when I tried using this feature the first time around, it required mastery on the previous quest and I kinda gave up on it. I think I'll test it out again though because I like the idea of it. My temporary solution was to just have level requirements.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/22/14 2:36:21 AM Permalink

It still requires mastery (or completion if it's a 3-stage quest) of prior quests in the chain. The only reason to use quest chains is if you want to take students through a linear series of lessons.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/16/14 5:26:19 PM Permalink

We've since changed the functionality to require only completion (making Mastery an option).

Wish granted. :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/19/14 2:44:41 PM Permalink

Game On v1.7.5

Forest has really polished the check for understanding option. No more octothorps—just clean and simple radio button and/or multiple choice options. Try it. You'll like it. ;)

Forest will be adding visual feedback for users who repeatedly fail to supply correct answers. Oh, and remember to activate the diminishing returns option (Custom Reward Modifier) to encourage thoughtful responses (guessing = less loot).

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/16/14 8:02:29 PM Permalink

Game On v1.7.4

Tasks now automatically display rewards between title and content. Example*

*Names of Stage, Currency, and Points are tied to your naming conventions.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/12/14 8:28:38 PM Permalink

Game On v1.7.2

  • Fixed user choices not overflowing properly (when the choices div reached full capacity choices would disappear because they couldn't fit)
  • Fixed players in multiple classes not showing up in each class
  • Fixed javascript logging undefined objects when it wasn't an issue
  • Fixed boxes users staying checked when their class is unchecked
  • Defaulted the selection to Experience and reordered the selections to be like they appear in task creation page (Experience, Currency, Time)
  • Added Currency to the selection possibilities

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/11/14 7:54:19 PM Permalink

Game On v1.7.1

  • Made checkboxes on the analysis tab of clipboard page persistent, i.e. when changing selections (experience, time, completed, etc.) users will remain checked.
  • Refactored stats page CSS, cleaned it up and standardized it.
  • Made z-index of stats page white and black overlays very high to avoid elements appearing on top of the stats page.

Release History

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 6/10/14 8:31:21 PM Permalink

Just want to comment to say a BIG THANKS!

for all your hard work (you and the guys) and for VERSION NUMBERS!!! So helpful when dancing with multiple sites!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/10/14 8:36:25 PM Permalink

Hey, YOU'RE the one who got us into the vGame way back at v1.1.1 so thank YOU, Rob!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/10/14 7:44:04 PM Permalink

Game On v1.7.0

The Analysis Tab is back. Plus students are separated by period.

Up Next: Adding other filter options (Currency and Level) and changing the default from Time to Experience.

Currently, changing the filter deselects students. Working to fix that, too.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/7/14 6:09:39 PM Permalink

Game On v1.6.9

Comments made by deleted users no longer return an error (and break the post).*

*We didn't know this was an issue until I opened a post from last year and encountered it. Since most of us will be deleting current users, this is a must-have update (courtesy of Forest).

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/3/14 1:30:36 PM Permalink

Game On v1.6.8

Forest found the (hopefully) last bug in the database table prefix fix, Ezio squashed it, and Terrence reported that it worked.

On to the next fix and/or feature...

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/2/14 6:14:17 PM Permalink

GameOn v1.6.7

Ezio solved the issue with randomly-named WordPress database table prefixes. Game On should now function on all servers using non-standard naming conventions.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/30/14 8:29:09 PM Permalink

Game On 1.6.4

  • Fixed stats page incorrectly displaying peer-to-peer purchase records and values
  • Added records of a peer-to-peer transaction to both purchaser and recipient's stats page

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/29/14 1:13:02 PM Permalink

Game On v1.6.3

We've been busy. Check the Release page on GitHub for all the details. The highlights:

  • Peer to peer purchasing system (reporting glitch fix is imminent)
  • Badges may be awarded via the store
  • Task search implemented

The peer to peer marketplace will be expanded and refined.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/30/14 1:15:00 PM Permalink

Game On v1.5.8

Finally squished that bug in the store. No more You need more _______ when trying to purchase items you should be able to.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/27/14 1:56:25 PM Permalink

Plans for Game On v2.0

In each of the past three years, a new version of our gamification system has rolled out just in time (or almost just in time) for the start of the school year. Each year it's been full of bugs and, as exciting as each iteration has been, it's been less than ideal (to say the least).

Ezio's rewriting of the store code (see the v1.5.6 announcement below) is the first step in reviewing and rewriting each of the PHP pages one by one to optimize the plugin. Our goal is to release v2.0 at the beginning of summer so we all have time to plan and build our curriculum for the fall via a stable, dependable, feature-rich gamification system.

We're going to continue to develop on GitHub but we'll be adding v2.0 to the WordPress Codex. Updates will (finally) be a click away.

Rather than a raft of new features, v2.0 is more a signal of a new beginning. One that could have never happened without your help. You are the driving force behind Game On. Your courage and adventuresome spirits are the only reason we have any users at all. It's been a bumpy road. We hope to pave the next phase so you and your students enjoy a much smoother and much more enjoyable ride.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/27/14 1:08:36 PM Permalink

Game On 1.5.6

Have been holding off on announcing this since this is only the first phase of a multi-stage update. Ezio completely rewrote the store's code and added in the first phase of the peer to peer marketplace (or whatever we're going to call it). Purchased items now have their own tab in Stats. It's retroactive so all prior purchases are listed (including quantities). New purchases have time and date stamps (though the styling needs work).

v1.5.7 v1.5.9 is almost complete and with it comes round-trip documentation and notifications (via the number in the upper left corner of the browser) that something was purchased either from or for you.

There's work to be done—lots of work—but the peer to peer marketplace will open untold possibilities. As always, suggests are welcomed.

Release History

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 4/20/14 8:57:58 PM Permalink

Are you adding a chat feature? I've notice what appears to be a chat icon but when clicked it doesn't function.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/21/14 1:01:08 PM Permalink

That's a one-way valve for admin to message students. You can access it via the Clipboard.

We tried chat with BuddyPress. It was a horrible time-waster. Rarely used productively.

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 4/22/14 1:06:02 AM Permalink

Is it functional? I currently send messages via the clipboard but that icon in the top right corner next to my login name is bugging me. ;P

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/25/14 1:45:52 PM Permalink

I believe the top right corner is WordPress. I can't remember how I turned mine off (and too lazy to look right now.)

The top left corner is ours. A very cool new use for that feature is about to roll out. :)

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 4/26/14 8:03:01 PM Permalink

Figured out what I was looking at. It's a way that wordpress.com communicates site stats through jetpack...

Looking forward to the new update :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/27/14 3:35:40 AM Permalink

Ah, that's right. I turned it off to avoid the distraction. Thanks for the memory jog.


Posted on 4/16/14 6:22:25 PM Permalink

I am really excited about implementing Game On next year in my Multimedia courses. I am actually writing a research proposal for one of my Master's classes about gamification and game based learning. I have been developing the structure of my Game On site and wondered if there were short codes for the following.

  • list all of the store items in a category

Also is there a way to make a quest only visible if another quest has been completed. Is this what quest chaining is? I don't want to tie it to Levels though. For example the main story quests have to be completed in order but the guild or profession quests can be taken to increase gold and level.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/19/14 3:16:34 PM Permalink

Can't wait to see how you implement Game On, Lonnie. We get our best ideas from each other. :)

Store shortcode: [go_store cats="first category name,second category name,third category name"]

QuestChain (or QuestLine): Yes, that's the function of that feature—to make sequential, linear quests possible.

Chris Aviles

Posted on 4/14/14 2:19:58 PM Permalink

Hello, again! Just checking in and I'm thrilled with the progress I'm reading about. I wanted to ask again: would anyone using game on mind linking me to their site and maybe even "make" me a student see I can see it in action again. It's been about a month and the new features I'm seeing really make me think that I can use this with my English class (Anyone else using this in high school English?). I appreciate any help and love following this project. I wish I was a more talented coder or something, so I can help out where needed. Thanks again!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/14/14 4:17:52 PM Permalink

You already have a Mac Lab student account, right?

Chris Aviles

Posted on 4/14/14 5:54:34 PM Permalink

Yes, sir. I log in ever couple weeks or so and play around. I'd like to see what others are doing as well.

Johnathan Chase

Posted on 4/15/14 12:48:24 AM Permalink

I'm just starting up my AP Chemistry site. I won't really get into much in the way of narrative until summer. If you'd like a user account send me an email.


Matthew Miller

Posted on 4/14/14 7:14:40 PM Permalink

Did you get the credentials I emailed for my sites? I have 3, one for Yearbook, one for Digital Media Design, and one for Introduction to Programming. They're pretty sketchy right now, especially ItoP, but will be fleshed out over the summer. I'll also be working with another teacher here to build another pair, for Calculus and for Integrated Maths (really looking forward to building collaboratively on those, especially since they're core classes rather than electives; the challenge is getting me really juiced up!). I may also have a history teacher...I've got her nibbling the hook right now, I'll let you know if she bites completely.

One thing you could help the community with that might be right up your alley would be working on the GameOn Users Guide. It is very much a raw work in progress and any contributions are gratefully appreciated. Your perspective as a new community member just building their site would be really valuable. Another aspect you could contribute to without any coding would be to help me envision and define a structure and process for sharing 'jobs' (or quests) between our various groups. I've posted some initial thoughts about this over here. (You mentioned there that you'd be interested but I kinda let that idea slide to the back burner for a while...this summer we could dust it off and really shine it up ;-).

Chris Aviles

Posted on 4/15/14 12:24:59 PM Permalink

I did! I tried to e-mail you back, but I got bumped by your spam filter. Thank you, though! I'm going to check it out this week over spring break!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 4/1/14 7:29:54 PM Permalink

Game On 1.5.4

  • Added video link to explain chain order picker (I still have to record the video)
  • Added totals for minutes, points, and currency to their respective section headers in the third tab of the stats page


Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/28/14 4:49:44 AM Permalink

Game On v1.5.3

  • Fixed PHP throwing errors about empty arrays for both the nerf date picker and task chain checker
  • Added more explicit variable checking to task_shortcode.php

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/25/14 6:32:00 PM Permalink

Game On v1.5.2

Quest Lines or Task Chains or whatever you want to call them are now live. We have a cosmetic issue to resolve and some additional functionality yet to code but this feature is ready for your testing pleasure.


Adam Coulson

Posted on 3/19/14 4:02:24 PM Permalink

With the new update 1.5.1,(not sure if it happened with 1.5.0) all of my older quests (every quest created before Sept 29 2013) have completely messed up formatting. It is technically ledgible but there are bunches of repeated comment areas and everything is left edge of browser justified. The videos only show my shortcodes (i'm not using your internal shortcodes yet as all my old videos used the lightbox ultimate plugin)

I assume there was a significant update i did around Sept 26-29 that changed how quests where created.

Anyone else seeing this with older quests?

The newer quests (Sept 29 or later) all look and perform perfectly.

Here is an example of what the page looks like now.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/19/14 5:23:38 PM Permalink

Checked my early Sept. quests and don't have that issue. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Ezio and I just went over your site. He's as confused as I am.

  1. There's an update for your theme -- try that first
  2. If that doesn't work, try switching to 2014 after school or between classes (if it works fine in 2014, it's a theme issue but I don't understand what it would be)
  3. Alternatively, check to see if your host is using a current version of PHP

We'll keep pondering. Let us know if the 1, 2, or 3 helps.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 3/19/14 9:55:20 PM Permalink

None of those were the problem but...

So it is a conflict with JetPack. I just updated Jetpack within the last couple of days as well. In other words the conflict may have arose with the jetpack update not the Gameon update. I like Jetpack but it is anything but essential to me right now. I guess I will just turn it off for now. Once I phase out those old quests it won't be an issue anyways.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/19/14 10:43:05 PM Permalink

The conflicts we've had with JetPack in the past were with the social media modules. Try turning them off one by one and that typically resolves the issue.

We have to discover what that periodic bug is (it comes and goes).

Sorry for the frustration, Adam.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 3/20/14 12:46:13 PM Permalink

No Problem, functionality was never lost and it seems plugin conflict are a fact of life when create a developing Wordpress site that is very advanced at all. I just keep learning.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/18/14 2:47:46 PM Permalink

Game On v1.5.1

Fixed the Yikes! described below.

We'll be adding more functionality to the Task Search field. Should be an extremely useful feature. Especially now that it doesn't break the site. :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/18/14 1:11:38 PM Permalink

Yikes! The search bar works great but it renders the site invisible to anyone not logged in. Not good.

We'll address this issue ASAP.

Meanwhile, use v1.4.8

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/17/14 8:25:48 PM Permalink

Game On v1.5.0 (Yes, I've been delinquent with update info. Mea culpa.)

I still have to make videos for all the new features. A few highlights:

  • Custom Test Modifiers (custom setting for 1.3.9 functionality) v1.4.0
  • Added Focuses to Leaderboards v1.4.1
  • Undo Button Doesn't Undo Test Results v1.4.2
  • Added Shortcodes (Goodbye Shortcode Buddy) v1.4.3
  • Nerf Options Added to Quests v1.4.4
  • Added Focus to Commenter's Identity v1.4.4
  • Comments Visible when not Logged In v1.4.4
  • Bunch o' Bug Fixes v1.4.5 - 1.4.8
  • Task Search in Admin Bar (w00t!) v1.4.9
  • Nerf Options Fixed for Safari v1.5.0

See the Release History page for more details or better yet, download and test for yourself. :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/16/14 6:02:44 PM Permalink

Game On v1.3.9

Allow tests to return points, based on the tier of the current Quest, that diminish as the number of test failures increase. Also includes a buff (bonus) for answering correctly on the first go.

If you select the Test Return Points option and the stage is worth 100 XP and 100 Gold:

  • Correct responses on the first attempt returns 125 XP and 125 Gold. (25% bonus)
  • Correct responses on the second attempt returns 100 XP and 100 Gold. (no bonus)
  • Correct responses on the third attempt returns 75 XP and 75 Gold. (25% penalty)
  • Correct responses on additional attempts returns 50 XP and 50 Gold. (50% penalty)

If you do not select the Test Return Points option, no additional loot is awarded.

Note: This is proof of concept. We need to add admin-controlled bonus/penalty settings and account for unscrupulous use of the undo button.

Release History

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/13/14 9:32:11 PM Permalink

Game On v1.3.8

Minor functionality and cosmetic changes to store.

  • Pressing the escape key or clicking the dark background of the Lightbox closes it
  • Changed styling to create more uniform buttons
  • Increased height of Lightbox (from 40% to 50%)

Little things count. :)

Release History

Terrence Banks

Posted on 2/14/14 5:00:56 AM Permalink

They sure do..great jobs guys!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/7/14 8:54:40 PM Permalink

Game On v1.3.7

Video shortcodes now function inline (as they should).


Download 1.3.7

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/8/14 4:54:31 AM Permalink

Boy, my hands are getting tired from typing variations of the same line so many times, so I'm going to create a new Game On acronym: SNOCTR - situation normal, our coding team ROCKS. (optionally, assume an exclamation point at the end).

This fixed the issue with displaying the video link above the quest content. :-)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/6/14 8:30:13 PM Permalink

Game On 1.3.6

First Ezio added titling options for the open source video player (v1.3.5) then he added the YouTube and Vimeo playback methods. Sweet code that complies with the respective site's TOS.


For Vimeo, URL = '//player.vimeo.com/video/66839582'

For YouTube, URL = '//www.youtube.com/embed/xb2aBQypVQ0'

Those are just examples. Leave the rest of the embed code out.

Download v1.3.6

Donald Peters

Posted on 2/9/14 9:55:40 PM Permalink

Problem: The lightbox that is created from the video link is slightly off the bottom of the screen on my Macbook Air and there doesn't seem to be a way to scroll down to show the bottom of the lightbox. Zooming out allows me to fix this, but as my students have even smaller screens than me, I'm afraid they'll have to zoom out so much that it will be to small to even tell what's going on.

Will test it on a students machine tomorrow and let you know.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/9/14 11:06:05 PM Permalink

I'm guessing your video is very large. My default video tutorial is 864 x 540 (60% actual size).

Are you recording full-screen? What's your MacBook Air resolution? What's the student computer resolution? What's your video resolution?

Donald Peters

Posted on 2/9/14 10:08:14 PM Permalink

also, is there anyway to make the video links show up a different color? Would like to have the text in black/gray and the word 'video' in a different color so they know to click on it.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/9/14 11:05:28 PM Permalink

Text and link color is controlled by a stylesheet associated with your theme. Some themes have WYSIWYG settings for color. Others require changing the CSS. You'll have to look into that.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/5/14 10:24:49 PM Permalink

Game On v 1.3.4

Quest commenting fixed retroactively.

Ezio comes through yet again!

Download v1.3.4

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/6/14 9:28:23 AM Permalink

Woot! Worked perfectly. Thank you, Ezio!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/5/14 4:03:07 AM Permalink

Game On v1.3.3

  • Commenting added to quests (does NOT work retroactively, working on fix)
  • Reversed placement of width and height in options page and shortcode
  • Added video link to Clipboard (new video has been added too)

Download v1.3.3

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/2/14 5:05:34 PM Permalink

Game On v1.3.2

Yesterday, two girls and one father were waiting for me when I arrived for Mac Lab Saturday School™ at 5:45. The girls came in, the father went home, and what would become the longest MLSS in history had begun. Twenty-eight students and 11.5 hours later, the Super Bowl of Code was complete. Semar went home mid afternoon but Ezio and Forest worked on relentlessly, fueled only by leftover cookies from the 8th-grade tours earlier in the day and the burning desire to push out one more update.

New features since the v1.2.7 announcement:

  • [?] links added (almost) everywhere for in-app video instruction (I've yet to record all the vids) Done!
  • Optional Mastery Stage setting (for those who want want a 3-stage quest occasionally)
  • Fix Messages button added to Clipboard (one click does the trick—we'll eliminate the button later)
  • Tests, passwords, and file uploads may be used in any combo (stage locked until all completed)
  • Upload shortcode added to New Quest page (admin email set in Game On > Email)
  • Video settings added to Options page (default size if you record your own videos)
  • Video shortcode added to New Quest page (add width and height only if different than default)
  • Open source video player functional for MP4s (glitches for those not logged in)

We'll work on adding YouTube and Vimeo playback in the new video player (and fixing the not logged in glitch).

We didn't include the SIREN in this update. Forest needs to fix a looping issue. The SIREN is our first Easter egg (triggered by entering the wrong password three times). I'm looking forward to seeing that one in action. And why were you trying to crack the password? :)

Download v1.3.2

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/2/14 6:08:13 PM Permalink

Woot! So excited about built-in videos. As usual, congrats and kudos to that amazing team you have working with you. Be sure they notice the offer below. I've also sent another bit, to express my gratitude for their outstanding work and hopefully contribute in a small way toward future efforts. You guys Rock!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/2/14 7:19:00 PM Permalink

You didn't have to do that, Matthew! (Very nice of you though).

Love the offer down below. (And the kids will too!)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/2/14 7:58:24 PM Permalink

What the fragnog, Matthew?!!

Just got the email from Amazon. That's way over the top. I'll let the guys choose resources. #Gratitude

Donald Peters

Posted on 2/2/14 6:32:19 PM Permalink

Mike, any videos on how to use these new features? I'm a little behind in the loop again (blame my ingrained procrastination)

Looking forward to the built in Vimeo playback as that is where I have been storing all my videos.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/2/14 7:09:23 PM Permalink

Making those next (as soon as my daughter's done "helping" me organize my office).

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/3/14 3:02:54 PM Permalink

Game On > Options, Ranks, and Email finished.

New Quest page is about 80% complete. Will work on that and other pages after school.

Donald Peters

Posted on 2/5/14 7:58:52 PM Permalink

ok, I guess I am dense.... there are videos? how do I find them exactly?

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/5/14 8:53:33 PM Permalink

They're carefully hidden in plain sight. ;-)

Click on the question marks next to any field in the Game On Options or Quests pages.

Donald Peters

Posted on 2/6/14 8:18:16 PM Permalink

thanks! this thing needs a dang like button. =D

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/4/14 5:07:04 AM Permalink

Check now. I think I've got 'em all. We'll be adding many, many more links in the days and weeks ahead.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 2/4/14 10:48:43 PM Permalink

Is there a video on how to use the video short code?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/5/14 4:15:34 AM Permalink

Of course! It's built in to both the Options and New Quest page.

And, of course, I forgot to mention that the video has to be an MP4. (Fragnog!)

I'm using the free Miro Video Converter to create the MP4s.* Nice compression. Use the Apple Universal setting and the video player creates an HTML5 version automatically (with a Flash fallback for poor ol' Firefox).

*Miro adds gunk to the title and I've been manually removing the extra text before uploading.

I've also asked Ezio to add a titling option so all the vids aren't named video.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 2/5/14 6:02:41 AM Permalink

With your WP Lightbox Ultimate plugin active can you still use the game on video player? It won'y work for me unless I deactivate my WP Lightbox Ultimate.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/5/14 2:25:19 PM Permalink

Pushing this back out for more room.


With your WP Lightbox Ultimate plugin active can you still use the game on video player?

Just checked. Both are working for me right now.

Weird. Is anyone else having this issue?

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/5/14 4:58:43 PM Permalink

I just have the regular WP Video Lightbox (too cheap to buy something Mike has called twichy :-). Both are working fine on my site, in terms of able to display video (mp4) or images/youtubes in the lightbox. (Very looking forward to the youtube functionality, but may be switching to locally hosted video anyway, for the performance boost & bandwidth reduction.)

I do have another weird problem, probably related to my theme (zeeBusinessCard) - when I add a video shortcode into a post, the "video" link appears before any of the post content, rather than inline where it belonged. Haven't switched to the default 2014 theme for testing, yet, but will in the next couple days to confirm. (example of what it looks like - the link should be after the "Game on video test:" text appears, near the bottom of the post)

Update: was too curious, so I switched. Still happens with the Twenty Fourteen theme, too. Weird.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/6/14 1:31:20 AM Permalink

I'll check w/Ezio tomorrow morn. There's an issue with WP and shortcodes. It's not us, as far as I can tell, but maybe we can come up with a fix.

It's a loading order issue built into WP. More tomorrow...

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/7/14 9:01:44 PM Permalink

Fixed in v1.3.7

Does it work for you now, Matthew?

Ricardo Higuera

Posted on 1/29/14 9:37:30 PM Permalink

Greetings Game On Group,

I can't tell you how excited I am to have found this group; and by accident. I've been desperately searching for such a platform to gamify and manage my class. I had found http://3dgamelab.com/, which I like the sound of minus the price tag. It does seem to have everything one might need. Have any of you heard of their service before?

I've just set up my WordPress and installed the Game On plug in... Let the Gaming Begin!!

Much appreciated,


Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/29/14 9:45:44 PM Permalink

Welcome, Ricardo!

Yes, most of us are aware of Boise State's very cool tool. What Game On lacks in luster, is made up in customization options and fairly rapid design and implementation of user feature requests... well, most of the time. ;)

Please feel free to ask questions and drop suggestions. We're all learning together.

Ricardo Higuera

Posted on 2/7/14 6:02:20 AM Permalink


I'm loving the energy behind this project! Like you said, it's developing fast and responsive to user requests. I am, however, having a bit of trouble getting started.

Maybe it's my lack of experience with WordPress, blogging, online content creation, or all of the above. Lack of ambition is not the issue though. Maybe I have to see what it looks like, from a student's perspective.

After taking a sneak peek through your MLM's orientation I'm intrigued. I love the characters; Freaker, Julina, and yes... even the Reaper. I'm wondering, is MLM ID card is open to students outside your school. In other words, could I take your course to learn Adobe's CC and how you set up Game On along the way?

If not, I understand. What do you suggest?



Mike Skocko

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Your MLM ID Card should be in your inbox... or spam filter.

Have fun!

Ricardo Higuera

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Greetings Game On Group,

I can't tell you how excited I am to have found this group; and by accident. I've been desperately searching for such a platform to gamify and manage my class. I had found http://3dgamelab.com/, which I like the sound of minus the price tag. It does seem to have everything one might need. Have any of you heard of their service before?

I've just set up my WordPress and installed the Game On plug in... Let the Gaming Begin!!

Much appreciated,


Mike Skocko

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Game On v1.2.7

We now have one of these buttons. But ours obliterates time rather than civilization.

This update is for those who'd like to reset time at the semester or end of year. The how-to video is on the Options page.

Don't forget to turn the scary thing off when you're done using it!

Download v1.2.7

Terrence Banks

Posted on 1/30/14 7:33:29 AM Permalink

Thank you I totally needed that!!...

Mike Skocko

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Did it work as advertised for you, Terrence?

Ryan Hayes reported no problems after the fact. Same here (just in case other were wondering).

We'll probably need to dial it in to offer the option of targeting specific classes at some point because someone is sure to need that.

Terrence Banks

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I didn't have any problems.worked like a charm.What sort of problems should I be looking for?

Mike Skocko

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None, hopefully. We'd never tried this before. Looks like it works as planned. :)

Chris Aviles

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All the updates sound great. Keep up the good work. I've spent a lot of time on Mike's site, but I'd like to see some other sites that use GameOn. Any takers, feel free to post a link, or drop me an e-mail. Anyone kind enough to add me as a student like Mike did, that would be great, too.

Matthew Miller

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Feel free to poke around ybdesignstudio.org if you'd like - still very much under initial construction, but you can get an idea. It's based heavily on Mike's site right now; will be modified substantially over the summer, but I took the shortcut of imitation for a lot of the stuff I admired about Mike's site in order to get it up for my students as fast as I could.

I'd love any feedback you have, as well! I'll email credentials for a login - if you configure your profile please use Block H, to avoid showing up in my student reports. ;-) Thanks!

Terrence Banks

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Rob Schwartz

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Adam Coulson

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quick question about the plugin. Does GameOn having any caching functionality added into it? I am having caching issues where minor changes to old pages and quests don't show up for students unless I tell them to refresh the page. Don't know when or why it started happening and from my research it sounds like its a caching issue that is common if you install a caching plugin but I haven't so not sure whats causing the issue.

Mike Skocko

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Nothing on our end, Adam (as far as I know). I'll ask the guys on Monday but I'm 99.9% sure the answer is no. (We just finished finals and I'm going to give them a well-deserved break.)

Terrence Banks

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I get that as well, been trying to get rid of it for about 2 months now.

Mike Skocko

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Would one of you please add this to the Troubleshooting page? Sounds like something we need to get to the bottom of.

Mike Skocko

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Confirmed. Game On doesn't add caching. Is this a Chrome issue? Does same happen in Safari or Firefox?

Mike Skocko

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Game On v1.2.6

We now have multiple checks for understanding—up to 5 questions per stage. Implementation remains the same as in 1.2.5. See details below in 1.2.5 release.

Thanks to Forest for the fine work on this update. :)

Download v1.2.6

Annette Whitby

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Re: Completion Password Setting

Can we use numbers (for example, 320) for passwords, or do the passwords have to consist of alphabets only?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/14 9:46:00 AM Permalink

Just tested to be sure. Yes, numbers work as well.

Annette Whitby

Posted on 1/23/14 4:26:29 PM Permalink

Game On is making my "creative brain" grow by leaps and bounds!
: 0 )

Mike Skocko

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Game On v1.2.5

Yes, we've been busy. So busy that you've missed six updates. We now have Check for Understanding and in-app video tutorials for each and every feature on the Options page and the Add New Quest page. Many more built-in videos on the way.

As for the new functionality, download 1.2.5, open either the Options page or the Add New Quest page and let Game On explain it to you.

Download v1.2.5

Terrence Banks

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That's Tight!! see you got me using slang...Great Stuff Guys!!

Annette Whitby

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I love surprises!!

Just got the latest update . . . Getting ready to watch the built-in videos now. Thanks! Very exciting!!


update: Just viewed the "Focus" video . . . Wow!

Terrence Banks

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Oh my goodness, the check for understanding option before mastery is..well...awesome!

Matthew Miller

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Double Woot! and kudos to the team. This is awesome! I'd like to do something nice for those guys: would a coffee card, or Amazon card or something like that be an acceptable, and appreciated, gesture? Or would something else be better? (Orilley card? do they even do those? I don't know).

I have lost my "Tasks" heading in the admin bar - possible after a 1.2.4 update, not sure which caused it. The item is actually there (I can click on it) but it's invisible...weird. Screenshot:

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/21/14 1:06:26 PM Permalink

Matthew, that is weird. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'll ask the guys but meanwhile, reinstall 1.2.5 then remove and re-save your plural Task Name. Did that work?

P.S. Your free to do something nice but it's not required, much less expected. They're all working toward career goals and honestly, glowing letters of appreciation are probably far more valuable for college and job applications. Your call. :)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/21/14 1:16:14 PM Permalink

Brilliant. That fixed it.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/14 3:02:45 AM Permalink

Thanks goodness! I had no idea what could have been causing that.

Matthew Miller

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Please pass on to your team that they are each welcome to ask for a letter of appreciation from me, printed on Cairo American College letterhead, signed, officially stamped, and sent via email (scanned) or postal mail (original) to wherever they'd like. The originals will be extra cool if the postal record of being sent from Egypt adds bonus points, but do plan at least a couple weeks for it to arrive (sometimes faster, but better to be sure).

Mike Skocko

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That's a wonderful offer, Matthew. I'll pass it along. And yes, Egypt definitely adds bonus points. :)


Adam Coulson

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Did I miss the memo on what the little zero's in front of the accept circle in the quests stat page stand for? I feel like it may have had something to do with the messenger but I don't recall anything being tied to specific individual quests.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 1/20/14 8:58:13 AM Permalink

I believe that indicates if a quest is repeatable. That 0 will increase if a student has completed that quest more than once. When creating the quest you can click " Do you want this quest to be repeatable, towards the bottom"

Mike Skocko

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Terrence is correct. We're working on a Stats redesign right now and will make that indicator less obscure.

The change I'm most excited about is replacing the pie chart with the student's Analysis data in his/her General Info (which will be called something more interesting). Weekly updates will provide meaningful data.

Adam Coulson

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Ah cool. A couple students had just asked and I wasn't sure. Changes are fast and furious. Pretty unbelievable. The "FOCUS" feature was perfect timing for me as I just split my level one and two design classes this week! YES! So much easier and effective now.

Being able to apply a cat_list to focus categories would be amazing someday as well as all of Rob's Cat_list suggestions.

Mike Skocko

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Mike Skocko

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Game On v1.1.9

Ezio's masterpiece, part one, is lock by Focus which may be used to lock by profession, career, class, or whatever. As with most everything else, you can change the default name to what you prefer. I've changed Focus to Profession and will use that term in the descriptions below.

  • New setting in Options page (Focuses) is off by default
  • To activate, click the On field, add Focuses, click Save, scroll to bottom and click Save Options
  • I created three Professions for testing purposes
  • Add Profession categories ONLY via the Options page or you'll lose functionality
  • Quests in sidebar now feature Quest Categories and Profession Categories
  • Although you can, do NOT add Professions via the Profession Categories page
  • The Options page provides hard-coded variables and we leverage these for performance
  • Clipboard has new column called Professions
  • Professions field for each player populated with pull-down menu with the 3 Professions
  • You can assign Professions or sell them in the Store (more on that later)
  • New Quest page now includes optionalal Lock by Profession Focus checkbox
  • New Quest page also includes Profession Categories below Quest Categories
  • You get how this works, right? Ezio is a Picasso!

Note: I'm sure I missed or misstated some info so I'll follow up with Ezio and clean this up. Download and experiment with it to see for yourself. Update: Ezio approves the summation.

Direct Download

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/16/14 9:43:21 AM Permalink

One oddness - after loading and activating, a couple quick flashes and then the "Game On Options" page is displayed, but the "Dashboard" is highlighted. Not sure if this is a quirk in my system or general, but thought I'd mention it in case it matters.

Woot! This stuff looks great!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/16/14 12:08:16 PM Permalink

Didn't see the flashes on a test site but Dashboard is highlighted here as well. We'll look into it. Thanks!

David Peregrina

Posted on 1/16/14 6:08:46 PM Permalink

Beautiful work and hats off to what Ezio has done with this feature! I'm wondering if this would also be a good way to prevent Visual Design 1 students from accessing Visual Design 2 quests and still be able to see each other on the leaderboards. In other words, separating content of different courses while everyone is still part of the same game.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/16/14 7:23:50 PM Permalink

If you set it up that way, that's exactly how it'll work, David.

BTW, thanks for the push. Others have asked for something similar but your timing was aligned with the kids' growing coding skill sets. I see this as a huge step forward for Game On.

Ryan Hayes

Posted on 1/18/14 4:09:21 PM Permalink

Having issues with the clipboard.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Sites/boltstudios/wp-content/plugins/game-on-1.1.9/go_clipboard.php on line 105

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/18/14 10:29:31 PM Permalink

Odd. We're not getting that on any of our test sites. Will forward to the coders and report back.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/14 4:11:40 AM Permalink

Ezio fixed the problem with tweak to 1.2.1 (and I haven't even announced 1.2.0).

Two more friggin' epic updates! News tomorrow. I'm beat. Long day.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 1/20/14 9:01:16 AM Permalink

Wow, I really like this! the way I was bootlegging this was to restrict the quests based on experience. But this is sooooo much better!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/14 1:30:05 AM Permalink

Game On v1.1.8

Two epic new features, courtesy of Semar! Discussion about each and additional features planned may be found on this page.

Admin to Player Messaging

  • New text field in Clipboard called Message (replaces Reason).
  • If admin uses Add Bar to manually adjust points, currency, etc. Message field functions as Reason did.
  • If admin simply adds a message and targets one (or more) players, an in-game message is sent.
  • Select All button in Clipboard to send class-wide messages.
  • Players are notified of message status via new item in the admin bar at the top of each page.
  • A green circle containing a ZERO indicates no new messages.
  • A red circle indicates message waiting. Numeral indicates how many.
  • Player can read and dismiss message.
  • Status doesn't change until a new page loads (working on that).

File Uploader

  • Game On has a new submenu called email (to be leveraged for other features in the future)
  • Enter your email in the text field (not autofilled in case there are multiple admins)
  • Click the Submit button
  • Copy the shortcode [go_upload]
  • Paste the shortcode into appropriate stage (typically Complete and/or Mastery)
  • Uploader inserted inline
  • Stage auto-locked until file(s) uploaded. (Dang! Not working at present)
  • Optional require password after uploading.
  • When student submits file(s), admin receives an email from no-reply@go.net containing the user login and comments (if any). The subject line is the quest title and player's first and last name with the attached file.
  • When student submits file(s), the uploader disappears and Your message has been sent takes its place.


Mike Skocko

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Progress Report:

Ezio is working on restricting quests via categories. We feel this method will provide a lot of options and functionality. He feels he can complete this by early next week (if not sooner). For those who want to use it to limit access by career/course/other variable:

  • Set Careers (or whatever) on Options page (new field)
  • Each saved field automatically creates a corresponding category for quests
  • Quests will have an option to restrict by category
  • Viola! New multi-use restriction field

You could just choose restrict by an existing category but trying the career/course/whatever to the options page opens the connection to the players' profile page and that in turn can be used to sort data in Leaderboards, Clipboard, etc.

We may be looking at something pretty powerful on which to build. When this was first suggested way back in the olden days (last fall), we didn't have any idea how to do it. Now, another Holy Grail may be within reach...

Remember the requests to offer achievements or badges for X number of quests (or types of quests)? I referred to it as The Listener down here. Well, during a recent meeting I asked why we couldn't limit the database query to only when the Mastery button was clicked. Semar eyes snapped open and I could see the wheels turning.

A few seconds later, "That could work."

This project is so cool!

Mike Skocko

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Game On v1.1.7

Links in leaderboards and the blog page now open in a new window or tab (as they should have from the beginning).

Direct Download

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/7/14 3:20:31 AM Permalink

Game On v1.1.6

Leaderboard update (Courtesy of Ezio.)

  • Standings are numbered so players can tell at a glance if they're moving up or down the ladder.
  • Names now link to players' blogs. Yes! But the link doesn't open in a new window. No! (Will be fixed in next update.)

Seven-day and 30-day leaderboards are also in the works.

Direct Download

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/5/14 11:29:24 PM Permalink

Game On v1.1.5

Forest stepped up to solve the mystery of the Encounter Stage/Progress Bar glitch. Now the points are collected live rather than via the Accept Stage.

It's the little things that count!

Next up... Something you'll really like. :)

Direct Download

Adam Coulson

Posted on 1/5/14 10:26:02 PM Permalink

Mike, I decided to change my theme from pagelines to one of the Elegant Themes Rob suggested. I am having MAJOR problem with GameOn. The quests basically don't appear at all. They are literally just a black box on a single post page. Are there any certain kind of themes that we need to avoid for GameOn to work well. I am gonna have to scratch many hours of work on the new theme and revert back to Pagelines I guess for now.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/5/14 11:35:44 PM Permalink


Have you tried switching to 2014 or any of WP's default themes to test? We've not tested with many third-party themes.

A Thought: Pagelines depends on Templates. Did you turn those off before (or after) switching?

Adam Coulson

Posted on 1/6/14 12:35:55 AM Permalink

I think the templates are unique to each theme so when I switch the theme the new themes templates are applied. Every template has so many more nuances from each other that I didn't expect. Lots of restrictions and advantages but difficult to understand and apply techniques of each.

Unfortunately I must have just been unlucky with that theme. I have found other that work but I haven't found a them with a simple layout that I would like. I am spending way to much time learning about Wordpress and not get the massive amount of lesson work done I need.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/7/14 3:31:22 AM Permalink

When you create a new quest, does it appear? Is it just the old quests that glitches after the theme change? Did they work with 2014 (or 13 or 12)?

I am spending way to much time learning about Wordpress and not get the massive amount of lesson work done I need.

I know how you feel. The only solution is to be relentless like the tortoise and just keep plodding along every day.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/21/13 3:35:07 AM Permalink

Game On v1.1.4

Shortcode securely added to New Store Items. (You can highlight and copy but you cannot delete it.)

Inline shortcodes for store items in quests fully functional. See v1.1.3 Fragnog for more details.

Annette Whitby

Posted on 12/21/13 10:33:30 PM Permalink

Sorry : 0 ) I'm confused about where to find the link for the v1.1.4 update. Please advise.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/22/13 4:49:02 PM Permalink

Annette Whitby

Posted on 12/23/13 12:43:47 AM Permalink

Thanks, Mike! Enjoy the break.

I'm getting ready to check out the updates!



Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/20/13 8:09:53 PM Permalink

Subscribing so I get emailed when updates are posted.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/22/13 4:55:51 PM Permalink

Are you getting email notifications, Matthew? Or is anyone?

I've not received anything—even in the spam filter.

Annette Whitby

Posted on 12/23/13 12:45:15 AM Permalink

Hmmm . . . Nope, I haven't received any email notifications . . .

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/24/13 1:25:57 PM Permalink

Nope; like Annette, I haven't gotten anything. In fact, I haven't receive any updates to anything within the group. :-(

Though I do get updates for resources/discussions from the main EdEx community just fine. Must be something related to the group status. If Adobe take a look at this, could we also ask about favoriting? That, too, doesn't work within the group, which means getting here takes a couple extra unnecessary steps.

I like the group; this feels much chummier and it's easier to keep track of the conversations by a long shot. But I'd like the basic EdEx functionality to work here, too. Looking to see if there is any clear path for me to pursue bringing this to the attention of the EdEx folks...aha, I've sent a message via the Help Pages, which looks like it should be directed to the correct group, but if you know of a direct path, Mike you might also want to pursue your channels.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/24/13 2:33:25 PM Permalink


Total agreement. I'm going to wait until the 26th to contact the AEE brain trust though. Adobe closes shop company-wide over the holiday so we may not see action until after the 1st.

I'm hoping they just forgot to click a check box.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/28/13 9:56:40 PM Permalink

No word back yet. Will probably be early January when everyone gets back.

I've also included a note about sharing direct links via social media. If one's not logged in to the AEE, they get this message when trying to view this thread:


This group is private and available only for group members.

Not ideal.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/7/14 3:34:47 AM Permalink

Reply from Adobe:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the bug reports.

We'll tackle the bugs with the group showing as private, the last activity timing, and the email notifications not going out and look to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Regarding the favorite functionality, we'll add that to our to-do list for the future and see when we can tackle that request.

Regarding sorting of discussions, the default sort is by last activity, which is why we don't have an option to sort that way. But, we will change the terminology on the "Date" option to be "Date Created" to make that more clear, and we can look into adding an option for "Recently Active" to enable switching between different sorting options without having to refresh the page to get back to the default view.


The AEE Team


Good to know they're in our corner.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/7/14 5:01:24 PM Permalink

New Reply from Adobe:

Hi Mike,

We pushed a new build last night that resolves a few of these bugs including the group showing as private and the Date Created sorting option.

The commenting issue will be fixed by next Monday (when we're pushing a major site-wide update to our commenting system).

The favorites and the Recently Active sorting option will be tackled at a later date.

Let us know if you continue to see bugs.


The AEE Team


Fixing the PRIVATE bug was huge for us. Now we can share the group's resources with others outside the AEE. But I don't get the sorting fix. Right now on the discussions page it says:

Game On

Group Type: Public Group
Last Activity: 1 week ago


But I added this topic a few hours ago. Oh well, at least we know they're listening. :)

Nathan Scherer

Posted on 12/20/13 5:07:57 PM Permalink

just trying to get in on the updates!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/20/13 10:06:05 AM Permalink

Game On v1.1.3 (again) Fragnog! They'll fix it in the morning. You may want to wait for v1.1.4 unless you're an update junkie like me.

Inline shortcodes! Just tested it with a store item in a quest and it works!


  • Though the quests have the shortcode in a text field ready to copy, the store items do not. That (hopefully) will be added in v1.1.4
  • Don't use an existing store item if you want to award a single bonus. Create a new store item, do NOT add it to a category (or create a One-Time-Only category and don't add the new category to your Store), and set the repeat to 1. Tying the store item name to the quest's name might be a good strategy to avoid duplicate names. Your call.
  • Look at the the New Store Item URL and find the post=11620 info (your number will differ). The shortcode for this store item is: [go_store id="11620"] (substitute your store item's post ID for the 11620).

Like I said, the shortcode will appear in a text field ASAP.