Exporting Individual Quests | Necessary Tools

Howdy all! I have this plugin called Necessary Tools that I haven't updated in a while. One of the things that I thought would fit perfectly in the feature list was the selective exporting of posts. I just released version 1.1.1 and it's available on the WordPress plugin directory right now.

The exporter has full support for custom post types. This means that one of our most wanted daydreams (being able to export individual quests) has become reality.

Note that there is a potential conflict between Game On and Necessary Tools, as the post cloning feature is provided by both. I've accounted for this by providing an options page, through which the Necessary Tools features can be turn off. Turn off the Necessary Tools clone post button and there will no longer be two clone buttons. The full write-up is on my blog, if you would like to read further.

Try it out and consider giving it a review!

Oh and in the early stages of the plugin (>1 a year ago) someone left a 1-star review. Unfortunately, there isn't anything I can do to remove it. Rest assured, the issue that it mentions is long gone. C'est la vie.

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