New Game On Teacher... Any way to revoke or remove badges, or require them for certain projects?

Hi, folks,

I'm setting up Game On for my elementary engineering classroom next year. (They'll be building a lot of physical projects, using the system as a web portal to track quests and points and purchase materials.) I want to have a Safety Badge that they earn early on that is required for more advanced quests that I can take away (either with the clipboard or a store item or some other accessible way) if they violate the safety rules. Am I missing a simple way to do that, or is it not built in?

Also, is there a way to require a badge to do a project? I know you can filter for levels and honor.

Thanks for this amazing system, Mike.


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Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 6/29/17 5:30:27 PM Permalink

​Thanks! I haven't tried that yet, since I haven't onboarded any students, but I'll make a note of it.

Thanks for adding the Badge filter, that's awesome. Is it safe to upgrade or should I wait until the bugs shake out? I would ideally like to have my system ready to go at the start of the school year in mid-August.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/29/17 6:20:59 PM Permalink

I'll be writing a new post shortly but yes, it's safe to upgrade. We need to keep testing to find bugs as a group. We find 'em, Forest squishes them.

When removing badges, remember the minus sign before the Badge ID.

Latest Game On Release at ​top of this page.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/27/17 7:27:56 PM Permalink

​Sometimes the answer is hiding in plain sight.

Steps to delete a badge:

  1. Navigate to the clipboard and select the student(s) whose badges you wish to delete.​
  2. Enter -[badge ID number] in the Badge ID text field.
  3. Add a reason (optional) and Click the Add button.

That's been sitting in front of my face for years and I'd never considered it until a few minutes ago.

And thanks to you, Kerrick, we now have a Badge Filter for Quests and Store Items via ​v3.0.6


Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 3/17/17 9:42:49 PM Permalink

​Thanks! I'll leave it in my plans, then.

This system is very exciting to me. I'm curious to see how it adapts to my students. We have a few challenges: Much younger students (3rd-5th graders), physical projects (rubber band airplanes and such), and not enough laptops for each kid in a class to have their own the whole time. So I'll probably be an outlier in testing the system.

I'm so glad you've built this, Mike. I looked into virtually everything else available, and it took me forever to find GO. I was on the verge of trying to kludge my own with Google Sheets and Sites, but that way lay madnesssssss.

I did find an interesting free QR loyalty card system that would let me basically have a classroom store, using cards with QR codes that can be scanned the way they do at cafes. But since the store is built in I'm happy not to have to duplicate it


Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/17/17 10:05:11 PM Permalink

We began with Google Sheets back in Fall of 2011 because we couldn't find another option. Madnessssss is right. Two students began building what was to become Game On near the semester's end. ​It was a long haul but we finally have something dependable.

The v3 launch should be exciting... and painful as it will be kind of like the move from OS 9 to OS X. Cutting the cord is a hard call but necessary.

Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures, Kerrick!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/17/17 7:57:15 PM Permalink

​Hi Kerrick,

Welome to the group!

There's currently no way to revoke a badge other than digging into the database manually but we'll put this request into the queue as it's a great idea. The same with building in a badge filter.

We're pretty later in the year so this will be folded into the to do list for Game On v3 which we'll be—hopefully—releasing in early in June.