Lesson 2 Logo Design - The Golden Ratio

Lesson Plan Published 8/31/18 Last updated on 5/5/19

Key Elements:

The process of developing a concept - Students are presented with sketches from other designers so they can learn about the concept development of designing a logo. - Ask if they can see the elements of design Line, Form, Shape

Critical thinking and establishing design criteria - Hands on Activity (critical thinking) - Students are on the tables

Select a logo and trace the circles used to make the logo - Why the logo works? What is it trying to say? What are the elements?

Developing ideas - Hands on activity (sketching) - Give students a piece of paper and pencil. Recreate the logo with a different animal - Stop the fear of white canvas


Learn the type tool and outlines Create negative and positive space Un-group shapes

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Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts
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