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Hey guys, I was disappointed from a previous shared asset (social media templates), which I was going to used for my student during the month of February, as it is Black History Month, and this template would be ideal. (or tweak it for your own needs)
The students are to propose and choice a historical black figure of their choice, collect the research, and from there take on the role as said figure. Here is where it gets a bit fun, interesting, or weird, but the student still must keep the relevancy and historical elements in tact (how much is up to the teacher's rubric and discretion), and take on the persona of their character, and create what their social media profile would look, what they would share, talk about, heck, even the kind of memes (tasteful, and school appropriate of course) with another figure.
For example, imagine Dr. Martin Luther King sharing a cat meme with Ghandi..who knows.
Anywho, these assets were downloaded from their respective company's branding site, with the exception of the "Black History Template 2017", as that was downloaded from another site (Freebies Cafe, but it was originally a PSD file, & can include that as well.) but I've tweaked some of the objects, and expanded the art board to allow for more content. The content from Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter have their own assets, such as for web, mobile, android & Apple.
Tweak it to heart's delight.
(edit, to include source, "Freebies Cafe")

*Edit 2/26/2020

I've added the IG Social Media templates for Online, Print & Packaging, & TV and Film assets from their branding website.

Tools to unzip, unrar

PC - WinRar, 7zip, Winzip

Mac - Winzip (Mac), Unarchiver, Izip

*Edit again:

files exceed 50mb, so I'm linking it here to IG Screenshots. (select either Online, Print & Packaging , or TV & Film)

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Illustrator

    Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.

Age Levels
1+ Week
Custom Standards
Visual Communication with Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design & Illustration with Adobe Illustrator
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Empowered Learner, Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Knowledge Constructor

Its best if the student has a good understanding of layers, selections, and naming conventions. It's mostly drag and drop, but the nesting of folders can confuse students.
I recommend having them write/type a proposal of their idea/concept, and review the relevancy of their sources, and then have them edit their information, photos. If working in Photoshop, layers, and layer masks, or clipping mask, and if Illustrator, same thing, except maybe demo how to create a mask with their embedded/linked images.
I would say this can be a week to almost two week project, depending on your school schedule. I will print these out to use for the Black History Play/Month as well.
Kids enjoy seeing their finish product...especially since I got a new Roland printer!
I recommend setting up check points along the way, and make the students aware of their deadline too.
Good luck.

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Ratmany Kang

Posted on 3/26/20 4:24:32 AM Permalink

abc dfh

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​Hi Guys, You may also like these ​Coronavirus Memes Templates to make free memes for social media like facebook, instagram or twitter. Make your own viral memes in seconds.

Nathalia Hardy

Posted on 2/26/20 12:26:18 PM Permalink

​Hi, Just tried to download the instagram UI Profile, using Keka, which informed me that "the extraction call received an empty list." Ideas? this looks like a cool template and could save me a ton of time. Thanks.

Ratmany Kang

Posted on 2/26/20 7:40:57 PM Permalink

​I'm not familiar with Keka, but did look it up, and it looks alike an archival tool just like Winrar, 7zip. I just downloaded the file and unzip to test, and they are there. (We are mostly a PC district, and I used PC, prior to teaching, so I'm sorry)
​Have you tried these other options?
​​Option 1​​​

​Option 2 (minus Keka)

​Option 3​​​​​​

​AND lastly, just in case it STILL didn't work, here are their branding assets, straight from the IG website.

​Also, I don't believe Keka is a downloader tool(can be wrong, as I don't own a Mac or Keka), as you would have to manually download it, and then unarchive with the software tool, "Keka"..just read your comment above, stating you "download the instagram UI Profile, using Keka..."

Nathalia Hardy

Posted on 2/27/20 5:17:29 AM Permalink

Thanks- I used Option 1. so now I just need to add layers to build individual Instagram pages over the template? ps- this is going to save me a tone of time. Thanks.

Ratmany Kang

Posted on 3/18/20 1:04:35 PM Permalink

No problem Nathalia! Just trying to help!! The layers are all there. It's very heavy on layers, and some layers are locked as well, so you will have to unlock them to use them.​

Nathalia Hardy

Posted on 3/10/20 11:43:04 AM Permalink

​yeah, that is what I meant. Thanks