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How to Create Hand Washing Marketing during a Pandemic - (currently a distance learning lesson?)

Project Published 3/15/20 Last updated on 3/15/20

I created this lesson on Thursday March 12 but was only able deliver it to my morning class the following day as our school emptied out by the afternoon (along with, it seems, much of Manhattan). It remains unclear when I will be able to deliver it in person to my students so this may be the first many of "distance learning" projects this spring.

All work is communicated and submitted via Google Classroom. When students arrive to class, the only assignment available is the Do Now. The project, resources, and video tutorial are posted following the Do Now. Here are examples of the Do Now, model photos, drafts, and final product.

Learning Target: I will create marketing using the paintbrush tool to encourage my peers to exercise good hygiene by washing their hands frequently.


Do Now: Using the paintbrush, create an "illustration" of a student washing their hands in the sink. (5-7 minutes) During this process, repeatedly say: "It's not that serious." "You're doing great!" "This is just a quick exercise." Afterwards, project student submissions to board. Everyone will LOL. [The significance of this Do Now is to serve as a reminder of the fundamentals of the paintbrush in addition to offering some contrast with their final product.]


Instruct students to turn off monitors or rotate screens. Play the video tutorial, pausing occasionally to check for understanding.

Independent work period:

Students will spend ~30 minutes tracing photos of their choice. They will submit as a PSD at the end of class. In subsequent classes they will finalize the art, use the paintbucket to add color, add a slogan of their choice with fonts from

Teachers, where ever you are, I wish you the best of luck this week and beyond.

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1+ Day
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator

Photoshop, photos of students washing their Hands and, if delivering this lesson in March of 2020, a face mask.

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