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Creating a marketing digital flyer with Spark

Project Published 2/23/19 Last updated on 2/28/20

You will place images and text into a presentation format – in this case a digital flyer that will be linked to emails and other marketing material. Text is already available and you will need to combine the text with your selected images to complete the flyer.


For this task you will create a digital flyer using Adobe Spark, an easy to use and elegant web design solution to promote the realtor’s open house. You will use the text provided for each section of the flyer and you will integrate your photographs appropriately throughout. You will visit a free stock photography website ( and gather images of home exteriors, home interiors, images of food, and a business-type portrait. It can be any type of real estate that might be put on the market; you will need 2 – 3 attractive images that represent the interior style and 2 – 3 photographs that convey the property scale and curb appeal of buildings. You will need at least one food image, one business portrait, and one real estate video (locate this on Youtube)

You will then lay these out in a Spark web page. You may choose to use any of the design templates available for Adobe Spark, so select one that you consider apt for the real estate open house. Lead off with your food photograph and the lead text as indicated in the provided document. Follow with the images you have taken inside and outside the building, then conclude with the business portrait and caption (provided). All your images should have post-production applied.

See this example.

Text for flyer:

Good Earth & Living Realty Text

Title of Event: Good Earth & Living Realty

Subtitle: Open House at 10 Main Street at 5pm on [enter a current]

Opening text:

You are invited to a special reception and open house of our new listing at 10 Main Street! Enjoy first class "tapas" provided by La Casa de España as you look through the rooms of this well- appointed home with recently renovated bathrooms and kitchen.

Text to accompany business portrait:

Caption: Noah Clemens, 2018 Realtor of the Year Winner

Hi! I am looking forward to meeting your at our reception. Working with Good Earth & Living Realty has given me the opportunity to place many clients in homes they continue to love. Let’s work together to find your dream home!

Project Specifications

  1. Digital Flyer, Adobe Spark site, includes:
    1. Content: Provided Good Earth & Living Realty text
    2. Content: Food images
    3. Content: 2 – 3 interior images, 2 – 3 exterior images
    4. Content: a related video selected from YouTube
    5. Format: Spark site URL


  1. Review the Adobe Spark tutorial Learning Activity (see below) prior to beginning this task.
  2. Using the feedback your have received, select the final photographs of the business portrait, food, interior, and exterior that you would like to use for the digital flyer and create a Collection in Lightroom with only these images.
  3. Log in to Adobe Spark ( using your Adobe Creative Cloud log in credentials. Click the large blue Plus sign on the top of the page and select Page. (See Digital Flyer Tutorial for help )
  4. On the upper right corner of the window, click on Themes and select a design look that you would like to work with and that you think would be appropriate for a real estate company. (You can change your theme at any time, but you might get some unexpected results if you do).
  5. Add the lead photo for the food shot, title, and subtitle (for text use the provided information) You will be able to directly access your images in Lightroom, so there is no need to export them in preparation.
  6. Now click the Plus sign at the bottom of the photo and select Text. Type in the provided opening text
  7. Now click the Plus sign add a glideshow of images of the exterior and interior; add appropriate text in each text field that describes that space, such as “kitchen”, “living room”, ect…
  8. At the end of the glideshow, click the Plus sign and add a Photo and insert your business head shot. Save and add a caption.
  9. Click the Plus sign and add a text page and complete the flyer with the provided text.
  10. You are welcome to explore features and options of Spark and add any other elements that you think are suitable.
  11. Add in a video that you have located in Youtube related to real estate
  12. When you are ready to wrap up, click Share at the top of the screen, enter a title for your page and slect a category, then click Create Link. Adobe Spark will generate your link. Click the Copy button.
  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

  • Lightroom

    The cloud-based photo service for people who love photography.

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Jason Katsoff

Posted on 9/12/19 9:28:25 PM Permalink

Hi Doug, this is a great resource! However the example you posted is not retrievable by others. Would you please open the Spark Page, then publish/share it​, and post the new link here? I'm eager to review it. Thanks, Jason.