Jose Pause Carrero
Graphic Designer/ Visual Artist

Illustrative layout for digital presentation

Presentation Published 1/7/18 Last updated on 4/10/19

Hello, I hope all is well as for myself I have uploaded a sample of a template for research on artisans related to the subjects and topics of your choice for study. Of course, related to the subject in question I created it on InDesign based of a method my wife uses for teaching my son about the presentation of their research in an illustrative manner beyond the conventional methods of paper and pencil. This also gives them the second presentation method from print to digital one for the teacher and the other one shared for the world to have at their fingertips. I have created a spark page outlining the details as well as the concepts of my method which is always a good way to make let's say boring materials fun. Other than that I hope you enjoy and make use of it this doesn't just pertain to the concept I outline this can be useful for several forms of presentation on whatever subject. A recipe page in a cook or your web blog the possibilities for use are endless leaving nothing impossible. Thank you for your time and consideration please follow the Adobe Spark link.

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    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

  • InDesign

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1-2 Hours
Content Standards
Print & Digital Media Publication with Adobe InDesign
Custom Standards
Designing the template on Indesign and adding all pertaining details to the subject as well as images. Then to be produced on Adobe spark as a learning journal entry and descriptive process.
Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Technology Operations and Concepts

Adobe Indesign and related Picasso images from Google PIcs. The use of Adobe Spark was also used to create a web page outlining the process of my method and concept of researching influential people and their work related to subjects. If you need further or inspiration for your process my portfolio online is always available. thank you for your time and consideration please stay blessed.

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Ahmed Belal

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Thanks for sharing