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Creating a Key Stage 3 Science based self assessment app with Adobe XD.

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This resource is all about creating a simple app prototype for assessing Key Stage 3 Science. I have opted to focus on photosynthesis but you could use this for any part of the science curriculum. This could also be a fun cross curricula project building digital skills and reinforcing core learning. Either way Adobe XD is easy and fun.

What is Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is the process used by plants and algae to create chemical energy from sunlight. “Almost all life on Earth depends upon this process. Photosynthesis is also important in maintaining the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.” (BBC Bitesize)

More about photosynthesis here:

User experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure experienced during the interaction between the user and the product. In this case we’ll create an assessment app prototype.

The first thing we need to consider is what the app will do. We want our students to be able to self assess their level of understanding of photosynthesis (or whatever you decide your theme might be). So let’s start with three key questions that a KS3 science student should know the answer to:

  1. What three things do plants need for photosynthesis? (Answer: Carbon Dioxide, Water and Light (A source of energy))
  2. What two things do plants make by photosynthesis? (Answer: Glucose and Oxygen)
  3. Photosynthesis takes place inside plant cells in small objects called XXXX? (Answer: Chloroplasts)

I have created a template that you can edit to suit your needs or to let your students edit. The Adobe XD template can be found here:

First watch this 2 minute introduction to Adobe XD and interactivity:

Then watch this tutorial about how you might edit the XD template to use for your own Science (or any other subject) assessment tool:

Adobe XD is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you can find out more here:

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about Adobe XD:

To find out more about Adobe for Schools in the UK, visit the Adobe for Teachers website

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