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Create a Mini Social Media Campaign for the ISTE Standards!

Lesson Plan Published 2/24/20 Last updated on 3/31/20

In this workshop, educators will be introduced to the ISTE Student Standards. After an introductory whole workshop activity. Professional Learners will split into groups to unpack an ISTE Student standard in-depth and create an example of how that standard could be applied in the classroom. Teachers will represent their learning via a mini social media campaign created in Spark that includes one graphic hook and a long-form digital essay showing how their chosen standard applies to classroom practice. Finally, each group will share their ideas with the entire workshop and receive a group assessment from their peers. The idea here is to give teachers a project-based learning experience that familiarizes them with the ISTE Student Standards and acts as an example of a creative project that could be turn-keyed to their own subject areas. Additionally, this project models how active Digital Citizenship can be integrated into classroom activites.

Thank you to my coworker Melissa Boucher for creating a "student" sample as I could not implement this idea before the due date of the ISTE-Adobe challenge.

See how a mini social media campaign project could be used in Participation in Government or Civics.

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

Age Levels
1+ Day
ISTE Standards
Educators: Citizen, Educators: Collaborator, Educators: Designer
  • Adobe Spark
  • Internet connection
  • Presentation hardware

Enthusiasm for empowering students!

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Eduardo Alva Lopez

Posted on 3/9/20 2:06:50 PM Permalink

​Hi Justine,

I loved the flow of your lesson. In my district, many educators have no knowledge of the ISTE standards, so having an engaging lesson like this makes sense to me. I can see this being applied in our next Technology PD. Thank you for sharing.