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The Silk Road

Project Published 4/2/20 Last updated on 6/12/20

In this activity, secondary school students will consider the impact of trade on society today by engaging with a big question: What are the positive and negative impacts of global trade routes?

Objective: Students will be asked “Have you ever considered where your food, clothes and other items come from?” Using a combination of Khan Academy videos and lessons, students will learn about the Silk Road. Students will then create a tourism advertisement in Adobe Spark Post that summarizes their knowledge focusing on positive and negative impacts of global trade.

The attached resources for this Khan + Create Activity are ready for students to use, including step-by-step guides and all the resources they need to get started.

This activity was contributed by Cristen Magaletti, who has a MA from NYU in Social Studies and Secondary Education. She has an extensive background in curriculum design and instruction and is a current teacher who has worked in public schools and private schools for decades.

Note on format: In the attached resources you’ll see PDF and Google Docs versions. In the Google Doc version, you can view without needing a log on, and you can export to any standard file formats (e.g. PDF or .docx), or make a copy and edit to adapt as your own Google Doc to share. To do so, simply select File > Make a copy and add to your Google Drive, or download the file to your preferred file type.

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Age Levels
1-2 Hours
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Empowered Learner, Students: Knowledge Constructor
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Sheryline Bustarga

Posted on 6/23/20 1:19:50 PM Permalink

​Awesome resource. Thanks for sharing