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Table Tent Template

Digital Asset Published 8/4/15 Last updated on 5/16/18

When presenting to a group, it is often difficult to remember names and make connections with participants. Sometimes, it is helpful for users to remember their motivation for coming, and how they feel at the end may be different from how they felt at the beginning. Sometimes, they need to ask you a question and forget your contact info, and sometimes they want additional help but don't want to ask in front of their co-workers.

I have created this table tent template for presenters. It has a large area for names, contact information etc. Folded in half lengthwise, it creates a great presenting helper keeping peoples name and department at your fingertips.

These .INDD and .AI files can be customized to you and your presentation, and only uses text and shapes for easy editing. Please enjoy!

Tyler Dockery

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Tyler Dockery

Posted on 8/4/15 5:43:58 PM Permalink

It goes without saying, but "your name" slots are for you, the presenter. Blanks should be filled in by participants so you can see their names & firm/department while presenting so you can address them by name, or tailor your presentation to their subject area.

I hope you guys enjoy this. If you present, don't forget to bring several extras printed on card stock so that if new people show up, you are prepared.