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The Creative Classroom

Presentation Published 6/26/13 Last updated on 7/27/18

I posted this to my Facebook page last night and thought it might be of interest over here. It is a reaction to Adobe Education's research paper "Creativity and Education: Why it Matters". I am a bit leery of formalizing the subject of "Creativity" into an academic role and, instead, suggest that it can't be taught. It must,though be fostered.

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Llana Bruggemann

Posted on 5/15/16 3:48:56 PM Permalink

In spite of the age of this post (3 years ago!!!), I think the content is very current. 'Go and be creative' is a tricky command ;-) It needs to be a personal journey; a complex one, at that! Thanks for sharing this, Tom.

Kenya Cross

Posted on 7/15/13 8:25:26 PM Permalink

I'm not seeing anything to read or watch. Am I overlooking a link?

Tom Green

Posted on 7/16/13 11:05:05 PM Permalink

muhammad mizan

Posted on 7/15/13 8:03:16 AM Permalink

allright, nice!

Tom Green

Posted on 7/4/13 4:09:58 PM Permalink

hutt petviashvilli

Posted on 7/4/13 12:43:45 PM Permalink

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