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Easy animated infographics with Flash Professional

Digital Asset Published 10/25/14 Last updated on 4/29/19

Make your own infographics—and supercharge them with animation! In this session you’ll learn how to use Adobe Flash Professional to add drawings, images, and text to your infographics, and then export them for playback on Adobe Flash Player.

1-2 Hours

Adobe Illustrator

Flash Professional

CC License
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Katherine Yamashita

Posted on 2/8/16 5:22:48 PM Permalink

I am the same about the content. I teach high school and this is definitely NOT appropriate in my school board. I suggest you change the recommended level to college university. Too bad, it looks like a good video.

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 2/8/16 5:28:46 PM Permalink

The grade level indicated isn't a content rating - but a rating for techniques and concepts. You can use whatever content and subject matter you want. I do a lot of work around absinthe education and dispelling myths and bad practices - so this is absolutely an appropriate subject *for me and those I am trying to educate*.

Kevin McDaniel

Posted on 1/7/15 12:26:26 AM Permalink

Kevin McDaniel

Posted on 1/6/15 10:23:59 PM Permalink

Is this really an age-appropriate tutorial for anyone in grades 6 through 12?

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 1/6/15 10:30:34 PM Permalink

Technically, I believe so. I teach university though - so am open to feedback from those with younger students.
In terms of content-appropriateness: this is for the individual instructor to decide. This is a conceptual project which can be easily modified to inform against whatever subject you wish.

Kevin McDaniel

Posted on 1/7/15 12:30:01 AM Permalink

I would love to use a tutorial like this, but because the example is about an alcoholic beverage, I would not be able to do so. It's beautifully done but best saved for students of legal drinking age.