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What is Adobe Camera RAW

Technical Tutorial Published 12/18/10 Last updated on 5/16/18
The very basics about what is Photoshop Camera RAW
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    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

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Bojan Živkovi?

Posted on 12/22/10 8:01:13 AM Permalink

Open-ended doesn't mean without rules, there are many rules indeed. First we need to know the purpose of the Internet and to identify policies that will lead to the goal. Internet exists primarily to bring together people and increase the amount of knowledge and its dissemination to all people in the world. What do you say for rule (reward system, not exactly strict rule) that every website or blog should have a Google translator or any other. Here I publish articles that can not be used by people who do not speak English and many of them do not know about and do not use any translator.

I want to draw your attention to my blog Photoshop tipovi i trikovi, altought it is in Serbian language, zou can translate it with Google translator which is included. Pay attention to content. On right side bar are links to books recommended from Adobe (PeachPit and Adobe Press), on tabs on top I have provided all necessary information's: where to get certificate, where to ask and get correct answer (pitanja i odgovori), free learning resources (Adobe TV included), I am encouraging other to start writing (Prilozite clanak), free resources for icons, fonts, psd, brushes are on Besplatni resursi tab, on right side bar I have labels What is Adobe Systems, What is Photoshop, Bridge, Camera RAW, Photoshop Elements. What is all about? Try to search in Serbian for topic I have covered and you will find some forums with some people who give answers and navigate people who know where for further questions and learning. What can be done? Google or Adobe can manage, give some standards and provide to search results recommended sites, no need to change displayed search results, most clicks will be on top, but can assign recommended sites with star or whatever or provide link which will open recommended sites and those sites must have included links to official learning resources and official help. I try to explain what is all about and in my opinion I dont care only about my blog. I am managing and my English version Adobe Photoshop Secrets in same style and try to give example of how Internet can be better and more useful and how should be standards managed. Not exactly but with some of those elements I have mentioned.

Adobe Education

Posted on 12/21/10 3:30:49 AM Permalink

Hi Bojan

Interesting thoughts on the tutorials and recommendations. I'm not sure how you could implement that across the board as the Internet is so open-ended. At this time Adobe has recommended training partners for things like certification ( that are recommeneded. Additionally once you become Adobe certified ( than you are recommended by Adobe as someone who is knowledgable about the software. You can become a training center or instructor ( And then there are Adobe communities like the Adobe Developer Connection ( that brings evangelists and progfessionals together to network and share resources. I think that's how we deal with quality control at the moment.

Look forward to your additional posts!

~Adobe Ed

Bojan Živkovi?

Posted on 12/20/10 8:36:01 AM Permalink

Yes, and I start with What is Camera RAW. It is my method, first explain what is subject you are writing about, then write tutorials. In addition I think that Internet need changes, every blog and site must provide link to official resource with official explanation and official learning resource, because everyone (including me) can write on Internet and some time may wrongly inform readers. As far as I know Adobe does not have an official recommendation for books to be used and I think it should be changed. Then give benefits to people who setup links in their websites and blogs to official training resources. In this action must be included and Google and other search providers which will also give benefits to sites with links to official recommendations. This is my thoughts about how to make Internet better place and more efficient, especially in therms of education.

I will post Getting started with overview of Camera RAW functions and tools and off course how to open file in Camera RAW which is basic for getting started.

Adobe Education

Posted on 12/20/10 2:25:01 AM Permalink

wow - you did the translation so quickly Bojan. thanks so much - it's really interesting.