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PD: Creativity and Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark

Technical Tutorial Published 2/26/17 Last updated on 4/25/19

Students (and their teachers) love Adobe Spark and its ability to create beautiful videos, web stories, and graphics. The apps are fun, engaging, and actively encourage creative expression.

Adobe Spark is incredibly easy to learn, so formal instruction and training is rarely needed. What educators do ask for, however, is guidance on how Spark can, and should, be used in the classroom.

Over the past couple of years, Adobe educators have been conducting in-school and online professional development focused on creativity, digital storytelling, and the role that Adobe Spark plays in supporting the same. This kit is the culmination of these efforts. It contains everything you need to host your own productive and informative in-school PD session.

The kit contains everything you need to host a successful Professional Development session on Creativity and Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark:

  • Instructor notes
  • Slides
  • Participant guide
  • Education guide
  • Event invitation
  • Details on how to get Spark branded handouts

The Adobe Spark team plans to update the kit regularly, so any and all feedback is appreciated.

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation
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Hermila Loya

Posted on 9/5/19 4:57:01 PM Permalink

​WOW, thanks for sharing!

Stefania Buzatu

Posted on 9/5/19 12:48:47 PM Permalink

​Thank you so much!

Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/1/19 5:43:35 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing highly appreciated your efforts

Judy Durkin

Posted on 9/1/19 1:02:10 AM Permalink

​Thanks, Ben!

Great Stuff

Shawn Canney

Posted on 8/26/19 4:58:12 PM Permalink

​This is great! I love the link to the "Spark in K-12."

Lisa Espinosa

Posted on 8/20/19 2:27:17 PM Permalink

awesome! Thank you!​

Gustavo Menezes

Posted on 8/14/19 3:57:07 PM Permalink

​Thank you!

Melody Volk

Posted on 8/14/19 1:03:32 PM Permalink

​Thanks for these resources. I am presenting this at our college and I wanted a way to show all the instructors that this is an easy program to use.

Luana Lehman

Posted on 8/12/19 4:44:07 PM Permalink

​Thank you!

Jr-Shi Tseng

Posted on 7/16/19 7:52:27 PM Permalink


Alper Ciftci

Posted on 7/10/19 7:16:06 AM Permalink


Ann White

Posted on 7/5/19 9:12:20 AM Permalink

Yes. I believe it is my best bet for compilation of my Third graders Health and Science Class work. Thank-you!​

Ma. Mercedes Buendia

Posted on 6/19/19 6:54:56 AM Permalink

​I want to start using Adobe Spark right away!

Xiomara Romine

Posted on 6/11/19 2:30:23 PM Permalink

​Thanks for this resource. I just finished the Adobe Spark Train the Trainer course and will use this as a template to plan a PD for my CTAE teachers!

Darshani Persadh

Posted on 5/19/19 7:37:52 PM Permalink

great resources, thank you for sharing

Cortez William

Posted on 5/19/19 4:48:14 AM Permalink

​Thank you for sharing. It will definitely encourage active expression in the creativity of students in the class.

Mike Victorio

Posted on 5/17/19 8:28:08 AM Permalink

​Thanks for the material.

Margaret Purvis

Posted on 5/8/19 2:52:35 PM Permalink

Thank you Ben

Daniel Azu

Posted on 5/2/19 12:36:21 AM Permalink

​This is great. Thank you Ben Forta.

Ben Forta

Posted on 4/25/19 7:22:58 PM Permalink

​Hi all.

The Spark PD Kit has been updated to include some of the new features added to Spark.

Thanks for the positive feedback to date. And do let us know how we can further improve this resource.

--- Ben

Georgina Dean

Posted on 4/27/19 11:26:43 PM Permalink

Thanks for the share Ben, just in time for the course starting Monday!




Posted on 5/1/19 11:56:47 PM Permalink

Thank you, Ben!

Schellia Robertson

Posted on 4/16/19 3:51:56 PM Permalink

​I want to learn Spark and get my certification. When does the free course start?

Georgina Dean

Posted on 4/27/19 11:22:09 PM Permalink

Hi Schellia,

I just registered for the free course today - it starts on April 29th, see you there!


P. James Bryans

Posted on 4/10/19 2:51:48 AM Permalink

​Thank you. Great starter kit for my teacher peers not familiar with Spark.

Tahlia Dahmes

Posted on 4/9/19 4:03:50 AM Permalink

​Thanks, this is useful for training!

Carly Manhart

Posted on 4/6/19 7:13:54 AM Permalink

Very cool, thanks!​

Tracey Anderson

Posted on 3/25/19 2:05:07 PM Permalink


Aaron Kapala

Posted on 3/20/19 9:47:58 PM Permalink

This is great, thanks Ben


Posted on 3/14/19 5:25:11 AM Permalink

​Thanks Ben. Will use it in my class.

Geeta Sadashivan

Posted on 3/10/19 3:30:36 AM Permalink

​This is great! There's been some interest in my department about multimedia essays --this kit is perfect to show everyone that great --and FREE-- options exist.

JB New

Posted on 3/6/19 9:38:57 AM Permalink

useful and inspirational.

Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 2/24/19 6:35:41 AM Permalink

​Inspirational for other educators!! Thanks Ben

Ali Imam Reza

Posted on 2/20/19 8:08:32 PM Permalink

​thanks for sharing.

Julian Watt

Posted on 2/19/19 10:41:08 AM Permalink

Very handy resource, thanks!

Xanthe Long

Posted on 2/18/19 10:02:06 PM Permalink

​this looks great, I will use in my design classes

Susanna Cole

Posted on 2/5/19 4:33:26 PM Permalink

​Is it possible for students to have an account if they do not have an e-mail address?

Zoe Rea

Posted on 1/29/19 9:42:48 PM Permalink

​I've offered to hold a CPD session on Spark at my school, so will definitely use this - thanks!

Ben Forta

Posted on 1/22/19 1:46:05 PM Permalink

​Yes, there are definitely overlapping tools and more than one way to solve any problem. But Spark Page is not specifically designed for e-books or portfolios (although we do see quite a bit of the latter created in Spark Page). The best way to think of Spark Page is that it gets used where you might have used Google Docs or Microsoft Word, it's a document, created as a modern responsive web page. The created page is available as a URL that can be linked as needed, and embedded into other systems.

Vladimir Portnykh

Posted on 1/21/19 10:41:36 PM Permalink

Hi there, I am getting over excited about Spark in Education and a bit confused. ​

There is. Adobe Captivate. and there is Book Creator app. There is Adobe Portfolio.

When I looked at these tools closer I realised that they do not support Spark pages well. Spark Pages did not have the interactivity features you are used to having in e-books. It is also clear that e-books are converting into e-courses . Additionally Spark Page does not support fixed layout e-books. I am a big supporter of Adobe products but I find the variety of available options to chose from is confusing. The social media templates at Spark are brilliant and some teachers are active on Twitter, for example. However, it is important to have an e- book with fixed layout for your lesson to support individual needs of your students. Is this possible using Spark and how to...?

It would also be very helpful if studemts can publish their classwork and homework to the designated portfolio. .Is this possible using Spark and how to....?

Many thanks in advance, DrVP.

Stephanie Cotnam

Posted on 1/11/19 7:16:06 PM Permalink

​Thank you for helping trainers (like me) out! This makes my job so much easier to focus on really working with the teacher.

Sheila Hadden Hinton

Posted on 12/20/18 11:25:21 PM Permalink

​Thank you for sharing this valuable resource!

Kristen Brooks

Posted on 12/3/18 6:40:01 AM Permalink

​Perfect Resource! Thank You!

Nitin Kitukale

Posted on 11/16/18 4:57:29 AM Permalink



Posted on 11/15/18 3:26:00 PM Permalink

Wow, what a valuable resource! Thank you for all your work on this!!​

Janice Webre

Posted on 11/3/18 8:48:45 PM Permalink

I love Spark but there are a few additions I would love to see. I could utilize the ability to add tables and text boxes. Keept up the great work!​

Kaela Zielinski

Posted on 10/26/18 2:28:01 PM Permalink

Its an amazing tool! I use it in my 4th grade classroom and the kids love it. Projects are amazing and it's relevant! ​

Hermila Gisela Loya Martínez

Posted on 9/20/18 6:31:02 PM Permalink

​WOW. Amazing. A lot of ideas to share with our students and teachers.

Wilder Bolanos Gomez

Posted on 9/18/18 2:34:22 PM Permalink


Ammar Midani

Posted on 9/11/18 9:20:29 AM Permalink

​Ben is the man

Merry Willis

Posted on 9/8/18 9:38:07 PM Permalink

​This is awesome! We are rolling this out to our district and this is helpful as we plan our professional development plan for Spark!

Matthew Sterner-Neely

Posted on 8/29/18 7:18:59 PM Permalink

​This is awesome! Thanks!

Rosemary Parmigiani

Posted on 8/22/18 1:50:36 PM Permalink

Thank you for the materials to share with my colleagues.​

Brian Davis

Posted on 8/16/18 4:27:28 PM Permalink

​This is very helpful. I will be using this kit to help approximately 300 Social Studies Teachers in Memphis get started with this work.

Paul Cifone

Posted on 7/19/18 3:19:07 AM Permalink

​Thanks Ben, this looks great, i will share with some of my fellow teachers...Cheers!

Percy Ordonez

Posted on 5/19/18 11:53:30 PM Permalink

​Great material. Thank you for putting these together.

Saloni Ohri

Posted on 5/6/18 4:15:38 PM Permalink

​Are the examples in slides functional I can't seem to get them to work when I click on them

Judy Durkin

Posted on 5/5/18 7:09:22 PM Permalink

Thanks! I'm going to put parts of it it on my website for the students.

Jennifer Chambers

Posted on 4/9/18 4:10:16 PM Permalink

As a tech coach in a district new to the 1:1 environment, these resources will be great for providing staff PD. I have been using Adobe Spark with our older students and cannot wait to see what our younger students create now that you are COPPA compliant.

Ann Moyle

Posted on 2/21/18 2:17:12 PM Permalink

​Very excited to find these materials! Thank you.

Gladys Chow

Posted on 9/29/17 7:03:26 AM Permalink

​Thank you for such valuable resource materials!

Linda Troost

Posted on 9/9/17 9:24:30 PM Permalink

The"Educator Guide" file makes a perfect handout for my college students when printed two pages to a sheet. You have saved me a lot of time. Thanks!​

Clint Balsar

Posted on 8/24/17 1:45:09 AM Permalink

​Great resource! Thanks.

Kannan Kasi

Posted on 8/13/17 7:55:51 PM Permalink

​Wow! awesome information. I will add this part of my toolkit. Thanks!

steve hunts

Posted on 8/9/17 8:34:04 PM Permalink

​Handy!, Thanks Adobe staff!

Sheelagh Spooner

Posted on 4/1/17 5:50:10 PM Permalink

​Can my students use their GAFE account log ins?

Ben Forta

Posted on 4/3/17 1:54:31 PM Permalink

If they are 13 or over, yes. Under 13 users need to use a shared classroom login for now while we work on a solution for younger users.

--- Ben

Josh Timmons

Posted on 4/5/17 2:24:32 PM Permalink

I want to use Spark with a class of 2nd graders. Thinking that if 26 students login with the same shared classroom account​, things could get messy. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

Ben Forta

Posted on 4/5/17 2:43:16 PM Permalink

I've seen shared accounts used in classes more than double that size. It works. And some teachers actually prefer it as they automatically get copies of everything the students create. But, yes, it can get unruly. I guess you could create multiple class accounts, so fewer students use each, but that will require them knowing which account to use. The right solution is a true <13 account option, which we are working on.

--- Ben

Josh Timmons

Posted on 4/5/17 6:30:52 PM Permalink

​Excellent! Thanks

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 3/23/17 7:55:02 AM Permalink

Very useful resource

Thank you for sharing

Robbie Gregory

Posted on 3/15/17 11:31:28 PM Permalink

For Windows users, you will need to add the suffix '.zip' to the file name after downloading or the system will not recognise the file type to associate it with a program.

Kristine Schiffbauer

Posted on 3/15/17 8:32:15 PM Permalink

​Thank you for the materials. The guides are especially handy.

Claudio Zavala

Posted on 3/14/17 2:01:42 AM Permalink

Awesome! I've been using my own prepared materials. Here's the Spark Page I used last month in Austin for TCEA17 conference. I used it as my presentation tool instead of PPT or Google Slides. Creativity with Spark!

Linda Dickeson

Posted on 4/10/17 5:28:42 PM Permalink

Nicely done, Claudio!

Jim Babbage

Posted on 4/24/17 5:52:12 PM Permalink

Nice work!​

Sara Nevedal

Posted on 1/10/19 6:13:22 PM Permalink

Love this. You sold me on putting my presentation for University Faculty in Spark Page. I like your check lists as well. Thanks for sharing!

Judy Durkin

Posted on 3/9/17 6:07:42 AM Permalink

​Very Cool, Thanks!

Rose Duggan

Posted on 3/2/17 10:37:48 AM Permalink

​thanks this is fantastic!!