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Introduction to Creative Commons (self contained Adobe Spark Student Resource & Lesson Plan)

Digital Asset Published 4/21/15 Last updated on 3/2/20

This is an Adobe Spark tutorial based on a session I run within various courses here at the University.



The session should last about 45 mins.

I have run this session in many forms for a number of years. It appears to work with many fundamental concepts being understood. I am really pleased with this latest Adobe Spark manifestation which students can follow along with on phones and pads and have access to within our virtual learning environments.


Comments welcomed!


  • Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

Age Levels
1-2 Hours
Custom Standards
Creative Commons
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Computational Trainer

Students will need access to the internet via computer, tablet or phone to participate.

As well as viewing the Spark, students will need space to discuss issues, follow links and use web resources (such as the CC License Chooser) to participate.

CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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Kate Jordahl

Posted on 12/31/19 7:11:59 AM Permalink

​This is really awesome. So many students want to know about copyright and the creative commons options. I appreciate you sharing this.

Rick Henderson

Posted on 8/24/19 1:39:31 AM Permalink

Thank you for releasing all your work on this! This will be great even for my call student who are writing VBA code in Excel.​

William Cortez

Posted on 5/28/19 9:51:53 AM Permalink

​This is a great tutorial. It promotes collaboration and communication.

Carly Manhart

Posted on 4/3/19 9:55:42 PM Permalink

​Thanks this is great!

Tanya Lillie

Posted on 9/10/18 10:00:44 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing. I was browsing for resources to use in my classroom and was thrilled to find this.

Judy Durkin

Posted on 8/16/18 1:40:15 AM Permalink

​Wow - the timing could not be more perfect. Thank you for sharing.

Siobhán Murphy

Posted on 8/15/18 11:44:25 PM Permalink

​Excellent resource. Thanks for sharing.

Romeo Jr Catap

Posted on 8/15/18 4:48:15 PM Permalink

​This is a must needed topic in this time when technology gives access to everything. Thanks for the interactive material.

Laurie McAleenan

Posted on 7/8/18 3:19:01 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing your work.​

Aziz Soubai

Posted on 6/19/18 4:06:09 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing your work

Juliette Bentley

Posted on 4/28/18 1:09:46 PM Permalink

Ian, thank you. While I use creative commons I haven't considered creating a licence. I will take some time to explore this further. Thanks again.​

Melanie McCartney

Posted on 4/24/18 8:22:54 PM Permalink

​Great Resource, thank you so much for sharing Ian.

วิษณุ แปนแก้ว

Posted on 11/21/17 12:51:36 AM Permalink

The session should last about 45 mins.

I have run this session in many forms for a number of years. It appears to work with many fundamental concepts being understood. I am really pleased with this latest Adobe Spark manifestation which students can follow along with on phones and pads and have access to within our virtual learning environments.


Comments welcomed!


Alicia Bankhofer

Posted on 11/8/17 5:28:39 PM Permalink

​I really like this. Thanks for sharing.

Rick Henderson

Posted on 9/19/17 4:28:15 PM Permalink

​This is great work Ian. I may use the ideas with my 2nd year programming students.

Joan Frances

Posted on 3/2/17 2:27:26 PM Permalink

​Hi Ian. That's a great content. I will show the lessons to my partners. It is always helpful to learn about copyright when you have online businesses. Thanks.

Ian Upton

Posted on 5/28/17 9:01:20 AM Permalink

​Great to hear this is useful outside the classroom! Thanks for the comment. Ian.

Michael Chow

Posted on 12/26/16 8:15:47 AM Permalink

Thanks a million for the quickie. I really like CC Kiwi video, this would be great for my students to watch and learn a bit on copyright!

Melissa Markle

Posted on 5/20/16 8:59:35 AM Permalink

Thanks Ian,

I'm creating a 20 minute micro teaching session for a 'Train the Trainer' Course and this is a perfect resources for me to add to the additional materials.

Ian Upton

Posted on 5/20/16 1:36:55 PM Permalink

Wew! Glad it's useful! Be greta to hear any feedback!

Judy Durkin

Posted on 2/9/16 3:38:23 AM Permalink

Thanks, Ian!
I am looking for how teachers are using Slate - this is perfect.
I will use it in my classroom.

I wish Adobe would merge Slate and Voice so that Slate would have sound!

Rick Henderson

Posted on 9/19/17 4:27:40 PM Permalink

Hi Judy, you may already know this by now but it turns out they've replaced Slate with Spark! Sorry for replying to an old post.

Candie Witherspoon

Posted on 7/28/15 3:55:17 AM Permalink

Great resource. Thanks for sharing!

Ian Upton

Posted on 7/28/15 5:56:40 AM Permalink

Thanks Candie!

Let us know how you and your students get on. Feedback is always welcome!


Craig Gundlach

Posted on 6/21/15 12:03:57 AM Permalink

Excellent Resource! Thanks for sharing!


Ian Upton

Posted on 6/21/15 12:03:52 PM Permalink

Thanks Craig,

Let us know how you and your students get on with it. Any feedback welcome!


Michael Timpano

Posted on 6/12/15 4:00:27 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing the great resource. Digital Stewardship is becoming a very important focus in our board's 21st Century Learning Plan. Love the format can't wait to try Slate out. Take care.

Ian Upton

Posted on 6/12/15 4:42:24 PM Permalink

Cheers Michael!

Sheree Kornkven

Posted on 6/10/15 2:21:17 PM Permalink

How do I access this tutorial?

Ian Upton

Posted on 6/10/15 4:45:37 PM Permalink

Hello Sheree,

This has been mentioned a couple of times - so you are not alone!

The resource is a web link. Scroll up and under Resource Assets you will see a web link. Thats it!

Or. Just click here :-)

Creative Commons - Adobe Slate Workshop

And the other ideosyncracity... You need to swipe up (or scroll up) when you see the Creative Commons title. that has caught out a few people too!


imran khan

Posted on 6/5/15 1:18:50 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing :)

Ian Upton

Posted on 7/2/15 12:24:27 PM Permalink

You are welcome, Imran!

Scott Graham

Posted on 6/4/15 4:11:09 PM Permalink

oops :))

though resource assets seem like a strange heading...

Ian Upton

Posted on 6/4/15 4:24:37 PM Permalink

Agree Scott! It is equally unintuative when you create the resource. It is basically a web link.

When I first saw your message I thought you had accessed the Slate and hit another issue. The first screen gives no indication to 'swipe'. I have seen people completely flummoxed by that. A basic useability thing that I think Adobe need to (elegantly) address!

Hope all the hassle was worth it and you found the thing useful!


Scott Graham

Posted on 6/4/15 4:32:52 PM Permalink

well first I had accessed Slate, and scrolled down and down and :)
then I clicked on the link and came back here, as ignorant as ever :(

then I looked around more and found 'resource...' :)

all of the :( and :) is giving my face good exercise :)(

Scott Graham

Posted on 6/4/15 4:09:03 PM Permalink

All 'this'

information, and nothing about how to access the tutorial for a first timer.

No apparent link or anything.

Finally found it partly by accident. Clicked on "Slate" and looked and looked :((

Ian Upton

Posted on 6/3/15 4:28:01 AM Permalink

Resource Update

Rip! A Remix Manefesto added as a resource link on the Slate. Excellent documentary challenging notions of copyright in the digital age. This will certainly get your students thinking :-)

Thanks Kev Lavery for the link.

Kev Lavery

Posted on 6/3/15 12:35:28 PM Permalink

Cooool! Thank you Ian.

My kids love this doco.

Kev Lavery

Posted on 5/29/15 4:46:16 AM Permalink

This is great. A good example of how Slate can be used and really student friendly.

The timing couldn't be better too - I have just started a unit on this.

Ian Upton

Posted on 5/29/15 6:49:47 AM Permalink

Hi Kev

Thank you for the positive comments and glad the resource is useful (and timely!).

Be great to hear how your students get on...


Kev Lavery

Posted on 5/29/15 11:35:16 AM Permalink

It has been really great for them. They're doing an assessment on media changes and developments (legal, technological, creative, etc) - they have free choice of topic so, after watching RiP: A Remix Manifesto (the greatest copyright documentary ever), one group decided to investigate Creative Commons and this resource has so far been invaluable. It's given them heaps of easy to digest info and opened doors into other avenues of deeper learning/research.

Outside of this resource they only really need to watch a few Lessig Ted Talks and they're home free.

Deborah Lloyd

Posted on 5/11/15 10:54:31 PM Permalink

This is great I have not used Adobe Slate but this is certainly an incentive. I like the CC Kiwi video and have used this is the past. Thanks for sharing this.

Ian Upton

Posted on 5/12/15 5:02:07 AM Permalink

Thanks Deborah. I hope you and your students can make use of this!

As I already had the 'content', I found Slate a very quick and powerful way to 'package' the session. Pertinent to this subject, the Slate 'image search' hits CC resources and automatically credits anything you use. A huge time saver and a brilliant way to keep what we produce legal. Really shows the power of CC when applied in an application (like Slate) in this way.


Robyn Mortimer

Posted on 5/10/15 9:08:48 AM Permalink

This is a very engaging and student friendly resource. Thank you.

Ian Upton

Posted on 5/10/15 9:33:56 AM Permalink

Thanks Robyn!

Ben Forta

Posted on 4/23/15 3:43:13 PM Permalink

Nicely done Ian, thanks for sharing.

--- Ben

Ian Upton

Posted on 4/23/15 3:51:19 PM Permalink

Appreciated Ben. Hope you and your students find it useful!

Clint Balsar

Posted on 4/21/15 10:35:44 PM Permalink

Great content and an excellent example of a good use for Slate as the delivery tool.

Ian Upton

Posted on 4/22/15 3:47:33 AM Permalink

Cheers Clint!