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ACA Exam Study Guide: Digital Video Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Assessment Published 10/2/14 Last updated on 6/10/19

Use this study guide to prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate Digital Video Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC exam. The study guide includes preparation materials to use as you prepare.

For more information about the Adobe Certified Associate program, please visit

To prepare students for the ACA exams, utilize the Adobe Digital Careers curriculums.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

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Rick Ponton

Posted on 1/6/20 12:28:31 PM Permalink

Dear Adobe Education: The info you sent to Suzanne is simply Objectives.

Dear Anissa: Congrats on your accolades. But the prep materials still lack. Basically, it is a redirect to other Adobe materials...Good to teach as a class (perhaps 80-100 hours of materials), but hardly a study guide.

Dear Everyone Else: The Gmetrix LITA (Live in the App) ( is pretty good, but, as of about 1.5 months ago, was a challenge to download. I THINK they have simplified it...hopefully...​ Online Expert ( has some good training materials, too... Both are paid/subscriptions.

I can only speak for myself...but...I am not looking for spoon-feeding, just a little GOOD prep materials from Adobe...Throw away the old stuff, or at least bury it in a section of "Oldies But Goodies".

PS - I have been using/teaching PP for 15 years, most others for 13 years, ACA certs in PP, DW, PS, IL, ID, FL. And I dabble in tap dancing. Cheers.

Anissa Thompson

Posted on 1/5/20 6:27:18 AM Permalink

​I had the honor of serving as an SME on the Dreamweaver 2020 ACA Exam last year, and took both the ACA for Dreamweaver in October 2018 and Premiere Pro in November 2019. Both as well as the rest of the exams have been rewritten/redesigned to incorporate the application builtin to the exam. This makes preparing for the exam a little more straight forward, as the questions are directly integrated with the physical production processes you would use directly inside the tool. I used the same study guide above to help me prepare, along with having completed 3 actual real video projects, and felt very comfortable with the outcome.

Nathan Moxley

Posted on 11/12/19 6:50:42 PM Permalink

​Any word on when we can expect a new study guide? This one appears to be from 2015.

Susanne Szep

Posted on 12/29/19 9:34:11 PM Permalink

Ditto. Honestly.

Adobe, do you even monitor this labyrinth of "educational" resources? Your content is not current. It's getting harder to find what we need. This is just sloppy.​

Adobe Education

Posted on 12/31/19 11:22:37 PM Permalink

Hello Susanne,

Please try the more recent version ​here.​ This is the most recent version available and more resources are posted ​here. Cheers!

Stevis Mcpp

Posted on 1/7/20 1:37:17 PM Permalink

fax bruh

Adobe Education

Posted on 12/31/19 11:24:00 PM Permalink

Hello Nathan,

Please try the most recent version ​here.

Eric Garner

Posted on 11/7/19 12:26:22 AM Permalink

Took the Premiere Pro CC 2018 test today...I've been using nonlinear editing since we called it nonlinear editing. This one takes the cake for most difficult. We are using brainbuffet, but the quizzes are not in line from what I could see.​ Going to go back to training mode in gmetrix for my students and hoping for the best. Any other materials out there you folks recommend? (One nice addition - it does allow you different ways to solve practical problems)

Alper Ciftci

Posted on 9/7/19 1:54:43 PM Permalink


Kevin Schoden

Posted on 8/23/19 2:09:18 PM Permalink

​Looking for any lesson plans or project ideas. I'm teaching Adobe Video Design this year. If you have anything you can share please email them to me please and thank you.

Rick Ponton

Posted on 10/15/19 10:59:16 AM Permalink

​Feel free to go to my website, I have several assignments there. FYI, also, just had my first group take the Premiere Pro exam. They all said that gmetrix was quite helpful. I had 8 of 12 pass, which was not my best track record, but, new exam, new format threw us all for a loop. Hope this helps.

Rick Ponton

Posted on 5/8/19 3:26:21 PM Permalink

PS - Once you get into, there is support for 2018 AE, IL, ID, PS and PP.

Rick Ponton

Posted on 5/8/19 2:46:26 PM Permalink

It is a long process, but once we got it to work, whew!...

Google gmetrix downloads. Find SMS download and download it. ​Next, open up (not .com) Then, talk with your tekkie, you'll need admin privs, and Admin log on. There, you will need to create an access code. Then, open as a student. Here, you will be asked for the access code. Paste the one you created. should see a variety of trainings/testings, including 2018.

The 2018s are A LOT different from past exams, and shame on Adobe and Certiport for not making this an easier process.

Jill Nowak

Posted on 5/8/19 3:34:19 PM Permalink

Thank you SO MUCH! This really helps...​

Jill Nowak

Posted on 5/7/19 6:35:30 PM Permalink

​Still looking for a study guide for Adobe Premiere 2018. The one attached here says it is for 2015. Any luck with a study guide anyone?

Ray Cooper

Posted on 5/3/19 11:32:53 PM Permalink


Rick Ponton

Posted on 4/17/19 4:11:15 PM Permalink

We got it working. So excited! Three months in the making...

Jeff Fraker Lakeland High School

Posted on 4/17/19 4:23:54 PM Permalink

Good stuff, rock on​

Rick Ponton

Posted on 4/17/19 4:10:53 PM Permalink

Jeff: THANK YOU!!!

Rick Ponton

Posted on 4/17/19 2:01:22 PM Permalink

I have not heard anything major. I did speak with people from onlineexpert (paid service). They said they would have new materials in the fall. Adobe should have study guides for a product they released six months ago...alas, not to be found.

Jeff - I do have a question...At first reply, you stated you have found gmetrix for Premiere Pro, gotten through Window, Extensions​. We have hunted with no luck. Not sure if our district has blocked, LAN, or other reason. Are you SURE they are for 2018 exam? Not doubting, but we have spent hours looking, with no luck...

Jeff Fraker Lakeland High School

Posted on 4/17/19 2:34:42 PM Permalink

Gmetrix has an new SMS client that is both MAC and PC compatible. All of the 2018 Lita exam practice is through these apps.​ Log into Gmetrix admin and then use this link ​Gmetrix SMS (PC) SMSe (Mac) download

When you have the SMS client loaded and you've opened Premiere at least once, log into the SMS or SMSe client. Enter your practice code and start a new test. At this point, the SMS client should close and the application (Premiere) should open. When PPro opens, there should be a panel GMetrix LITA with your first question. If you don't see this panel, check your Window menu under extentions. There you should see a line for GMetrix LITA. Sometimes the panel is unchecked.

On smaller monitors, I've seen the Gmetrix LITA panel open but remain blank. Stretching the panel boundries should let the panel render correctly.

Things as of late have been pretty smooth in the lab for Gmetrix and Compass testing. I have both PCs and MACs. They seem to be working hard at fixing the bugs they've found.

Anne C Smith

Posted on 4/17/19 12:36:46 PM Permalink


Jeff Fraker

Posted on 4/3/19 2:20:38 PM Permalink

Any news on when the study guide will be updated to include the 2018 exam materials?​

Stoyanka Veselinova

Posted on 4/3/19 1:30:42 PM Permalink

Thank​ you

Richard Ponton

Posted on 2/28/19 5:16:39 PM Permalink

I just took the new PP 2018 Exam. TOTALLY different than past exams. I get the Live in the Program, but the exam is cumbersome, focuses on minutiae ​step-by-step. I think it is actually more confining than past exams.

The study guide provided by Adobe is still for 2015 version. Standards changed, format different, no study materials. If I did this to my students, I'd be looking for another job...

Jeff Fraker

Posted on 2/28/19 5:46:20 PM Permalink

For what it's worth, we're using the Gmetrix 2018 training that is basically an Add-In extension in the Adobe 2018 programs. On a PC, this training works very well. On the MACs in my lab, the new MAC SMSE is not working consistently when an image is required to download to complete the simulation. * This could be due to our LAN/WAN management policies. The Gmetrix 2018 training does get my students there.​ I require them to achieve at least and 850 out of a 1000 on the practice tests, in test mode. Students have been working in PPro 2018 all year and only started the Gmetrix training in the past few weeks since the release of the training. Without the Gmetrix training, it would certainly be more difficult than the 2015 exam.

Rick Ponton

Posted on 3/20/19 5:50:14 PM Permalink

Hi Jeff: I have tried, several times, unsuccessfully, to get to the gmetrix 2018 for PP. ​Is it supposed to be in Window, Find Extensions on Exchange?

I have looked even online for gmetrix PP 2018 with no luck. help...please...

By the by...I live in Naples. My folks are in Lakeland. Small world.

Jeff Fraker

Posted on 3/21/19 10:36:54 AM Permalink and the Gmetrix SMS stand-alone client are products of Certiport Gmetrix practice information

For 2018 Adobe exams, you'll need the SMS for PC or SMSe for MAC. Once it's installed, and you've opened PPro 2018 at least once after installing the SMS client, you'll launch the SMS program and it will open PPro 2018. If the GMetrix tab closes, you can re-open it from PPro WINDOW > EXTENTIONS.

Happy Testing

Nathan Bush

Posted on 9/20/18 7:37:41 PM Permalink

​Any idea when the Premiere ACA test will be updated beyond Adobe Premiere CC2015? We have been using the Essential Graphics method of creating title graphics for the last 3 years and the test is still based on the old "legacy" titler. It's frustrating for the kids (and me, the teacher) to be tested on old methods when we are practicing the newest methods in class.


William Oesch

Posted on 1/10/19 11:22:51 PM Permalink

ACA Premiere Pro 2018 is live now. I had a student take it today. ​

Adobe Education

Posted on 1/11/19 5:11:14 AM Permalink

Great to hear it, William! Thank you for mentioning, and our best wishes go out to your student.​

sakine toptas

Posted on 1/17/19 5:09:56 PM Permalink

​Hello William,

I would like to study for the exam but could not find the study material. Do you have any suggestion?

William Oesch

Posted on 1/17/19 5:16:05 PM Permalink

A really great resource is ACATESTPREP from BrainBuffet. Also, the Adobe Classroom in a Book series really helps. I use Certiport as my testing provider, so if you check with their site, you can see the specific learning objectives for each of the exams. I also believe that Adobe is working to update their ACA study guides.​

Lori Andrade

Posted on 4/24/18 4:38:10 PM Permalink

​You do realize that the Sample Questions in the Adobe Premiere Pro Study Guide are NOT for Premiere Pro? In fact, they are all for InDesign? You managed to change the Premiere Interface but didn't realize the Sample Questions are not for Premiere? Someone needs to look through the ENTIRE study guide and get it right!

Tonya Manus

Posted on 4/24/18 4:43:42 PM Permalink

So frustrated - this could be such a useful resource for my Premiere Pro students, yet I haven't been able to use any of the material!

Adobe Education

Posted on 4/24/18 4:56:56 PM Permalink

We're off our game today - sorry about that. The incorrect sample questions had been removed, but somehow we were working with an old file. We do not have sample questions for Premiere Pro, but Gmetrix offers full practice exams with sample simulations. A new file has been added without sample questions.

Thanks for your patience.

marc bowerman

Posted on 3/12/18 3:39:31 PM Permalink

Has anyone noticed the header is called ​"Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop CC Study Guide", the visual aid of the desktop/workspace on page 6 is upside down, and that's just the most obvious so far. This is a professional application we are training students for and this is how other professionals deliver the information we need (and pay for) to certify them. Adobe and Certiport/Pearson should be ashamed.

Lori Andrade

Posted on 8/1/17 12:09:02 PM Permalink

​I am a little confused here. The study guide has sample questions for InDesign not Premiere?? Did you make a mistake??

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/9/17 3:59:57 PM Permalink

Thank you for catching this Lori! Yes, this was a mistake. We don't currently have practice questions for the Premiere exam available. We will update the guides and let everyone know after they have been created.

In the meantime, I hope you find the rest of the guide helpful.

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/25/17 4:48:14 PM Permalink

​Hi Everyone,

With the help of members of the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and Adobe Education Leader communities, we have updated these study guides. These guides now link to the most up-to-date Adobe Premiere Pro CC documentation and tutorials related to the Adobe Certified Associate Digital Video Using Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 exam.

Additionally, the Digital Careers Teaching Materials have been updated and organized to help you find the resources you need to help you prepare your students for this and other ACA exams.

We hope that these materials prove to be useful for both you and your students.

Tonya Manus

Posted on 5/24/17 5:43:12 PM Permalink

​Where are the files located for the Simulation Examples?

Adobe Education

Posted on 5/26/17 7:36:49 PM Permalink

The screenshots are meant to give teachers and students exposure to the types of questions that are on the exams, but unfortunately there are no files to go along with them at this time.

Gmetrix offers full practice exams with sample simulations.

​The AEE Team

Larry Boston

Posted on 5/23/16 8:09:08 PM Permalink

Am I missing something obvious? Where can I find the audio and video resources mentioned in the tutorials and sample test?

paul whitehead

Posted on 2/28/16 8:00:42 PM Permalink

Is there a template list of sample questions?!?

Brian Marc Whittaker

Posted on 8/17/16 10:22:09 PM Permalink

That's what I want to know. The ACE study guide has practice questions; why doesn't the ACA?

Muhammad ayyaz

Posted on 3/12/15 5:04:08 PM Permalink

Thank you