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Instagram Assignment

Lesson Plan Published 7/31/13 Last updated on 8/13/18

Students these days are interested in social networking tools. So, to get students interested in photography, I started introducing the students to popular instagram photographers like Lauren Lemon. Discussed few works of hers and then gave them an assignment to take pictures for the title "Feelings" and upload it onto instagram. I also created a closed profile for the class on instagram.

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Smart phone with instagram app

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ana mackay

Posted on 6/5/18 7:27:42 AM Permalink

​Many students are connected to Instagram because they want to communicate with people online for many reasons and show them about their recent activity so its a nice idea to make an ​assignment help UK to show something new in the market.

Lisa McIntosh

Posted on 8/3/13 4:48:34 AM Permalink

Hi Subhashini,

Sounds great, do you have egs of what your students or your model photographer did?

What does 'gadget with instagram app' do? Curious. Thanks, Lisa

subhashini balasubramanian

Posted on 8/4/13 10:34:44 AM Permalink

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your comment. Kindly follow the link to see the the images.

I am still trying to figure out to use this site. I thought I had uploaded the pictures, but not sure why it is not showing along with the resource.

I meant smart phones by saying gadgets with instagram app. This app has various filters and after you take a picture with the app, you can try these filters to get different effects. It is very inspiring to work with instagram.

Hope you can try this app enjoy its worth.


Lisa McIntosh

Posted on 8/4/13 12:17:29 PM Permalink

Ah ha. Now I see what you snapshots of images that encapsulate how they feel. So the app is called 'Instagram app'?

I can not see any filters on your blog other than a solid lemon-coloured square (?) I would take a screen grab of these images then click on 'edit assignment' then upload them separately.

Its nice to have them use their phones and personal imagery to design an assignment around. Good way to motivate. :"-}