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Motion Graphics & Typography - After Effects Tutorials

Web Link Published 8/8/15 Last updated on 3/2/20

Hello All!

Below is a link to a playlist i have gathered from across a variety of the best motion typography tutorial videos on YouTube. The playlists is arranged in a sequential order based on the level of difficulty. I have also attached two student examples from my Year 9 group. The project is to bring visual value to an existing or original piece of music using motion typography & graphics techniques. All work is produced on Adobe After Effects.

These playlists serve as a great reference for my Year 9 and 10 students when they are undertaking the motion typography unit at school. Would love to get feedback on this list and suggestions for other motion typography or graphics based tutorials that you find valuable to your teaching!

Motion Typography and Graphics Tutorials

Motion Typography - Student Example 01

Motion Typography - Student Example 02


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Heidi Esplin

Posted on 6/26/20 9:24:37 PM Permalink

​Love the examples. Thanks for sharing, this gave me a great idea for my students.

Lisa Gottfried

Posted on 10/20/19 12:01:49 AM Permalink

​This is perfect for our Poetry Out Loud competition. Or perhaps just a fun music typography project. Thanks for the great resources!

Jon Taft

Posted on 8/1/19 2:05:17 PM Permalink

​Fantastic. Thanks so much. i have been working on introducing this project for some time. Slowly collecting my own videos and learning the basics of AE.

This playlist should help accelerate this.

Rhitt Growl

Posted on 7/31/19 4:44:15 PM Permalink

​The tutorial playlist is AWESOME and your students' work is very good too! I like that you challenge them to bring value to a piece of music through their motion graphics.

I may "borrow" this project idea. Thank you for sharing!

Michael Timpano

Posted on 7/31/19 3:15:07 PM Permalink

​Kudos! Great work from your students.

Cortez William

Posted on 5/18/19 3:28:19 PM Permalink

It is fascinating. You are influencer to us. It makes the typography vibrant.​

Carly Manhart

Posted on 4/2/19 6:08:20 AM Permalink

​This is excellent! Thank you!

F Jansen

Posted on 2/5/19 9:43:07 AM Permalink

​Thank you Andrew for your inspiring excellent shared lessons!

Greetings, Fabienne

Darren Smith

Posted on 11/2/18 5:37:45 AM Permalink

​Your usual!

Jamie Leduc

Posted on 1/25/16 1:39:28 AM Permalink

Thank you for the resource

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 10/26/15 1:23:54 AM Permalink

These are some great sources. Is there a specific way you teach them to organize their layers or a specific way you teach students to animate? (ie) do you teach the use of position points, scales, null objects, camera tracking, parenting or pick whipping or so you use other methods Always looking for new ways to design these projects. I have implemented green screen effects and animation design elements to compliment the text and background movements.

Christian Gutierrez

Posted on 9/22/15 3:18:30 PM Permalink

Great work Andrew!!!

Thanks for sharing it!!

Andrew Lai

Posted on 9/25/15 12:25:56 PM Permalink

Thanks Christian! Enjoy!

Greg Allen

Posted on 9/18/15 5:39:28 PM Permalink

Andrew Lai

Posted on 9/19/15 1:23:47 AM Permalink

Thanks Greg. Many of the students went above and beyond the playlist here and found their own tutorials to create their productions.

Tim Creighton

Posted on 9/13/15 12:08:26 PM Permalink

Great list, and fantastic student samples. Thanks for sharing.

Andrew Lai

Posted on 9/18/15 1:36:34 PM Permalink

Thanks Tim. Hope it helps!

Linda Muhlhauser

Posted on 8/21/15 5:24:33 AM Permalink

These are great samples of music students will be inspired! new to After Effects so thank you for the resources!

Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/22/15 1:10:00 PM Permalink

You are welcome Linda. My students love this unit of work. There is a lot of creative freedom once you learn the basics.

Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/15/15 11:30:15 PM Permalink

I usually start this off with my year 9 class but sometimes we cover this briefly in year 11 as a refresher. I usually get my students to animate to a piece of music of their choosing or a piece of dialogue from a movie scene. The idea is to add visual value to the audial elements.

Bethany Dutton

Posted on 8/15/15 10:24:47 AM Permalink

Love this resource what grade do you currently do this with?