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Advanced Typography / Neighborhood

Project Published 8/11/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

The following assignment is done over three class periods. Students are encouraged to really think about the place that they are studying, rather than just creating a slick branding typographic treatment. Students have had great results because they explore how a variety of letterforms can come together in one or two words.


Choose a local neighborhood with which you are familiar. Develop a list of eight characteristics you want to convey. Edit this list down to four or five complimentary terms. You will design the name of the neighborhood to reflect your entire list of concepts. Note that this is not specifically a logotype project, although these skills will be useful in designing identities. Your project could include – but is not limited to – modifying letterforms, combining diverse typefaces, altering the baselines/kerning, handwriting, and photography. In the second phase, you will design a magazine spread which contains your designed neighborhood name along with an appropriate text. You will then choose a text face and design a grid to further communicate your list of characteristics.

Accompanying readings:
Back with a Flourish Christian Schwartz (Eye)
The Meanings of Type Steven Heller (Eye)
The Story of Los Feliz Matt Tragesser, Christian Schwarz and Rudy Vanderlans (Emigre)


Inclined to Be Dull Martin Majoor (Eye)
The Loneliest Insight Alice Twemlow (Eye)
Type and Deconstruction in the Digital Era Rick Poynor

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Age Levels
1+ Week

camera / collage material – scissors, magazines, glue / creative cloud – InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/18/19 11:50:44 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing​

Alisha Crawford

Posted on 8/28/14 5:37:01 PM Permalink

Just looking at the students use of typography has inspired me to think about my use as well. It appears their reading assignments has influenced font combinations and placement that they have come up with interesting designs. Nice.