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IR Photography - Quick Post Process

Technical Tutorial Published 8/19/13 Last updated on 4/19/19

I provide a test file for you to follow along with already shot with a Hoya R72 filter on a D-SLR, ready to convert in post processing with Photoshop. I walk you through "channel swaps" in post production to show you varied results.

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Nothing is required for this exercise except the *.jpg provided. You can shoot your own IR photo for post processing by:

1) Using a D-SLR converted for IR Photography


2) Simply purchase an IR filter to experiment with (i.e. Hoya R72 filter).

I am only showing the "channel swap" post process method. Image was shot with a non-converted D-SLR w/Hoya R72 filter.

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Robert Simpson

Posted on 8/21/13 1:26:08 AM Permalink


Thanks for sharing this technique. This was also one of my favorite 5 minutes of fame presentations. I think the process could be used to batch process time lapse images.