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Digital Literacy: An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief

Posted on 12/16/16 by Adobe Education Last updated on 6/8/17


Digital Literacy: An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief

The digital divide is no longer just about access to technology but rather fluency in using it. Higher education institutions must prepare students for a future where learning new digital tools is an intuitive process. Part of digital literacy isn’t just understanding how a tool works but also why it is useful in the real world and when to use it.

Today’s student’s appear more digitally literate than previous generations but research has shown that this doesn’t equate to confidence in those skills. Higher education institutions need to empower students to use digital tools to visually and digitally communicate, create, and collaborate. But it’s not enough for learners to simply know how to use technology; they must be able to apply it imaginatively to perform a task or produce an object that would otherwise not be possible without the technology. These 21st century skills and ability, this digital literacy, are vital to prepare students to be successful in the workplace and beyond.

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