Beginning ActionScript - Collisions

Technical Tutorial Published 6/8/12 Last updated on 5/16/18
This is the sixth tutorial in the Beginning ActionScript series. It introduces students to handling collisions between objects on the stage. Unfortunately the FLA files can't be uploaded here, but they are available on the website: - The website also includes a full set of video tutorials, lesson plan, mark sheet, starter, homework and sample files. All the work has been tested with students aged 11-18 although as the age goes down the amount of support you will need to give increases.

The A5 Booklet provided here is in Black & White as the full colour high resolution one (Of which the first page JPG has been uploaded as the image) is too large. They can be printed though... see the website for more details.

  • Animate

    Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.

Age Levels
Content Standards
UK - England, Wales, & Northern Ireland, Common Core State Standards
Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making

Adobe Flash CS3/CS5/CS6, Copies of the Starter and Homework. Printed copies of the booklet for each student to work from to make it easier to progress through the tutorial as swapping windows often causes confusion.

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