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Verbs, Verb Tense

Project Published 10/5/12 Last updated on 5/29/19

this is a fun interactive lesson for elementary and middle school students to explore verb tense. the story of an cat's adventure unfolds as the student progresses through the interactive lesson.

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Cortez William

Posted on 5/19/19 3:37:47 PM Permalink

Nicely done. It captures the interests of the students in ​grammar and verb tense.

Georges Van Cauwenbergh

Posted on 10/9/17 8:10:12 PM Permalink

I could not get the captivate file. The try it button works well​

Tammy Moore

Posted on 10/9/17 9:13:49 PM Permalink

We moved to a new server two years ago. The old one is still there, but I plan to move all the links here to the new server and shut down the old one in the next month or two. Until I get those updates in place here, use the link of to get to the folder level for that project. The Captivate file is the obvious folder to open to find the Captivate file. The published files are in the published folder and if there are any graphics files from that project it will be in assets. We have thousands of Captivate lessons, so if you prowl around a little bit in our public files section you will find many, many great resources, especially in the Math subject folders.

Just in case Adobe trims out links in comments, you can get there by going to Virtual Homeschool Group using a Google search. You want the dot org url to get to the new server. From the home page link, add on a forward slash and vhsgfiles to get to the main level of our public files. The files are organized logically and it will not take you long to figure out the pattern we use for organizing our files. Not all folders will have Captivate files since we cannot afford to get Captivate for all of our teachers, but most folders in there will have Captivate goodies.

Shelly Gooden

Posted on 2/21/16 11:38:14 PM Permalink

The file is very helpful and the project is great!

Heidi Fisher

Posted on 6/20/15 5:58:43 AM Permalink

Cute! Thanks :)

Karen Golle

Posted on 1/8/15 4:27:32 PM Permalink

Thank you! It's so nice.

Rachelle Wooten

Posted on 9/23/14 2:32:42 AM Permalink

Another great, one! I agree with Valery, wow, I must take it to another level! Is this used with elementary students?

Tammy Moore

Posted on 9/24/14 8:14:29 PM Permalink

Yes. This one is an elementary and middle school lesson from our grammar course.

We have a lot of Captivate lessons for K-12. You can even get the source Captivate file for almost everything. If we don't have it yet linked, just let me know and I can add it. To get to the resources, go to the home page of our project at . Scroll down to the VHSG Resource Sharing area and pick a subject. All of our resources are CC-BY-NC, so you can use them in your classes. We are busy, busy builders so about every week we have new lessons added. Some are still our old format of VoiceThread, but we are replacing those with Captivate lessons. Any Play Now buttons lead to playable Captivate built lessons. For the Captivate files, in most of the lists, just look for the folder with the Captivate logo or for the linked word "edit". You can contact me by just clicking the contact link in the navigation bar if you need anything.

Valery Keibler

Posted on 9/20/14 12:11:50 AM Permalink

Thanks. Seeing your work helps me think about new ways to use the program.