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Digital Asset Published 1/18/15 Last updated on 3/2/20

This is a storyboard template I use for the planning of any visual project - videos, animations, photography, flash projects, etc. It is adapted from classic storyboard templates to include the rule of thirds. I have found that this results in students naturally following the 'rule of thirds' when composing their shots even if this hasn't been explicitly covered. Also, I often tell my students, as a good rule of thumb, to storyboard about 20 to 30 shots per minute of film. Overall this generally results in better composition overall and a more engaging end product.

I have included links to Mike Browne's introduction to the Rule of Thirds, Brett Lamb's shot type examples, and a South Australian tourism advert that employs these concepts quite beautifully.

Mike Browne

Brett Lamb

Barossa. Be Consumed

A good introductory exercise would be to attempt to storyboard shots from the advertisement.

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Gajendra Deshpande

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​useful resource

Margaret Purvis

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Thank you I needed that​

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Michelle Roberts

Posted on 2/25/20 10:25:25 PM Permalink

Thanks Kev, this will be very helpful.​

Ahmed Belal

Posted on 1/12/20 11:58:06 AM Permalink

​Thanks for Sharing

israel alvarez

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​Thank you for your post. This has help me out a lot.

Julie ODell

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Thank you so very much. This will really help!

Denby Weller

Posted on 10/25/19 12:02:27 AM Permalink

​This is great, really like the RoT guides in the storyboard frames. Thanks!

Nicole Bennefeld

Posted on 10/23/19 6:39:35 PM Permalink

​Thank You!

Jessica Campbell

Posted on 10/7/19 3:15:38 AM Permalink

​That link to the shot type examples is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing.

Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 10/6/19 7:19:36 PM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing

Athirah Rosdam

Posted on 9/26/19 7:39:39 AM Permalink

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Mick Perkins

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Shindee Franco

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Craig Daalmeijer-Power

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​Thanks!!! Awsome recouce.

roberto rodriguez

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Darshani Persadh

Posted on 5/19/19 7:39:27 PM Permalink

Thank you for the material.

Cortez William

Posted on 5/19/19 6:08:25 AM Permalink

Thank you Kev. I am planning to study and use it.


Posted on 5/8/19 12:00:16 PM Permalink

​Thanks! I'm looking forward to using it.

James Rafferty

Posted on 5/8/19 4:17:29 AM Permalink

​Thanks Kev

Julie ODell

Posted on 5/7/19 1:43:38 AM Permalink

​Thank you a bunch. It will be most helpful.

Kev Lavery

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Lauren Petiti

Posted on 4/12/19 6:47:02 PM Permalink

​The layout of this is great! I plan on using this next year.

Margaret Purvis

Posted on 4/8/19 9:37:48 PM Permalink

Thank you Kev​

Kelli Aldridge

Posted on 3/25/19 12:49:37 AM Permalink

​Thanks much needed in the classroom!

Ali Imam Reza

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Ananth Shayana

Posted on 3/17/19 8:33:48 AM Permalink

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Romain Patte

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Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 2/24/19 6:38:09 AM Permalink

​Great Template - Thanks Kev!!

Anne C Smith

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Nikki Law

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Diya Mahmood

Posted on 11/13/18 4:36:51 AM Permalink

​This is really helpful. Thanks!

Javier Piraquive Calderón

Posted on 11/6/18 12:50:29 AM Permalink

Thanks, really helpful !

Fonacier Balatero , Jr.

Posted on 10/29/18 5:05:44 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing. This will really help.

Joanne Hall

Posted on 9/30/18 3:17:19 AM Permalink

Thank You​

Ammar Midani

Posted on 9/11/18 8:55:56 AM Permalink

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Edward Bustillos

Posted on 8/19/18 6:57:22 AM Permalink

​Great discussion. Thanks.

Armando Viera

Posted on 8/17/18 7:04:16 AM Permalink

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Posted on 8/15/18 12:30:58 PM Permalink

great template​

Fonacier Balatero , Jr.

Posted on 7/28/18 7:55:20 AM Permalink

​Thanks. This is very hlpful.

Kristine Schiffbauer

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Héctor Adolfo Bernal Sandoval

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Thank you, is a good material​

Hassan Soubhi

Posted on 7/3/18 1:31:48 PM Permalink

Thank you, Kev. Great scaffold for storyboarding. From now on, I will be more disciplined with my story planning.

Kev Lavery

Posted on 6/26/18 6:25:18 AM Permalink

​Thanks for all the nice feedback you guys.

I've fixed up the link to the Barossa commercial with this one:

Must've ran out of copyright for the song and they took it down. Thank goodness for youtube reposts (as long as no one takes this one down). It's such a good piece of communication.

If you are looking for more storyboarding resources I also have a worksheet:

It's part of a flipped learning lesson there but you could use it on it's own or as part of that.

Stoyanka Todorova

Posted on 8/1/18 12:46:29 PM Permalink

Thank you !​

Jeanne Ruff

Posted on 6/25/18 7:43:50 PM Permalink

thank you for the storyboard template

Suzanne Arnott

Posted on 6/22/18 11:16:02 AM Permalink

​Fabulous resource... I always end up drawing something up by hand as I can't get quite what I want in a storyboard. Thank you

Kaarn Egge

Posted on 6/21/18 2:56:16 AM Permalink

​Thanks for your template.

Majo Mora

Posted on 6/20/18 9:08:25 AM Permalink

​Thank you for the resources.

The Barossa video is not available, can you please check it out?

Aziz Soubai

Posted on 6/20/18 1:03:42 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing your resources

rasaya marimuthu

Posted on 6/19/18 3:04:59 PM Permalink

Now, I understand the functions of a storyboard and why they are important. Thanks, Dan (in the video)

... and thanks for the template, Kev

Dickson U

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Marion Wood

Posted on 6/19/18 1:50:54 PM Permalink

​Thanks for the template.

Macharia Samuel

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Thanks for sharing Kev

Dickson U

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​Thanks very much for sharing. Its a great guide.

Renee' Smith

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Patty Hernandez

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Thank you for sharing. Great for my students ​

Jeff O'Brien

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​I'm always looking for great storyboard templates. Thank you.

Katie Morgan

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Thanks for sharing its a useful storyboard template!​

Dr. Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 8/18/17 12:05:19 PM Permalink

Its very helpful template to use for the planning of any visual project

I well encourage my student to use it

Thank you for sharing

Mary-Elizabeth O'Toole

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Thanks for sharing this. Definitely a time saver.

giovanna iannicelli

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great resource

Ms Lynn Cobbs

Posted on 11/12/15 5:08:15 AM Permalink

Kev, this is a wonderful tool. The layout helps in planning and creative process for those needing a little boost in getting started.

Vivian Jones

Posted on 11/6/15 4:34:34 PM Permalink

very good

Bethany Dutton

Posted on 8/11/15 10:37:08 AM Permalink

This is a great storyboard resource thanks for the share can't wait to use it

Craig Gundlach

Posted on 6/21/15 12:44:56 AM Permalink

Thanks for putting this together. I was just thinking of making something like this.

Craig Gundlach

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Kim Britton

Posted on 4/8/15 2:39:14 PM Permalink

This is great! Thanks!

Paul Callaghan

Posted on 2/26/15 11:06:33 AM Permalink

Thanks heaps for the awesome resource. I used to use blank slide notes from PowerPoint. This is a much better scaffold for storyboarding.

Imani Cheers

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David Conover

Posted on 1/23/15 3:37:15 PM Permalink

I plan to use this in my video game class. Thanks for putting this together.