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Adobe T4T: Learning Path Plan

Lesson Plan Published 7/10/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

This resource is for the Train the Trainer Course.

Course participants, please download and complete the the learning path plan after viewing the Week 4 Professional Development Design section.

After you have completed your learning path plan, please upload your document as your weekly assignment for Week 4.

We will revisit this learning path plan in Week 5 and you will have an opportunity to revise and include more best practices.

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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 4/25/17 8:22:46 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing​

shaimaa Abushady

Posted on 9/5/16 6:29:05 PM Permalink

Good Job, Keep it up

julie collins

Posted on 8/21/16 10:09:00 PM Permalink

Wow. I am going to be busy.

erin speck

Posted on 8/18/16 4:46:08 PM Permalink

Looks good.

Will know more once I complete it.

Elizabeth Calabria

Posted on 8/7/16 3:44:13 AM Permalink

yes, thank you

David Ewart

Posted on 8/6/16 4:45:13 AM Permalink

Nice template. will definitely hang on to this one for future use.

elissa mondschein

Posted on 7/28/16 11:42:32 PM Permalink

got a lot out of this week's session

Ken White

Posted on 7/26/16 5:40:13 PM Permalink

This is a good planning worksheet because it is very inclusive.

jason kohlbrenner

Posted on 7/24/16 11:41:24 AM Permalink

Very well thought out. Thank you!

Charline Browne

Posted on 7/23/16 2:19:19 PM Permalink

Very detail information this week on effective best practice for Learning path.


Dionne Felix

Posted on 7/22/16 1:53:23 AM Permalink

I appreciate this tool. :-)

Lee Peck

Posted on 7/20/16 9:34:25 PM Permalink

Thankful for this useful tool!

Elizabeth Vanausdeln

Posted on 7/19/16 6:34:13 PM Permalink

Posted 7/19

Bellanira Cochran

Posted on 7/19/16 3:37:51 AM Permalink


Karel te Lintel Hekkert

Posted on 7/16/16 5:26:27 PM Permalink

It is a lot more then I useally prepare for my lessons, but nice to do it again.

Robert Leneway

Posted on 7/15/16 9:53:25 PM Permalink

A nice layout.

Robert Leneway

Posted on 7/15/16 9:53:03 PM Permalink

Brian Johnson

Posted on 7/12/16 6:47:28 AM Permalink

very useful

Adaeze T. Merah

Posted on 5/10/16 1:20:24 AM Permalink

good document resources

Raphael Raphael

Posted on 5/4/16 6:39:11 PM Permalink

Looks strong.

Claude Filimenti

Posted on 4/29/16 12:22:32 PM Permalink

Good ressource. I will translate it in French for my use.

Larry Broomfield

Posted on 4/27/16 8:56:05 PM Permalink

Well laid out format that is easy to follow. It is adequately designed with all the required sections.

David Slager

Posted on 4/20/16 6:55:48 PM Permalink

Looks good.

Thank you.

Felipe Payan

Posted on 4/17/16 5:59:28 PM Permalink

Super! I can recycle the document and update existing assignments will come in handy for future projects.

Vera Lewis

Posted on 4/15/16 11:03:21 PM Permalink

Very helpful tool! :=)

Danny Webb

Posted on 4/14/16 6:22:03 PM Permalink

I found this tool to be very useful. I have applied it to the current project for my job. It help me with my thought development

Marilyn Langdon

Posted on 4/5/16 5:10:52 AM Permalink

Thank you for sharing! It is a great tool to insure all points are planned and executed!

Felipe Payan

Posted on 4/5/16 1:41:20 AM Permalink

A comprehensive form that breaks down your training session.

David Hammerbeck

Posted on 4/4/16 8:38:28 AM Permalink

Quite the form...

Jason Trenwith

Posted on 4/4/16 12:27:49 AM Permalink

Well done with this form it will work well in many areas

David Hammerbeck

Posted on 4/1/16 8:12:35 AM Permalink

Nice form, mainly applicable for beginner's courses.

Richard Worboys

Posted on 3/30/16 7:03:59 AM Permalink

Thanks, this will be great for any TPL sessions I am apart of!

nathaniel owens

Posted on 3/30/16 1:13:49 AM Permalink

This is an awesome form.

Lily Yang

Posted on 3/29/16 6:54:54 PM Permalink

Well done.

Shelley Brown

Posted on 3/28/16 3:20:33 PM Permalink

I will use this for sure - great tool & much appreciated.

Cassandra Lee

Posted on 3/27/16 12:23:40 AM Permalink

It's a very clear plan. Thank you!

Mark Singleton

Posted on 3/26/16 11:36:01 PM Permalink

This is great, thanks!

Joanne Seador

Posted on 3/26/16 7:29:50 PM Permalink

Thanks for the learning plan template. Will be of great use.

Joseph Monaghan

Posted on 3/26/16 1:31:23 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing,


Joel Whitehead

Posted on 3/25/16 7:26:49 PM Permalink

Good form,

What does "How will I sequence the skills and functionalities"? mean.?

Salman Khan Ghauri

Posted on 8/28/15 1:36:14 PM Permalink


Rene Sanchez

Posted on 8/25/15 11:41:01 PM Permalink

Sweet Thanks!!

Michael Chow

Posted on 8/24/15 11:56:11 PM Permalink

many thanks for the review!

LeNelle Cobbs

Posted on 8/23/15 12:48:40 AM Permalink

This is an easy to follow form for developing a training learning path.

Michael Boutin

Posted on 8/14/15 7:21:28 PM Permalink

Nicely structured.

samia chelbi

Posted on 7/28/15 4:50:44 PM Permalink

Great !!!!

charles mills

Posted on 7/27/15 11:40:20 PM Permalink

Thank you!

Dhanaraj Keezhara

Posted on 7/23/15 8:42:33 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing such great resources.

Judith Loeber

Posted on 7/21/15 1:31:11 AM Permalink

Hi, Thanks for the template. Anything to save time while working on two other courses, and one of them analog,.. well ... works for me!

Renee Hernandez

Posted on 7/20/15 6:24:21 AM Permalink

This is a good resources, thanks!

Sarah Buncum

Posted on 7/19/15 12:04:58 AM Permalink

Wow! Thanks for the great resources.

daniel Mullings

Posted on 7/18/15 6:15:43 AM Permalink

This is a good resources my only concern is the time allotted is 3 hours when my session is a 6 hour session. I will submit as a 6hour and see what happens.

Matthew King

Posted on 7/20/15 5:39:15 PM Permalink

I'm also doing a 6 hour plan, I think the 3 hours is just an example

Paula Borsetti

Posted on 7/17/15 3:24:42 PM Permalink

Great resource, very helpful for planning.

Wilder Bolanos Gomez

Posted on 7/17/15 3:01:35 AM Permalink


Oliver Roopsingh

Posted on 7/16/15 4:06:58 PM Permalink

Thanks. Another tool for my arsenal

Kristine Schiffbauer

Posted on 7/13/15 10:52:19 PM Permalink

Thanks for including the previous fields to update the plan as we progress and revise.

Mary Kennedy

Posted on 7/12/15 11:43:15 PM Permalink

Very thorough lesson plan template.


Posted on 7/12/15 6:32:11 PM Permalink

Looks like this could be a very handy tool

Jark Leo Trby

Posted on 5/22/15 4:28:11 AM Permalink

Great source, thanks

Jaroslav Verlík

Posted on 4/4/15 10:27:10 PM Permalink

thanks very much!

Andreas Freiberger

Posted on 3/28/15 11:09:14 PM Permalink

nice, thank you!

Valerie Agramonte

Posted on 3/28/15 4:20:42 PM Permalink

I like how it is directed and specific.

Samantha Spencer

Posted on 3/1/15 7:38:27 PM Permalink

A good roadmap!

Katie Morgan

Posted on 3/1/15 3:59:51 PM Permalink

Looks a bit daunting time-wise, but I like the way it drills down to finite detail - it will make me think deeper about every step.

Veronica Sarmiento

Posted on 2/28/15 5:12:59 PM Permalink

I think this provides a nice road map, especially for those who do not have teaching experience. This forces you to break down the information being presented into smaller chunks that we sometimes take for granted and omit when teaching/training.

udesh naidoo

Posted on 2/25/15 11:06:31 AM Permalink

I like the scaffolding about Direct Instruction, Guided and Independent practice.

Basim Assaf

Posted on 2/24/15 6:20:58 PM Permalink

Very good resource. It really makes one think about the different paths and how to approach them.

Sarah Buncum

Posted on 2/20/15 1:55:00 AM Permalink

I really have some work to do:) Thanks

Alan Humbert

Posted on 2/17/15 5:32:30 PM Permalink

It really breaks it down!

Graeme Nelson

Posted on 2/16/15 10:37:51 PM Permalink

This seems fine as long as it is not too prescriptive that we use it. What I mean is, there are many ways to teach a class or a course. This methodology is something that was used in teaching English as a foreign language training many years ago but was called Present, Practice, Produce. It still is used when appropriate but by no means is it the only way. I am a tad disappointed that this has not been pointed out and a tad disappointed that week 4 appears to suggest that direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice (DGI) is the best/only/exclusive way to teach how to use various tools to enhance your teaching. Maybe I missed something along the way. Anyroad up, I'd like to see a range of teaching methods presented in week 4 + as all participants bring their wealth of experience to the table and don't lose their urge for creativity in education to a form.

Bob Tuttle

Posted on 2/14/15 5:38:42 PM Permalink

Looks like a good way to organize for a class - and more effort - but worth it.

Firas Jadaan

Posted on 2/12/15 7:01:21 PM Permalink

wow looking hard but awesome :)

Jerry Vick

Posted on 2/10/15 7:37:39 PM Permalink

Nice form, look forward to working with it and gaining from its value.

Konstantin Köhler

Posted on 2/10/15 6:30:19 PM Permalink

Nice Resource. Thanks.

Albor Moscoso

Posted on 2/10/15 1:59:19 AM Permalink

Thank you, this is a great resource tool!

Zena Brown

Posted on 9/2/14 1:47:10 AM Permalink

Just going to keep working

Sonya La Raye

Posted on 9/1/14 11:00:11 PM Permalink

Good resource!

Valerie Olenick

Posted on 9/1/14 2:21:22 AM Permalink

In the spirit of seeing the big picture in the beginning, I would have loved to see this sooner. Perhaps I wasn't ready for it.

Thomas Lerch

Posted on 8/27/14 12:27:10 PM Permalink

Well structured form.

Megha Arora

Posted on 8/25/14 4:29:51 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing. Very useful.

Mats Soderberg

Posted on 8/24/14 2:30:36 AM Permalink

As said before, this is very useful

Ceallaigh Norman

Posted on 8/21/14 11:41:55 PM Permalink

We're doing fine!

Piers Aldous

Posted on 8/18/14 10:18:45 AM Permalink

Glad it's not just me that's running behind time!

Fevzi Inan Dönmez

Posted on 8/21/14 3:24:57 PM Permalink

Yeah! When I saw others I became :)

Jeannine Burgess

Posted on 8/17/14 7:13:12 PM Permalink

I am running behind too. I hope to catch up by tomorrow.

Chris Holbrook

Posted on 8/14/14 7:44:09 PM Permalink

Running behind! Two weeks to catch up on.

Ryan Archer

Posted on 8/10/14 11:04:51 AM Permalink

Gotta catch up, gotta catch up...

karin h

Posted on 8/7/14 3:52:28 AM Permalink

by the posts below i feel i'm late!

Tulio Silva

Posted on 8/12/14 3:02:28 AM Permalink

No, you were not. o:)

Christina MacLaughlin

Posted on 8/4/14 9:42:32 PM Permalink

I'll be using this for a course this week!

David Badgley

Posted on 8/3/14 9:38:26 AM Permalink

excellent planning tool that organizes the critical elements of a good PD experience.

Jenney Grover

Posted on 8/1/14 9:07:19 PM Permalink

awesome! thanks!

Imani Cheers

Posted on 8/1/14 12:45:20 PM Permalink

This is great, thanks so much!

Alisha Crawford

Posted on 7/30/14 7:36:57 PM Permalink

Wow the more I learn the more I need to learn Im enjoying the process

Bhuvana Sriram

Posted on 7/30/14 3:00:29 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing a very detailed lesson plan which will allow us think the field where we have to work more and a very well planned path.

theresa murray

Posted on 7/28/14 8:01:14 PM Permalink

This template looks useful for many lessons we might need to plan.

Paul Fuentes

Posted on 7/28/14 12:52:28 AM Permalink

Thought brought to any activity will only enhance it. Proper planning prevent p*** poor performance. Sorry old military saying

sandro c mendes

Posted on 7/28/14 12:42:44 AM Permalink

Tks Andrea ;)

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 7/28/14 5:03:08 PM Permalink

Always my pleasure, Sandro!

Ruth Soderstrom

Posted on 7/27/14 7:39:49 PM Permalink

Looks good for more thorough planning.

judith schwartz

Posted on 7/26/14 2:57:25 AM Permalink

Thanks, this will be very helpful in completing my week 4 assignment.

Henry Sandoval

Posted on 7/25/14 7:00:39 PM Permalink

It appears to be a very good assignment and I like how we keep revising and adding to the weeks previous assignment.

katherine Yamashita

Posted on 7/25/14 5:59:18 PM Permalink

Great template! Thanks so much!

kent thompson

Posted on 7/25/14 12:45:13 PM Permalink

this is good to have in order to keep focused on how to get where you want to be with your students

Melba Gilbert Manning

Posted on 7/24/14 9:01:50 PM Permalink

Thank you for providing a template that allowed a systematic layout for the lesson.

Laurie Myers

Posted on 7/24/14 6:04:41 PM Permalink

This is a very thorough and helpful resource. Thank you!

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 7/23/14 8:50:23 PM Permalink

Thank you,
Really it's very helpful guide for begin to construct a learning path for my participants

M. Chow

Posted on 7/23/14 6:22:42 AM Permalink

very thorough

Candie Witherspoon

Posted on 7/23/14 4:34:12 AM Permalink

I like this approach as well. Thanks for sharing this resource.

Frank Vandenburg

Posted on 7/22/14 10:41:43 PM Permalink

I really like this approach.

Thiago Viana

Posted on 7/21/14 4:12:22 AM Permalink

Very detailed. Thanks!