Adobe Spark Video (old Adobe Voice) Planning Worksheets and Structure Templates

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Help students create terrific presentations with Adobe Spark Video by using these planning worksheets.

Planning Introduction Worksheet - Use this worksheet to have students choose the Structure, the Theme, and the Music of their presentation. I have updated the worksheet to match the new structures that are in the updated version of the Adobe Spark Video App.

Planning Layout Worksheet - Use this sheet to have students plan each slide of their presentation.

Structure Templates - The App has seven structures that students can use to help guide them in creating their presentation. I have created templates that follow the arrangement that Adobe Spark Video has in each of the seven structures. Those structures are: Promote an Idea, Tell What Happened, A Hero's Journey, Show and Tell, Personal Growth, Teach a Lesson, and An Invitation. Adobe Spark Video is made so that so students can plan and create while using their iPad/iPhone and now their computer! However, if your school is like our school, we must share our technology with other classrooms. Since our time with the technology is limited, I find that it is helpful that students have organized their thoughts and planned their presentations before they can create their presentation. Once the students have created a few Spark Videos using the templates, have them try creating a Video without a template! Spark Video is so easy to use that students can do their planning and creating at the same time.

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

1-2 Hours
Research and Information Fluency, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making

The only materials you would need are an iPad, an iPhone, or a computer! Adobe Spark Video can now be used across all these devices. You need to set up an Adobe account - you can create a class account where all students can save their videos. The only problem with this is that students can alter and even delete other videos! Your students can create their own accounts. They need to be 13 and over and they need to have their own email. If your students have GAFE accounts (Google Apps For Education), they can now login using Google.  

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Anne C Smith

Posted on 3/23/19 9:36:06 AM Permalink

Thank you. This will really enhance the process​

Ali Imam Reza

Posted on 3/20/19 3:17:54 PM Permalink

​Very helpful. Thanks

Kristen Brooks

Posted on 2/24/19 2:27:28 AM Permalink

SO helpful and wonderful!​

Judy Durkin

Posted on 8/28/18 11:49:12 PM Permalink

​Thank you!

Matthew Sterner-Neely

Posted on 8/28/18 6:17:12 AM Permalink

These are amazing!​

Eunice Amoah

Posted on 5/31/18 8:45:13 AM Permalink

​Great, thanks!

Debbie Supplitt

Posted on 2/5/18 3:00:26 AM Permalink

Thank you sooooo much!​

Consuelo Monsegur

Posted on 5/22/17 11:00:11 AM Permalink

​Very useful

Neil Smithson

Posted on 5/11/17 10:01:04 AM Permalink

​Great assets, many thanks.

L Johnson

Posted on 4/5/17 4:28:33 PM Permalink

​Thanks for these materials. They are great tools to utilize when planning.

Trevor Milevskiy

Posted on 3/3/17 4:48:25 AM Permalink

​This is a very helpful resource.

Thank you

Larissa Warren

Posted on 1/6/17 7:46:10 AM Permalink

​wonderful. Wish I had seen this before I'd created my own!

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 8/17/16 12:02:27 PM Permalink

Really it's very helpful resource,
Thank you for sharing

Nathalie Nunez

Posted on 8/14/16 12:55:05 AM Permalink

This is excellent! Thank you!!

Judy Durkin

Posted on 7/19/16 5:35:13 AM Permalink


Thomas Kohlbrenner

Posted on 4/5/16 4:10:48 PM Permalink

This is soooo great! If only most of my students didn't have Android devices.


Posted on 4/5/16 9:26:50 PM Permalink

Thank you. I hope Voice does go cross-platform one day.


Posted on 3/1/16 12:38:55 AM Permalink

Sonia Steckert

Posted on 2/27/16 12:40:14 AM Permalink

Thank you so much. At my school we are doing Tech Tuesday presentations of new technology tools we teachers can use. As a Spanish teacher, this is an easy presentation tool students can learn within 30 minutes or LESS (including writing their draft).

I appreciate the templates. Gracias, Sra. Steckert, Bartow, Florida


Posted on 4/5/16 9:31:58 PM Permalink

Thank you Sonia. We do something similar at our school - Lunch & Learn and I am hoping to do one with Voice. A few teachers have already used it in the classroom, and they found the same thing as you did - students can learn it quickly and also produce a quality product. However, it is also very easy to create 'garbage' and that is why I created the worksheets so that students can put more time into planning what they want to say.

Jamie Leduc

Posted on 1/24/16 9:18:34 PM Permalink

Awesome ....thank you