One Hour in Fireworks, Part 1: Images and Graphics for a Dreamweaver-Based Class

Technical Tutorial Published 12/10/12 Last updated on 5/16/18
This hour (in three parts) of how to edit photos and create graphics in Fireworks and then options to insert them in your Dreamweaver-based website is meant for an introductory-level web design course. What makes this three-part tutorial appealing is that it is designed for a beginning web design/Dreamweaver course where students have no or very little prior image editing/creation experience and where instructors have a limited amount of time to dedicate to the topic. By the end of the three-part tutorial, students possess the knowledge and skill necessary to create, edit and export photos and graphics from Fireworks and insert into an HTML file in Dreamweaver. I fit it in between the lessons on CSS for simple styling and CSS for layout (thus the not-so-attractive pages demo-ed in the videos). CSS3 comes later where we replace the image gradient with CSS3 gradients (and an understanding of browser-based issues). This first video focuses on photo editing and export.

This is the first of three parts.

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