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Using basic Photoshop in Stage 4 Science (NSW) - Part 1

Assessment Published 8/17/13 Last updated on 5/15/18

Part 1: One way of including Photoshop skills in assessing Science is in constructing a 3 x 3 grid template for appropriate stimulus material and using it for assessing Science knowledge via assignment or examination.

In this example, assorted metal elements are used about which students either can then research one or more, or be asked specific information e.g. a metal's physical and chemical properties ot its uses, because of recent teaching and learning.

The template lend itself to being applied to the same knowledge acquisition skill in any number of areas e.g. mammals, insects, rock types, laboratory equipment.

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Stage 4 Science (NSW)
Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Lorraine Cusens

Posted on 8/19/13 2:56:42 AM Permalink

great idea