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Create a Dynamic Quiz with Edge Animate

Digital Asset Published 5/17/14 Last updated on 6/9/19

Built for the Adobe Apps for Education: Live series | Advanced Edge Animate for Education

Create a quiz in Edge Animate driven by a JSON data file! Employ external symbol libraries, create composite symbols, parse data, update text, manage player feedback, and more!

Most of the questions for the quiz are derived from the Absinthe 101 Flyer hosted by The Wormwood Society.

1-2 Hours
CC License
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ashley george

Posted on 1/17/16 5:58:59 AM Permalink

Hi Joseph, I love what you have done in this project. I down loaded your completed file up above and watch the video. I have been working on this for a good week and I can not get the questions to load up. Both on the downloaded file and the one I tried to create at home. I was wondering if it had something to do with the data file location or something I'm missing. I tried lots of different options but had no luck. I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue with the completed project or if its just something I am not doing correctly. I really want this to work and any help would be appreciated.

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 1/17/16 12:51:28 PM Permalink

It may be an incorrect path or perhaps local security policy in the browser is blocking the content? Check the browser console in dev tools to see if there is a message and let me know what it says.

ashley george

Posted on 5/9/16 11:35:23 AM Permalink

Hi Joseph sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I worked out the problem. On updating to the newer Edge animate. For some reason it does not have a data folder so the script could not find the json file. So i just updated the script to reflect where the json file could be found. So simple but took ages to work it out. Thanks

Jason Wolbert

Posted on 8/12/15 11:53:28 PM Permalink

Where is the tutorial?

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 8/13/15 1:55:25 AM Permalink

I don't know where it is. EdEx must have removed the link? Will try and retrieve it.

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 8/13/15 2:12:32 AM Permalink

Not sure where the recording is. Adobe recorded it but I don't know where it went...

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 9/17/15 7:57:15 PM Permalink

Candie Witherspoon

Posted on 5/25/14 1:29:41 AM Permalink

Joseph presented a great example that educators can use and that is greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing the knowledge as well as the resources!

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 5/25/14 2:54:36 PM Permalink

You're welcome!

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 5/22/14 3:52:02 AM Permalink

Thanks for posting - playing with some game/quiz options and good to see different approaches.

I still won't drink that stuff :)

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 5/22/14 2:12:50 PM Permalink

My goal is to get all AELs to try authentic absinthe at least once. Hit about 10 of you last Summer. Only a matter of time, Kevin!!!