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Shot Composition: 11 Basic Shots and Storyboard template (ppt)

Digital Asset Published 11/3/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

This is a chart with examples of 11 of basic shots for video shot composition. The attached powerpoint file is meant to be used as template for storyboarding. It is for 16x9 aspect ration storyboarding.

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These are examples of 11 basic ways to compose a shot that does not involve camera movement.

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Adolfo Fernandez

Posted on 5/17/18 8:21:44 AM Permalink

​Thank you!

Amy Dellwardt

Posted on 2/19/18 3:04:20 PM Permalink

I love the fact that the 11 basic shots show relevant examples for my students. With the recognition of the movies, students can then move onto how each shot makes them feel. ​

evan bush

Posted on 2/7/18 9:39:09 PM Permalink

Thank you for the resources.​

Jennifer Cramer

Posted on 2/6/18 1:42:51 PM Permalink

​These resources are very useful. I had a similar example I use for students for basic shots but the story board ppt. will be extremely helpful for students to get their initial ideas down on paper.

Maida Landau

Posted on 2/3/18 11:06:34 PM Permalink

​I know I'm a week behind, but I would have liked the information to have more explanations attached. I did see the week 2 class live and wished there was more direction explaining which shots help create what kind of mood/feeling/etc. I only wish I had enough experience to understand the strengths of the different camera viewpoints. I'll confess that the guest lecturer was interesting but not helpful to me. Perhaps if he had narrated his video example while showing it, it would have helped my understanding.

Mark Itskowitch

Posted on 2/5/18 4:46:15 AM Permalink

I totally agree with you. I didn't care to hear ​them talk and talk about what they have edited. I'm don't care and it doesnt help us at all. If he had his project opened in Premiere, showing us some shortcuts or workspaces that help him, or scrubbing through his video explaining the shots. I watched the Australia and the US feed, hoping one would be better then the other....... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring and not helpful at all. Felt it was a waste of time.

Deila Bumgardner

Posted on 2/6/18 7:25:28 PM Permalink

Hello Maida,

Thank you for your feedback. However, this thread is only going to show up for those who look at this resource and not for the greater audience of the course you are currently enrolled in. I suggest reaching out to your tutors or course instructors or leaving this feedback on the course site forums.



Linda Macaulay

Posted on 1/31/18 4:27:24 PM Permalink

I agree with other comments that ​while I know these resources will be useful, as presented, I am not sure I understand each one. As someone with no video background, examples of the template in use and what a final video looks like from said storyboard would be very useful to further my understanding and to be able to demo for students.

Delia Hubbard

Posted on 1/31/18 2:34:04 PM Permalink

I wish the PPT had links to examples of the camera moving. It took me a minute or two to figure out the difference between panning left/right and truck left/right, which is so simply explained with a short example clip.

Other than that, the examples of the types of shots was useful.​

Kim Cardona

Posted on 1/31/18 6:34:22 AM Permalink

​The storyboard is great tool to visualize the movement in each slide in a thoughtful way. the shots look fun and I am looking forward to playing with them

Ken Binkley

Posted on 1/26/18 7:25:51 PM Permalink

​The basic shot chart will be useful when I teach it.

Kathy Brew

Posted on 1/25/18 10:00:11 PM Permalink

​The resources will be very useful in setting up the shots - I particularly liked the beginning video storyboard

Margaret Purvis

Posted on 1/24/18 9:49:34 PM Permalink

Well I could open the 11 Basic Shots which I found very enlightening but could not open the StoryBoards I tried downloading several Apps non of which would open it ​

Tom Dahl

Posted on 1/24/18 2:58:38 AM Permalink

Materials are not well communicated. PPt about camera action could have included pictures in the frames to show the movement/progression. Typos and grammatical errors in the PDF reduce the authoritative significance. ​

Delia Hubbard

Posted on 1/31/18 2:33:02 PM Permalink

I agree about the typos. I find them distracting.

Deila Bumgardner

Posted on 2/6/18 7:32:12 PM Permalink


Thank you for your feedback. I have updated the files to address typos. The powerpoint is meant to serve as a guide for storyboarding and not as instructional material for how to move the camera. If you are looking for some resources that communicate those details here a few I recommend:

Video Examples of camera shot comp and movement:

Static Examples of camera shot comp and movement:



Allen Fox

Posted on 1/23/18 9:20:40 PM Permalink

Great info! Did have to add the ".pdf" file extension after download. There was only the file name "11"​

Loreen Baker

Posted on 1/23/18 3:13:39 PM Permalink

This is very helpful - thanks!​

JoAnn Roe

Posted on 1/22/18 7:22:39 PM Permalink

​I like the use of contemporary films to convey the different shots. Nice materials.

Maida Landau

Posted on 1/22/18 6:33:46 PM Permalink

​PDF of Basic Shots is very helpful, thank you! (You might want to check that paragraph -- there are a few errors in it). :-) I did find the PowerPoint file a bit confusing so I'm looking forward to the class in hopes it clarifies my questions.

WT Howard

Posted on 1/22/18 5:34:17 PM Permalink

Great, will try to remember.​

Stephen Horvath

Posted on 1/22/18 12:54:36 PM Permalink

​Nice, and easy to use. Thanks!

Deanna Wagner

Posted on 1/21/18 11:51:46 PM Permalink

​This is good info. The examples really help me to understand the shots.

Colleen Velasquez

Posted on 1/21/18 10:03:46 PM Permalink

​Great materials! I love the more detailed approach to the story board. In class I have the students take a large sheet of paper and fold it into sections so there are 6 to 8 squares. Very simple. So this is great

Brenda Brummel

Posted on 1/21/18 12:15:07 AM Permalink

Hoping this will become clearer when we actually implement it.​

Karel te Lintel Hekkert

Posted on 1/20/18 3:39:40 PM Permalink

​Very usefull for my lessons.

Robert Bourgeois

Posted on 1/20/18 1:08:57 AM Permalink

​Very useful resources...thanks!

Reo McBride

Posted on 1/18/18 6:15:26 PM Permalink

​This is new material for me as well. I hope to learn more about the template and what some of those terms mean. Not sure of the differences between "Extreme Long Shot" and "Long Shot", but I will learn.

gerald duvall

Posted on 1/17/18 4:58:19 PM Permalink

​New concepts to me. Thank you!

William Oesch

Posted on 1/15/18 5:41:56 PM Permalink

​Very helpful tools. Thank you!

Regan White

Posted on 1/15/18 5:12:50 PM Permalink

Thank you for the helpful tools. I have been told that in video production it is better to dolly in and out (actually move the camera) rather than to zoom in​ or out with the lens. Does this have merit?

Dan Ross

Posted on 1/15/18 6:51:07 PM Permalink

Dollies and Zooms will treat the background differently. Sometimes you can loose quality using lens zoom or the aperture changes on you and it becomes a bit darker.​

Ed Luna

Posted on 6/27/17 6:26:45 PM Permalink

​I like the "11 basic shots" and the fact that it is one movie. I created something similar but used a few movies and a lot more terms. The PowerPoint seems a little confusing at first glance. I think I would have had the visual examples in the basic shots pdf as well for continuity and reference.

Ydaliz Negron

Posted on 6/8/17 7:26:28 PM Permalink

​Thanks for this resources!

Cornelia Boehm

Posted on 6/7/17 12:59:51 PM Permalink

​Thank you so much for these resources. Very helpful:-)

sharon neveu

Posted on 6/3/17 5:39:59 PM Permalink

​great resources!

Kathryn Arnold

Posted on 6/2/17 1:40:56 AM Permalink

Thank you for these resources!​

Jill Easterday

Posted on 5/22/17 9:04:37 PM Permalink

​Will we also talk about when to use each of these or will that come in as we proceed in this course?

Robert Cox

Posted on 5/20/17 3:47:10 AM Permalink

​Helpful resources, thanks

Lori Lind

Posted on 5/19/17 1:59:56 AM Permalink

​Going in the permanent file! Going to share with my teachers.

Patti Byers

Posted on 5/18/17 8:37:18 PM Permalink

​Good material. Thank you

Angela Bruno

Posted on 5/17/17 9:06:41 PM Permalink

​Great resources! Thanks

Anne-Marie Perks

Posted on 5/17/17 8:00:55 PM Permalink

​Thank you for sharing these materials.

Carla Davis

Posted on 5/12/17 6:05:49 PM Permalink

​Excellent materials to use.

janet robertson

Posted on 5/12/17 12:26:26 AM Permalink

​I have needed this for years

Cornelia Boehm

Posted on 5/5/17 7:03:23 PM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing your material:-)

Karel te Lintel Hekkert

Posted on 5/4/17 2:30:29 PM Permalink

​Thanks, I'm going to use it.

Bunnie Craddock

Posted on 6/15/16 2:27:53 PM Permalink

Great Plan with Resources!

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 5/17/16 6:29:14 PM Permalink

Really it's very helpful resource,
Thank you for sharing

Elinor Choate

Posted on 11/9/15 7:26:38 PM Permalink


Tyler Dockery

Posted on 11/4/15 12:48:44 AM Permalink

Thanks for these, its a great set of tools.

Mohammed Al Shehhi

Posted on 10/18/15 3:29:30 PM Permalink

Very nice, This is going to be really rewarding when finishing.

Heather McCarty

Posted on 10/15/15 4:05:18 AM Permalink

Thanks! Super helpful!

Christian Gutierrez

Posted on 10/12/15 5:09:01 PM Permalink

Great resources.

Thanks for sharing it.

Onias Chacksen

Posted on 10/11/15 5:38:31 PM Permalink

100 percent useful this is good

Joseph Revard

Posted on 10/11/15 1:53:58 AM Permalink

Thank you for sharing this compedium ~ very useful.


Posted on 10/9/15 2:53:19 AM Permalink

Very useful resources. Thank you

Frederick Fowler

Posted on 10/7/15 1:17:54 AM Permalink

Great recourse that I will use with my classes. Thanks for providing a valuable recourse.

Les Canfield

Posted on 10/5/15 10:26:22 PM Permalink

Please note your extremely long shot is abbreviated (EWS). In PowerPoint

Bob Tuttle

Posted on 10/5/15 9:36:58 PM Permalink

Thx for providing this - it will help.

Alan Humbert

Posted on 10/5/15 7:47:52 PM Permalink

Very concise, and well laid out.

Thanks for sharing.


Jon Vandermeer

Posted on 10/5/15 2:28:05 PM Permalink

Nice summary sheet, plan on using it...!!!

Bethany Dutton

Posted on 10/5/15 10:05:19 AM Permalink

Great resource thanks for the share

Odette Murdoch

Posted on 10/5/15 3:31:24 AM Permalink

Great resources. Very helpful for a novice. Thanks

Maria T Garcia de la Noceda

Posted on 10/4/15 2:38:13 PM Permalink

Very helpful, thank you, Maria Teresa

Tiik Pollet

Posted on 10/4/15 1:48:39 AM Permalink

Love these. I just taught these to my 3-5th grade movie making class. I will share your examples with the class. Thanks.

Tony Pavey

Posted on 10/2/15 2:41:12 AM Permalink

Bethany Dutton

Posted on 8/11/15 10:39:08 AM Permalink

Love the setting up the shot poster really effective for students

Dhanaraj Keezhara

Posted on 4/7/15 3:08:55 AM Permalink

Very useful template. Thanks for sharing.

Rogelio Rodolfo Tapia Aquino

Posted on 2/10/15 10:38:52 AM Permalink

Thank you for these resources, exelent!

Anthony Gagliano

Posted on 2/4/15 2:36:41 AM Permalink

These resources are most helpful, I think my students will really like working with the Storyboard Template for PowerPoint.

Renee Sarmiento

Posted on 1/18/15 8:19:42 PM Permalink

Thank you for these resources, very helpful!

Lisa Rundstrom

Posted on 1/12/15 3:55:44 AM Permalink

Yes- Thank you!

Eli Infante

Posted on 1/5/15 9:24:37 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing! This is fantastic.

Frederico Favoreto

Posted on 1/5/15 9:30:57 AM Permalink

Great manual.

Muhammad ayyaz

Posted on 1/4/15 3:08:42 PM Permalink

Great! Very helpful material.

Ana Bettencourt

Posted on 12/2/14 2:38:22 AM Permalink

Great to have these resources. Thanks!

Sam Hughes

Posted on 12/1/14 11:50:00 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing. Really great info!

Alisha Crawford

Posted on 12/1/14 11:05:01 PM Permalink

Good visual and description of the various shot types will def use this.

Valerie Agramonte

Posted on 11/30/14 10:17:56 PM Permalink

I love the basic shots PDF <3

Chris Skrzypchak

Posted on 11/30/14 8:36:47 AM Permalink

I love this!

Judy Durkin

Posted on 11/28/14 6:19:41 AM Permalink

Terrific. Will use in my classes.

Ramon Villa

Posted on 11/26/14 1:32:45 AM Permalink

Great! Thanks for sharing!

Clint Balsar

Posted on 11/25/14 2:38:20 AM Permalink

Great resources. Thanks for sharing.

Basim Assaf

Posted on 11/24/14 7:14:05 PM Permalink

very basic

Dawn Maitz

Posted on 11/24/14 2:12:15 PM Permalink

Thank you. Valuable resources.

Mircea Lungu

Posted on 11/24/14 10:52:38 AM Permalink

Both documents are very useful and clear resources, an excellent support for the video class. Thank you for sharing!

Terry Banks

Posted on 11/24/14 2:10:49 AM Permalink

Will use both resources, thanx!

Terrell Neuage

Posted on 11/20/14 1:48:49 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing.


Azeneth Alvarez

Posted on 11/19/14 10:33:03 PM Permalink

great resource! thanks for sharing

Konstantin Köhler

Posted on 11/19/14 6:16:16 PM Permalink

Very useful. Thanks for sharing.

Olga Fenton

Posted on 11/19/14 11:23:08 AM Permalink

Thank you, very structured and very much suitable as a teaching resource!

Colin Byers

Posted on 11/19/14 5:10:12 AM Permalink

Great resource!

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 11/6/14 3:43:46 AM Permalink

Thank you for sharing, I look forward to using this with my Year 11 Photography class next year :)