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Dreamweaver and PhoneGap Build

Lesson Plan Published 11/1/13 Last updated on 5/16/18

I recently successfully completed the Adobe Train the Trainer course. I am posting my final project to the Education Exchange in the event others may find it useful. There are a number of files associated with this project.

There is the professional development plan itself along with supporting materials. Some of these materials were developed in Adobe Captivate 7. I realize not everyone has that tool; therefore, I also provided the resulting generated HTML as a zip file for those who do not have direct access to Captivate. If you extract these archives, all the code should work. If you encounter problems please contact me. I also included the developed starting Android .apk file and a screen capture of the QR code. You can either side load the app using a tool like DropBox or you can scan the QR code to install the app on your Android device.

In the professional development plan, you will find links to a number of items (including short URLs). I have made all these links active so you can see the evaluation forms I typically use in Form Central as well.

The file is what I would use as a starting checkpoint file for this session (for those unable to create one on their own). I also included an example of a checkpoint file I created at a seminar I gave on this very topic in Boston in 2012. That one is named

I also provide the DreamweaverPhoneGapDemo file which is a step by step overview of how to create your initial app using Dreamweaver CC. For those who do not have Captivate, I also included a zip version of the resulting web page.

I also provide the introductory materials I use as a starting point for my online class on this topic. Again, both a Captivate file and the resulting HTML as a zip archive are included.

Lastly, I provide the actual .apk file and a QR code as a PNG file for those who want to install this and try it out.

Although I mention this in my development plan, students taking this module would already have been exposed to CMWEB 110 - introductory HTML, CMWEB 120 - HTML and CSS, and CMWEB 160 - scripting for designers.

I hope others find this useful.

Best always,


Age Levels
1-2 Hours

At a minimum, you will need Dreamweaver CC, a Creative Cloud account (to access PhoneGap Build), and an Internet connection.

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