Flipped (or “blended”) learning entails “flipping” classroom activities traditionally confined to in-class (e.g. discussion, collaboration, attending lectures) so that students can experience learning outside of class. Flipped learning can be a daily, weekly, or routine part of an in-person, online, or distance/remote learning classroom.

In this course you’ll explore best strategies, approaches, and tools for creating effective flipped learning opportunities for your students. You will hear from experts in the field and see examples of lessons and activities you can immediately apply to your classroom context. 

After taking this course you will:

  1. Understand the definition of flipped and distance learning and the unique learning opportunities this model of teaching unlocks
  2. Get support and resources to create distance learning opportunities for your students
  3. Learn to use Adobe Spark and other Adobe tools to support learning opportunities for students in a flipped or online classroom
  4. Experience examples of Adobe Education Leaders using creativity and Adobe products in their classrooms
  5. Apply your knowledge to create your own Adobe Spark learning video that meets the unique needs of your students, class, and context

March 2020 edition; in this new edition, we’ve added even more resources to reflect the unique needs of teachers today, including an increased focus on online and distance learning classes coupled with tips and strategies from thought leaders around the world. 

The learning content in this course will take one hour. The assignment will take approximately two hours. After completing the course you will be credited with three hours of professional learning.

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