Adobe - Free courses and resources for LGfL schools

Free courses and resources for LGfL schools

We know the difference creativity makes. That's why teachers and schools who are part of the London Grid for Learning get Adobe tools, training and resources completely free.

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Unlock creativity with free resources from RSC and Adobe.

Get your hands on free teaching resources full of creative techniques and ideas, built to complement RSC's unique rehearsal room approach to teaching and learning about Shakespeare to provide a digital learning experience that will inspire your students.

Self-paced course

Get started with Adobe

A simple introduction for educators to all things Adobe.


Making STE(A)M Creative

Bring digital curriculum using Adobe Spark.


Introducing Adobe Spark

Get an overview of Spark and see how you can use it in the classroom.


Adobe Apps for Education

Discover everything that's included in Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to master Adobe tools.

These courses will teach you and your students the digital skills you need to unleash creativity in your classroom.

Creativity is digital and has a home in every subject and every discipline. Adobe Creative Cloud delivers the world's best creative apps - including Rush, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro - so your students can master the digital skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in their careers.

Secondary schools

Self-paced course

Get started with Adobe

A simple introduction for educators to all things Adobe.

Self-paced course

Get Started with Video

Learn the basics of video editing in Adobe Rush.

Self-paced course

Get Started with Imaging

An introduction to creating digital images in Adobe Photoshop.


Learn Adobe Photoshop CC

This hands-on workshop shows you how to use Photoshop in your teaching.

Primary schools


Adobe Spark Getting Started Videos.

Four short videos to help primary school pupils get up and running with Spark.


Creating a 30 second video to explain a concept.

Discover how to create a simple, speedy video in Adobe Spark.


Make a Read Aloud Video with Spark.

This project lets pupils create a video with their favourite story book.

Self-paced cource

Get Started with Digital Storytelling.

Learn how to create digital stories and bring digital storytelling projects into the classroom.

Classroom-ready projects to build your students' skills.

Access free resources right away. You'll find projects and lesson plans for all ages and subjects.


Create a school trip journal.

Get your students using Spark Video to document school trips.


Make a School Based Online Safety Training Resource.

Learn how to use Adobe Spark Page to create training resources.


Advertising a school event using Adobe Photoshop.

Step-by-step video instructions and video showing you how to create a graphic in Photoshop.


Food Truck Challenge.

Challenge your students to work together to develop a concept for a food truck.

Lesson Plan

Social Impact Video.

Trips and tricks to help your students edit videos for social media using Adobe Premiere Rush.

Lesson plan

Poetry Videos with Adobe Premiere Rush.

Have your students choose a poem and then create a video inspired by it.

Lighting up lessons at Langley Park School for Girls

Discover how teachers at Langley Park School for Girls are using Adobe tools to introduce an inspiring, multi sensory approach to learning across subjects.

Adobe joins forces with the RSC.

We've created free resources full of creative techniques that combine Adobe's technological expertise with the RSC's unique rehearsal room approach.

Are Gen Z the most creative generation yet?

As part of our latest research project, we asked 2,500 Generation Z students to share their thoughts on education, creativity and the future.

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