Now we do the dance of joy!

It took two weeks for my students to be able to reliably sign into their accounts (blame the fact that school is on a single IP address and I have 100 3-5th graders trying to type lengthy passwords). But now that they can do that without difficulty, things are going brilliantly! They're purchasing real world materials through the system and choosing their engineering project challenges, and almost every student is off doing something different... but with a fair amount of autonomy, so I'm only being driven to the edge of sanity but not over the brink. :) It's so exciting!

Thank you. This resource is so amazingly useful. if you're interested in seeing what I'm doing.

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Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/29/17 2:04:14 PM Permalink

Just saw this, Kerrick. Such great news.

And riding the edge of sanity is half the fun. :)

Love the excitement. Always reminds me of this quote:

Much of our failure to understand human nature arises from neglect of the need to have our faculties excited and our lives thereby enhanced. The human animal cannot be itself without this exciting enhancement. Excitement is not merely good, it is indispensable to a proper human life.
— Lancelot Law Whyte