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Student Online Portfolios

I have been using Edublogs (Wordpress) for years now. What do you guys use and why? I know some use Behance, how has that gone so far?

Thanks, Terrence

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Mick McMurray

Posted on 5/25/18 8:12:06 PM Permalink

I've been using blogger. This is mostly because it worked with Google Apps for Education well and I didn't like the old Google sites. I'm using the New Google sites for our school-wide portfolios. I'm having mixed results with buy-in form the staff. I have developed a pretty cool collection and feedback system using Google Data studio. Students submit their urls, individual pages, and peer feedback using Google forms and teachers can easily view and sort the data. I don't have a way to share it outside of our domain at the moment, but plan on making a tutorial soon.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 5/25/18 6:09:16 PM Permalink

​I've tried using Google+, but really wasn't terribly happy with the result. It did allow students to tag their items and I could pull up a feed of all the new items from my students, so keeping up with it wasn't bad. But there was very little capability to adjust the presentation and look, which wasn't very helpful in putting together a visual summary of a student's capabilities.

(Side note - many of us don't visit the main site very often--including Mike and me--but rather depend on email updates to know when new posts are added. Unfortunately the site doesn't send an email when a new top level post, like this one, is added, so we may overlook it for days or weeks, as I did with this one. Sorry! Sometimes to start a new conversation I'll post a new top level thread and then link to it with a post in the main thread (currently the 3.0 one) so others will be alerted.)

Kerrick Lucker

Posted on 5/24/18 6:30:56 PM Permalink

I use Padlet in my classroom mainly because of its ease of use and students can easily photograph and post their physical world projects. It lends itself well to my younger students and (because I use a paid teacher license) I can manage privacy and stop any online harassment that might occur.​