Terrence Banks
Adult School Administrator

Adobe CC new name user prices!!!

I want to switch over to name user licenses, my district is acting like its the hardest thing in the world to get started.

Is anyone else switching to name user subscriptions, and is your district giving you a hard time?

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Adam Coulson

Posted on 8/1/18 8:43:10 PM Permalink

​We switched and so far it has been smooth. 500 user license minimum. Cost nearly exact same as 100 machine licenses last year and now student have access at home. user licences can be reassigned whenever wanted and can be done pretty easily with csv files. My AP students have already installed at home and report its working great. They get 2GB of cloud space. Only downside we might have concern about is making sure students log out of their adobe accounts at the end of each class.

Ryan Hayes

Posted on 7/24/18 12:21:27 AM Permalink

​We are looking into it. Much better this way. Students can then work from home. Yay.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/6/18 2:14:14 PM Permalink

Just saw this. Sorry, Terrance.

Our district did and we saved over $20K/year. I think you have to buy 2,500 licenses (minimum) to get the $5/user price.