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Posted on 4/17/19 by amelia andini Latest activity: 4/17/19

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Peeping at the Trend of the Use of Technology in the Digital Economy

Posted on 4/15/19 by valentine lovin Latest activity: 4/15/19

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At present almost all business lines have begun to adapt to the use of digital technology. This can be seen from how business people can use internet facilities to maximize their sales.Not only that, what is also worth noting is that there are technological developments that support the digital economy industry. This technology will certainly continue to grow to adjust to the needs and trends that are developing in the community. As summarized by one securities company, Accenture Technology Vision reveal... Read More

Yearbook creation with Adobe

Posted on 4/14/19 by Jason Reagin Latest activity: 4/15/19

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How are schools/teacher/students using various Adobe products to create the school yearbook? Which product are you using, in what way are you using it?

Funding for Adobe CC

Posted on 4/14/19 by Jason Reagin Latest activity: 4/14/19

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I am just wondering how schools manage to budget for the subscriptions to the Adobe CC...

Citation of others work...

Posted on 4/10/19 by Jason Reagin Latest activity: 4/10/19

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I am curious how other educators tackle use (or inspiration) of others work in their students projects. How do your students provide evidence of their work being original?

Seeking Advice

Posted on 4/4/19 by jackie carpio Latest activity: 4/6/19

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Hello, I am just starting my journey with Adobe products. I love it! Currently a professor, I would like immersion into the Adobe communities with the possibility of landing a job once I am Adobe certified. This will be my second career; and I cant wait to see what evolves. Suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

Drones in the Classroom

Posted on 4/4/19 by Carly Manhart Latest activity: 4/14/19

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Are you using drones at all in your classroom? If so, what kind of things are your students doing with drones? What advice do you have for a newbie considering purchasing drones? (prices, cameras, brands, etc) What expectations do you have for students using drones? Any information would be helpful! Feel free to send along links to specific drones too!

DSLR Camera Purchase

Posted on 4/2/19 by Shelby McNutt Latest activity: 4/8/19

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I am in the process of deciding which camera to upgrade to for my next purchase. I am an avid user of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic and I want to take my photography to another level. I currently own a Nikon D7100 with an 18-200mm zoom lens. I teach a Digital Image (Photography I) course and an advanced Digital Media (Photography II) course where most of my students own DSLR cameras that are more advanced than mine. I currently am looking at the Nikon D500 and the Nikon D750 full frame cameras. Any t... Read More

ASMR Videos: What in the World??

Posted on 3/30/19 by Carly Manhart Latest activity: 3/30/19

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This year I am teaching video production and all of a sudden I have students asking me questions about ASMR videos. This isn't the first time a student has asked me about something and then I had to Google it... but WHAT IN THE WORLD? If you're like me and never heard of ASMR, that's ok. It's a relatively new thing. This is the definition: "Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation. This tingle is said to o... Read More

Trends Are Necessary To Follow By Every Logo and Graphics Designers

Posted on 3/13/19 by Andrea Jones Latest activity: 4/1/19

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Being a designer, it is their core responsibility to keep eye over every trend that are being followed widely every professional logo designers. One of the trend that leads the table is the usage of vivid color combination followed by typography trends. Professional logo designers uses these trends to design an attractive custom business logo for their clients.

Social Media: the Balance of the Personal and Professional

Posted on 3/2/19 by Anne C Smith Latest activity: 3/2/19

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I am interested in how people balance their professional and personal lives on social media, as no doubt these will overlap. I appreciate that our ethical commitments mean that we are true to our values across our personal-professional life spectrum, but social media can pose some complications. Any thoughts?

MoMo challenge?

Posted on 3/1/19 by Michael Ha Latest activity: 3/1/19

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Has anyone come across this at their school? How are you tackling it with staff, students, and parents?

Laptop Swaps - Respecting Adobe Licence - Advice Sought

Posted on 2/23/19 by Anne C Smith Latest activity: 3/5/19

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Hi Everyone, this is really a help query. I note that you can have Adobe Creative Cloud on two computers, but only use one at a time, understandably. On accessing my plans I am showing as having 3 computers connected (but only have 2). I have removed my work laptop as it is not as good as my personal laptop and I do most my lesson planning at home. That leaves 2 laptops, but this really is the same laptop with different dates: Asus on WINDOWS_64Asus on Windows I am tempted to deactivate the older da... Read More

Flipped Classroom for Teaching Design

Posted on 2/6/19 by Jessica Campbell Latest activity: 2/6/19

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I'm curious what everyone's experiences are with using a flipped classroom model when teaching design. If it's working for you, what are the apps/resources that help your workflow? If it doesn't work for you, why not? And if you don't want to try it, what's the barrier or complication? I've flipped my classroom at various points throughout the last 5 years, and have started again this week with a new system. Thanks for sharing your practices with me as I continue to move forward!

Is to use user userfriendly?

Posted on 2/2/19 by Susanne Tamir Latest activity: 2/2/19

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As a Designer, I Refuse to Call People ‘Users’ Interesting Article that i would like to share and ask what you think about user and user friendly. I did not think about it and this way is one that gives an other sight on how to design for others. From the article by Adam Lefton Saying “user” strips a person of their circumstances… it eliminates context and reduces people to a single act.... Without the U-words, I can start the hard work of redefining how I think about des... Read More

#HASHTAGS for social media

Posted on 1/29/19 by Craig Daalmeijer-Power Latest activity: 1/30/19

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Which #Hashtags do you use when you are talking about the Adobe Education Exchange? is it #AdobeEdex or simply #EDEX? I would really like to know what way you tag your tweets and posts as well on Adobe Spark pages and behance and Portfolio sites. This will help newbies ( and not so newbies) wanting to publicise their achievements within the community to a wider global audience. Place your fav #Hashtags in the replies.

Mixing Photography and Graphic Design

Posted on 1/22/19 by Anna Reed Latest activity: 3/30/19

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I would like to create a collaborative project between photography and graphic design courses that shows the uniqueness of each medium as well as the benefits of collaboration. Is anyone doing this right now?

Digital vs Traditional Art

Posted on 1/16/19 by Thaddeus Komorowski Latest activity: 3/30/19

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In today's world of digital considered a lesser art form by many compared to traditional art. What are some activities, projects, discussions that you have had in education that touch on this issue?

Best Student portfolio option

Posted on 1/14/19 by Larissa Warren Latest activity: 3/18/19

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Looking for ideas on how Art & Photography teachers have their students present their work digitally as a portfolio. I'm looking for something easy to present in class and share with each other. Spark is my first thought. I am considering Portfolio, however, these students are 15 and I don't really want them getting bogged down into the social side of it.

Question and Answer forum for those working in Adobe After Effects

Posted on 12/27/18 by Jon Taft Latest activity: 12/27/18

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I already have an AE animation, but now I want to have the camera "zoom in" on the upper right quadrant of my screen during the duration of my 4 second animation. Is there a better way to approach this effect, other than, making all my layers 3D, and pulling all the Z axes in closer to the camera as time progresses?

Interested in a Gamified Learning Management System?

Posted on 12/24/18 by Mike Skocko Latest activity: 4/9/19

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This YouTube video will give you a taste of Game On, a WordPress plugin that enables teachers to deliver content utilizing game mechanics. Since I need to make more videos, I thought it might be helpful to address questions others might have. Any questions? Video Answers (search comments for answers in context) Note: All videos include my typical stumbling, bumbling verbal maladroitness, leading to incomplete or misleading descriptions at times. Bear with me and we'll help each other arrive at the desire... Read More

The future of UX and UI

Posted on 11/29/18 by JACLYN ABREGANA Latest activity: 12/12/18

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How will the best practices in UI and UX Development and strategies change in the light of the uprising blockchain technology? and How will the creative industry be affected by the blockchain technology?

Desktop vs Mobile

Posted on 11/29/18 by Joshua Jr Tabasuarez Latest activity: 12/12/18

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Which is a better platform for creative learning? The Desktop Computer (may it be a PC or Mac) or Tablets?

360 video?

Posted on 11/29/18 by Brett Kent Latest activity: 3/30/19

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I am using a Ricoh Theta 360 camera. When viewing the playback footage in Premier or After effects I get a black band/ gap where the ends of the frame are wrapped. What is the setting I need to change to get this to become seamless?