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Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) is still valid?

Posted on 5/20/19 by Dario Ruta Latest activity: 5/20/19

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Hi everybody, I'm a certified expert in Photoshop & Illustrator and going to try the ACE certification for Indesign in the next weeks. My plans are to become an Adobe Certified Instructor through the CompTIA CTT+ certification but I was told by my collegues certified instructors that were informed by Adobe with an official email that Adobe is deleting the ACI program and that kind of certification will be not available anymore. I was able to personally read that email. At the same time I've received d... Read More

Exam Timing

Posted on 5/9/19 by Brad Bryant Latest activity: 5/17/19

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Can students taking the ACA exam stop and then return to finish it? The time limit is 50 minutes - I think. Can that be broken up or does the exam have to be completed during a 50-minute period.

Photoshop ACA Certification: High School or Middle School?

Posted on 4/19/19 by jennifer wynn-jones Latest activity: 5/13/19

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When should students be taking the Photoshop ACA Certification Exam, in middle or high school? I was told, ideally, you should have two years experience with Photoshop before taking the exam. Of course, students are very tech savvy, but Photoshop has been very difficult for my middle school students with no experience with the program. Also, Adobe offers lesson plans, but they are primarily for high school students. Hmm...

Adobe Certified Expert

Posted on 4/18/19 by Michael Sturrock Latest activity: 4/23/19

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Our school uses Certiport/ Gmetrix/ Console 8 and Compass to certify students and instructors. However, it seems odd we only have Adobe Associate level exams available, unless we use Pearson VUE. I'm confused since Pearson/ Adobe/ Certiport all work in some sort of harmony to bring the testing modules to our facilities. Is there an easier way to access the Adobe Expert Level exams via our current setup? If not, where can I access Pearson VUE to get the Expert level exams?

How to verify your certification

Posted on 4/11/19 by Pintili Camelia Latest activity: 4/11/19

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Hello there, I`m encountering a problem and I don`t know how to fix it. I took an ACA exam for Photoshop (I passed with 900 from 1000 points) on the Certiport platform after I finished a Web Design program that lasted a year. The exam was taken at my design school. On my Certiport account I have my certificate, transcript and certificate code which anybody can use to verify me an the Verify Certiport portal. I created an Upwork account to do some freelancing beside my job and I wanted to verify my Adob... Read More

Certification and the IBCP

Posted on 4/6/19 by Jason Reagin Latest activity: 4/6/19

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Does anyone here have any experience with the IB Career Related Programme? I am thinking of looking into using the ACA as the CRS for the IBCP. Anyone else in that situation?

Who to test

Posted on 4/3/19 by AMANDA JOHNSTON Latest activity: 4/3/19

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I am continuously working to prepare my students for the ACA exams in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I would ideally like all of my students to test and pass, but it is not a perfect world. I am curious to know how other educators determine who they test and who they do not test, and how this is determined.

Preparation for the Adobe Certified Associate (InDesign) Exam

Posted on 3/1/19 by Sarah Johnson Latest activity: 3/14/19

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Hi, I'm trying to prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (InDesign) exam and would love to know if anyone has tips to share? I've been using InDesign for a good 15 years, but I know there are little techniques that I just don't use daily and thus won't be prepared for on the exam. I'm ready to add that ACE badge to my profile!


Posted on 2/22/19 by Nicole Adedeji Latest activity: 2/22/19

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Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends. You have an opportunity to rise above the competitors. If infographics get better engagement than other types of content, but only 30 percent of marketers are using them frequently, you can engage your audience by producing more infographics. Just about... Read More

How to get free certification from Adobe?

Posted on 1/26/19 by da jackal Latest activity: 1/28/19

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hey guys. do you have any idea on how to get a free certification from Adobe by joining some online courses etc? Thanks for your answers.

After I finish a course..

Posted on 1/24/19 by Saud Resayes Latest activity: 1/30/19

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Hi, I'm wondering .. am I going to get a certification for finishing a course? and is that certification will improve my Résumé/Portfolio? Thanks,, Saud

ACA Certification

Posted on 1/19/19 by Pratap Singh Latest activity: 3/30/19

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How To Prepare to get adobe certification ACA Plzz Telll me

Could you suggest me some materials (free or not)?

Posted on 1/14/19 by Luca Melandri Latest activity: 3/30/19

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Hi all! Since I want to get an Adobe certification for photoshop I would like to broad my opportunities to learn by using paid or free material across internet bookstores or other. Could help me? Thank you VERY much! Luca Melandri

Certification Testing at High School Level

Posted on 12/19/18 by Leslie Peterson Latest activity: 3/30/19

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I'm interested in offering Certification Testing to my high school classes next year. All discussions that I have found here seem to be several years old. Are others using the G-W Certification series with CertiPort testing? What has your experience been? Are you able to have students ready to test within a semester? In a perfect world, I would like to offer both InDesign and Dreamweaver testing the same semester - to let students choose which one they are interested in. Does this seem feasible to those of... Read More

Adobe Certified Associate Live-in-the-Application Exams

Posted on 12/9/18 by Ayman Raafat Latest activity: 3/30/19

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The new Adobe Certified Associate CC 2018 exam using the Live-in-the-Application (LITA) format is now available! You can test on MAC and PC with the Adobe application installed and start testing Photoshop skills live in the application. ACA CC 2018 Photoshop tutorialACA CC 2018 Illustrator tutorialACA CC 2018 InDesign tutorialACA CC 2018 After Effects tutorial best

Online sertification

Posted on 11/26/18 by Ilya Verner Latest activity: 1/4/19

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Can we make online cetification in Countries with no Training Center's or Certification Center's?

Adobe ACE updates

Posted on 11/14/18 by Ayman Raafat Latest activity: 11/29/18

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Is there any news or updates regarding the ACE Adobe Certified Experts Exams ? specially that its now CC 2019 and we still 2015 certificates and even some exams have been removed like Adobe after effects .

Animate CC 2018 Certification Exam

Posted on 11/5/18 by Ray Cooper Latest activity: 5/13/19

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Hello, I'm interested in finding the best resources to prepare my high school students for the Animate CC 2018 Certification Exam. In the past, my students have taken the Flash CS6 Certification Exam. Is there anyone else out there that is in the same boat that I can bounce some questions off of? Thanks, Coop

What are your students achieving? ACA or ACE

Posted on 8/2/18 by nova rollo Latest activity: 10/8/18

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Is anyone having their students take the ACE for PS, ILL, and ID? Are you certifying in all three softwares or just choosing one? at ACE level or ACA? When are you having them test for ACA? or ACE? (Level 1, 2, or Practicum) Please give insight to why you chose ACA over ACE or vice versa? Thanks in advance!

When will ACA Photoshop test be upgraded from CC 2015?

Posted on 5/3/18 by Cindy Brown Latest activity: 9/30/18

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I teach Photoshop to high school students who strive to become ACA certified. The current ACA exam offered in Certiport for Photoshop is based on the Photoshop CC 2015 edition. Our current Adobe license is for Photoshop CC 2018. So, my students are using the 2018 version but tested on the 2015 version, and there are MANY DIFFERENCES. When is Adobe planning on updating the Photoshop exam with Certiport and to what version of Photoshop? I have also heard that the Certiport test was going to be "live"... Read More

What do I need to do in order to become an Adobe Education Trainer?

Posted on 4/16/18 by Scott Powell Latest activity: 8/7/18

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Hello guys, I have taken several courses, and I have been able to share the knowledge that I have learned with others.It has been very fun and rewarding. I noticed a few of my colleague's have earned a ribbon becoming an Adobe Education Trainer. What exactly must one do in order to earn this? Very respectfully Scott Powell ps. do you earn this by taking and completing Train the trainer?

Missing Badge

Posted on 4/16/18 by Olsen Ross Latest activity: 4/18/18

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Hi, I completed the Adobe Generation Professional Games Design Course 17 in December and received the certificate but the badge never appeared on my AEE profile or on Credly. I'm hoping someone can help me get the badge that I earned. Thanks in advance.