Adobe Animate Files

1. I am wondering how my middle school students can share their finished Adobe Animate projects in one place. I would like for students to be able to post and view work, but it also would be nice if they could rate or comment on each other's work. My tech coordinator recommended padlet, and it works well for animated .gifs with no sound but if the project has sound and we export it as a .mov, padlet says the file is too large. Padlet also will not support .swf files.

2. We are using Google Sites for their individual portfolios but I see now that Google Sites does not support .swf , .mov. or .mp4 files, so we may need an alternative tool for our portfolios also .

3. We are also having trouble exporting Adobe Animate files with sound. When we choose file, export as video, often, the file will export as a .mov but will only have the sound, not the images. Sometimes it is the move but no sound.


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