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This forum is to bring together like-minded educators who are using Adobe tools to infuse creativity into their teaching practice. Share your successes here—no matter how small! We want to hear your story.

This is discussion is part of the Adobe EdEx Professional Learning Course: Getting Started with Adobe in the Classroom

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Caterina Venier

Posted on 7/13/19 7:09:37 PM Permalink

​I use Adobe software experiences with Design Thinking for project-based learning in high school. Combining these experiences fosters creativity. Students will better utilize software because they are eager to make their creative ideas a reality.

Dean Utian

Posted on 6/22/19 7:32:23 AM Permalink

One course I teach at The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Faculty of Built Environment, is Cinematic Space. ​ Students learn about space and place through watching films and making their own. The major project is a short film of up to 7 minutes long themed around space, place and time. The films are always great to watch and make me feel inspired.

Tools used include - Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects

Amelie Babkie

Posted on 6/16/19 2:11:24 PM Permalink

Dear Forum Members,

I have been teaching and working in Adobe Illustrator (me about 20 years) in the classroom 8 years.

In the past 2 years, my high school has initiated ACA: Adobe Certification in Illustrator.

Does anyone else do certifications? Do you have any good strategies / methods beyond G-Metrix Practice Exams?

Thank you in advance, sincerely,

Amelie Babkie​

William Stephens

Posted on 6/16/19 9:58:46 AM Permalink

​Informational and a very useful education approach.

Rachel Wyatt

Posted on 12/30/18 1:11:59 PM Permalink

​I plan to use the visual character analysis with my 8th grade advanced students on their self-selected, non-fiction novel in Jan/Feb.

De Pedagogics

Posted on 12/21/18 6:47:46 AM Permalink

​Great tools to make learning more visible

Stella Maris Berdaxagar

Posted on 12/3/18 1:24:29 AM Permalink

​Useful tools and educational resources to teach digital media literacy in the classroom and beyond.

hend gamal

Posted on 10/15/18 9:16:05 AM Permalink

​it is avery good workshop because it arranged my thoughts about how can i use digital in class room.

22 smith

Posted on 10/14/18 3:40:47 AM Permalink

​Would enjoy creating a TEDx talk in Southern California based on this learning platform and the talent that is utilizing it in their classroom. Let me know if you're interested in building some iteration of this out and looking forward to the possibilities.

hend gamal

Posted on 10/15/18 9:17:41 AM Permalink

​that is right.

Lisa McLeodSimmons

Posted on 9/24/18 1:33:26 AM Permalink

This has been such a great workshop. It's introduced to mem to new ideas, new ways of teaching, and great software​

hend gamal

Posted on 10/15/18 9:16:52 AM Permalink

that is right.​

De Pedagogics

Posted on 12/21/18 6:48:11 AM Permalink

Totally agree, cant wait to deploy in classroom​

Dickson Ukegbu

Posted on 9/22/18 8:53:24 AM Permalink

With all my learning so far, I am actively seeking an avenue to incoporate a design club that draws students from ​diverse disciplines to learn Adobe Creative design tools.

Amelie Babkie

Posted on 9/6/18 12:20:24 AM Permalink

We are learning Adobe Illustrator Basics in Digital Art 1. Students who are absent need worksheets or some type of home work to stay on pace. Students don't have the programs at home. I'm looking for worksheets or some ideas to give to students who are out. Any suggestions?​

Lisa McLeodSimmons

Posted on 9/24/18 1:33:39 AM Permalink

Great points​

hend gamal

Posted on 10/15/18 9:19:14 AM Permalink

you can put this question as adisscussion​

Héctor Adolfo Bernal Sandoval

Posted on 7/15/18 12:15:46 PM Permalink

I have had the opportunity to work with ADOBE software for a long time and the possibilities of empowering creative thinking in the classroom are endless, until recently I actively participate in AEX, which has allowed me to improve in many aspects in pedagogy

Lisa McLeodSimmons

Posted on 9/24/18 1:33:52 AM Permalink

So true​

Eanisha Washington

Posted on 7/1/18 4:29:44 AM Permalink

​i was very successful at learning the gliideshow and how to implement but the photo piece I'm going to need a little more work.

Lisa McLeodSimmons

Posted on 9/24/18 1:34:09 AM Permalink

Also like the glideshow​

Rachel Leriche

Posted on 6/30/18 9:36:17 PM Permalink

I have learned that there are many ways Adobe can help me teach math. Technology is something that is easy and hard for me at the same time. So I understand when it’s said that some students need hands on experience, that in itself is learning that will be retained.​

Astrid Dynes

Posted on 6/29/18 9:58:43 PM Permalink

Adobe has showed me a lot of tools that I will be able to use in the math classroom.​

Rachel Leriche

Posted on 6/30/18 9:36:59 PM Permalink

​I agree

Linda Pearl

Posted on 6/27/18 6:44:28 PM Permalink

This course has given me insight to tools that I wasn't comfortable with​. Adobe has allowed me to explore and be creative with a variety of presentations from post to video. Now there's a sense of relaxation as I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with my students.

Rachel Leriche

Posted on 6/30/18 9:39:11 PM Permalink

​Being comfortable with technology is a must and it takes time. As you mentioned, Adobe has allowed me to explore my creative side. Can’t wait to do it with my students.

Ulka Tipnis

Posted on 6/16/18 5:53:36 AM Permalink

In this course, I have learnt a lot about the creative teaching using multiple tools of Adobe. I had already learnt about Spark in Visual essays course. This course, however has given me more tools to lay with while trying the creative approach in educating the students. What I have liked about education is that they have provided various links to the tools that I can always use to learn various Adobe programs. In this digital age, students are visual learners and they will definitely enjoy various tools of Adobe to be creative and find that education is not simply a duty to learn, but it can be enjoyable experience to gain knowledge and retain it for life-long time.​

Durga Raghavi T

Posted on 5/7/18 7:35:16 AM Permalink

adobe tools helps a lot and i'll introduce them in all way i can. ​


Posted on 2/14/18 2:53:57 PM Permalink

Teachers can have students create graphs in order to solve math problems or summarize historical events in poetic verse. Introducing the arts into the classroom can breathe new life into banal subjects.

De Pedagogics

Posted on 12/21/18 6:48:28 AM Permalink


Jose Pause Carrero

Posted on 1/25/18 2:50:27 AM Permalink

Hello, I hope all is well as for myself I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts. I have been using the Adobe Spark to produce but not on the level of encouraging students to use in the classroom. I did have the idea if I wanted a platform to help the children begin the process for the digital integration it would be Adobe Spark. I have experimented with my son and homeschooling which I notice marginal improvements in research as well expressing his thoughts digitally. I always suggest creating a draft of brainstorms at least 20 minutes with the pencil and paper. Tackling a consequential thinking method would ensure part of the trial and error process explored. I think and feel this is the stepping stone for my students entering the digital transition in the classroom. Thank you and please stay blessed.

De Pedagogics

Posted on 12/21/18 6:48:59 AM Permalink

SO agree, this'll bring new life into the classroom​