Thomas Ho
Director of Technology

How do students COLLABORATE on a Spark project?

Is there any mechanism similar to sharing a Google Drive file in G Suite?

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

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Carol Ressler

Posted on 3/11/19 4:22:00 PM Permalink

So wish that collaboration within one document from multiple users was possible!​

Thomas McAuliff

Posted on 2/6/19 1:29:17 PM Permalink

​Guessing live collaboration within an Adobe Spark product is not a feature yet?

Serena Hogan

Posted on 1/23/19 2:44:05 PM Permalink

wow well hurry because us students need it ...... please , collaboration is so important right now

Chad Starko

Posted on 1/21/19 8:18:01 PM Permalink

This is supposed to be a planned feature... but we are still waiting to hear of any advancement in this area. (Collaboration is such an important feature in education.) Here is the link to the discussion.

Gary Poulton

Posted on 5/22/18 2:27:50 AM Permalink

Not independently on seperate devices. However theres nothing top stop a number of students working together on the one Spark document on the one device. ie preparing text and images to load into the document and collaborating on design aspects of the project. ​

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 5/10/18 12:08:13 PM Permalink

​Not currently.