Linda Cuellar
Education Consultant

Dia de los Ninos Adobe Spark Video workshop for children age 7-17

Has anyone got ideas about resources I can use to prepare for an event taking place in a few weeks. Any ideas, suggestions are appreciated.

At the annual Dia de los Ninos (Day of the Children) event, which is part of San Antonio, Texas annual two week long Fiesta celebration April 29, 2018, I am participating in a volunteer effort to create a drop-in, 30 min or so hands-on workshop to teach students how to use Spark Video by exploring the prompt "What are the things you care the most about in your community?"

There will be a drawing station where students can draw illustrations on the topic. There will be a video recording station where they can record each other's response to the prompt "What are the things you care the most about in your community?"

We plan to use our iPads (of which we have 4 of among our team of volunteers). We plan to have a poster type template on the wall showing six large frames, similar to the Adobe Spark canvas/timeline.

1. Text: What is the title of your video?

2. Why is watching your video important to your audience or viewer (Simon Sinek's Start with Why)

3. Video of you briefly talking into the camera about the things you care most about in your community. 1-2 minutes of video to be used in snippets under 30 seconds to fit in Spark Video.

4. Icon that describes you or the topic you select for your video.

5. Select music and voice over narration for your video.

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