Callista Dawson
Instructional Media Designer

Accessibility in Online Interactive Media


Having spent the last year or so learning how to build accessibility (screen reader functionality) into interactive media using Adobe Captivate, I'm now wondering if there is anyone else out there who has been doing similar work/research? I've learned a lot so far, but I'm just hoping there are others on AEE who can bounce ideas around.

Poojas how-to videos have been helpful, but I'm looking to do more advanced gamification specifically for education purposes.

I would love to see examples of what others have been able to create with the blind user in mind.

Also, I recently completed the VR course (led by Matthijs) and I'm just so excited to create VR content! I'm not sure how to build a VR experience that could be used by a blind user...or, if not possible, what would a reasonable accommodation be?

I look forward to your thoughts/input/examples.


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